Be yourself, you can't limit your age.
  Friend A has always been a technical expert. After giving birth to a child at the age of 33, in order to take care of her family, she resigned from her home and became a full-time mother. This year, the child is three years old and went to kindergarten. She is going to come back and find a job.
  However, after browsing the recruitment information, she was frustrated to find that she had already been abandoned by the workplace : because many jobs require candidates to be under 35 years old.
  "If I can be young, how good!" A has been lamenting for some time.
  It’s hard to see a newly established company recruiting and recruiting. When recruiting, there is no limit to age and qualifications. A has rushed to vote.
  On the day of the interview, A was sitting next to a young girl, only three years after graduating from college. When the two chat, A can't help but admire and say: "Young is so good, like your age, almost all positions can apply."
  I didn’t expect the little girl to listen to it. It’s just like a bitter bitterness: “What is it? At this age, the employer is the most taboo, and I have no marriage and no children. They always feel that I will not settle down very quickly, if I It’s better to be married like you! Besides, I don’t have a high degree of education. I’m just an undergraduate. If I’m a doctor, maybe someone else will pay more attention to me...”
  Just talking about it, a girl next to me took over and said: "I don't want to mention a doctor. I am a doctor. I didn't receive any preferential treatment when I was looking for a job! Those bosses who took my resume always asked meaningfully. The girl is so big, hasn’t had any work experience yet? Have you ever talked about love? Will you get married just after work...”
  Looking at the two young and tender girls rushing in front of themselves to rush to bitter water, A suddenly understands that there is a lot of problems in life when there are countless problems to face. Instead of envying others, it is better to manage yourself. Only by constantly enriching yourself, enhancing your core competitiveness, and living yourself as the best self in your adult life, will you have the opportunity to surpass the limitations that age has brought to you.
  In life, many young people who have not graduated from colleges and universities are often used by employers to abandon their work experience and are not mature enough. Therefore, they begin to expect themselves to “grow up” and hurry up. Some people even start to dress up in their clothing and behavioral habits. They think that they can please the boss and quickly stand out.
  As everyone knows, when the boss looks at the middle-aged people who are old, they will actually worry that they are too sullen, that life is too much, and they can't concentrate on doing a good job.
  You have to know that when the boss "dislikes" you young, it does not mean that he thinks that you will be better when you are older. What he meant was actually that I hope that you can become a young and energetic young man. What you should do is to minimize the impetuousness that young people bring to you, and strive to be a leader among young people, rather than expecting to get older soon.
  It is a pity that many young people have not understood this meaning very well. They lived in the expectation of getting old when they were young, and when they were old, they would live in the repentance of the youth. They never realize that the present is the best self, and the present is the most worthy of expectation and change.
  A frankly, when she graduated from college, she was like the two little girls. Every day, I was looking forward to growing up and getting rid of the young and inexperienced hat. However, the strange thing is that when I finally became a middle-aged person, I discovered that the workplace is so kind to young people, and all the positions are generously open to them!
  "I finally understand that when you are young, you are not good enough, you are disgusted. If you have been letting yourself, you still don't know how hard you are. When you reach middle age, you will still be disgusted! Because after all, people just dislike you. Not good, not your age." A said with deep feelings.
  In this interview, A finally found a job that he is satisfied with. Her boss later told her that they wanted to limit their age when they were recruiting, because the technical innovation of this type of work was very fast, and they worried that people who were too old would not keep up. I didn't expect A to leave the workplace for three years, but she was able to understand the latest technology, so they were very relieved.
  A said that although she had taken children at home in the past few years, her study habits were very good. She often booked some online courses, took time to study, and constantly enriched herself. When she is free, she will often meet with her classmates and colleagues to master the latest industry technology trends. Unexpectedly, these casual efforts have helped myself a lot and solved my age crisis.
  Similarly, when some people still complain that the workplace is unfair to young people, a large number of young people have become leaders in many industries.
  Although many people will be ordinary people in their lifetime, super success is destined to belong to only a few people, but each of us has the opportunity to live today's own wonderful. Only in this way can you minimize the damage to yourself by some unfair rules; and only then can you get rid of the limitations of age.