2 years for 7 people to give you a wake up: this is the truth of the workplace
  After a few months of voicing with me, my friend Ayang finally said to the leader one day: "I am not suitable for this job and apply for resignation."
  So far, this is the seventh job he has moved to Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in the past two years.
  The first job was done for 7 days, the second job was done for 9 days, the third job was done for 7 months, the fourth job was done for 4 months, and the fifth job was done for 3 months. The work was done for 1 month, and the 7th job was done for 1 month.
  I am now preparing for the eighth job interview.
  According to statistics on the Internet, more than 50% of the graduates of the 90-year-old graduates did not work for the first time, 40% could not adhere to the six-month period, and only 11% who could persist for more than three years.
  Not only is the job changed frequently after 90, many friends around, rarely encountered in a company for more than 3 years. Every time they leave, they have one reason or another.
  Work is boring, can't find the target
  I have been in Shenzhen for more than half a year. This is already the third job of Dapeng. I will change it once every two months. It is too easy for others to change jobs and work overtime. He feels too relaxed and has nothing to do all day. He feels that he cannot find the goal of life.
  Heavy workload and long overtime
  Aya just left the company, she and I told me why I left:
  I entered the job and said that I have a good size and finally become a single break. Let me add powder, write a subscription number, service number, Weibo, brand promotion, product shooting, and more than 2 activities a week. I really am Sun Wukong. It can be changed in seventy-two.
  Others have seven or eight hours of class a day, she has to go for 17 hours, often work overtime to add to two or three in the morning, there is no rest on weekends.
  The company does not give salary increases
  Ya Bing, who works in Shanghai, said: "The pressure of life is high. Every time I raise a salary with the company, I can always give more than ten reasons to refuse. In the end, I can only raise my salary by changing jobs."
  I don’t get along well with my boss and my colleagues.
  Chen Hao, a freshman, said: "Compared to salary, I value the work and the leadership and colleagues are happy. The work is happy, the salary is almost negligible, the working environment is not pleasant, and the salary is not high."
  Frequent job changes can create a series of drawbacks:
  The most embarrassing thing is when the interview, HR asks why you left your job from the last job? You have to rack your brains to think of a reasonable reason to leave, not to expose your own deficiencies, but also to allow new companies to accept.
  Work too much, you have a hard time having a deposit;
  You never know if the next position you are going to is a pit?
  Your high-frequency job change, companies will doubt your loyalty, will be carefully hired.
  Therefore, what we have to do is to consider the pros and cons before making a change, and then make a decision. Don't be passionate about entering a new company every time, and finally being ruined by reality.
  The movie "The Queen of Prada" has impressed me with a plot. Andy was humiliated by Miranda and ran to an old predecessor to cry. The old seniors said coldly:
  "Okay, then you can go. You think that you are doing your best at work. In fact, you are just coping, not trying. There are so many people who are desperate for this cause, but you don't care about it. Instead, I hope your boss will kiss your forehead and reward you with a five-pointed star."
  Stacking tasks, high-value overtime, boss's martyrdom and blame, these problems are common in the work, the difficulties you encounter, many people have encountered, why others can come out, go on, you can not ?
  If you really want to go, no one really will stay with you. When you are gone, there will be a large wave of people coming up to replace you.
  There is a saying in "Dark Gold Ugly Island Jun" : If you have the courage to face the problem, if you overcome this dilemma, you should be able to solve the problem a little bit.
  The world many things, as long as willing, how much to eat bitterness will not hurt, they turned out to be a valuable stamp and life traces, has become essential in life experience and temper.
  Stick to it, and one day you will succeed .
  Recently I saw the story of the American Chinese mathematician Wang’s charter.
  At the age of 22, when he graduated from college, many of his classmates went to big consortia and big companies. Only when he headed into a private research institute, it was ten years.
  In 10 years, when his classmates earned hundreds of thousands and millions of monthly salary, he could not afford to buy a house. When his classmates drove a luxury car, lived in a big house, and had a wife, he even his girlfriend. nothing. In the eyes of outsiders, his life is a mess, but he never envied the lives of others and did scientific research in obscurity.
  At the age of 35, he conquered two of the world's top math problems. Since then, more than a dozen universities in the United States have hired him to teach. Many years ago, in the world of mathematics, he was called the king of mathematics.
  No one's success is coming for no reason, there will be no pie in the sky, even if there is, you must have the ability to catch the free pie.
  If you change jobs frequently, you always dislike it. It's not good. But have you ever thought about a question: What kind of work is perfect, is it that you like it?
  In fact, no job is perfect, forcing us to change jobs often is not the work itself, but our restless heart.
  There is such a classic line in the American drama "Lingshu": One day, when you look back, you will find that every experience, every mistake, every failure, helps you to go to you. The person who became.
  Not a bad job, but you can't calm down. As long as you have a strong ability, all the misfortunes and pressures in life are urging you to grow up. It is the gold that always shines. One day you will radiate your own light.
  Writer Gladwell’s “10,000 Hours Law” says this: It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in a certain field. If you work 8 hours a day and work five days a week, then you need at least a decade.
  Life is like a pot of spinach soup, you have to be awkward; life is like a pot of tofu soup, you have to marry. As Feng Lun said: greatness is all made out.
  Good work is done, success is even more.
  Of course, the "熬" mentioned here is not blindly insisting, it is not for you to choose comfort, but it is not for you to stand still and stagnate.
  After graduating from college for 3 years and changing 4 jobs, Liu Sha, who has been jumping between private companies, said: "Looking for a job, I value the work environment and growth space." She is very clear about what she wants at work.
  Today, Liu Sha has already been in her fourth job. She talked about many job-hopping experiences. She said: "It may be the biggest meaning to meet a better self."
  For those who change jobs frequently, as long as they can clearly define what they want and what they are pursuing, they can let themselves grow and make themselves one step closer to their dreams. It is not right or wrong to quit.
  After Li Qiang considered it again and again, he submitted a resignation application to the leader. For him who has just turned around during the three-month probationary period, this is not an easy decision. However, for him who changed four jobs in a year, job hopping seems to have become a common occurrence.
  Every time he quits, his salary has risen a lot, but in his opinion, this is not the most important. Others may change jobs in order to change jobs, and thus increase the position and increase the salary; he is hopping to get closer to his dreams and realize his dream of starting a business.
  Haruki Murakami said in "The Norwegian Forest": Everyone has a forest of their own, maybe we have never been there, but it has always been there, always there.
  No matter how we toss, no matter how we do it, we must stand firm and strive to continue. As long as we can reach our own forest, success is victory.
  Diane said: When a thought has been circling in your mind for countless times, you will resist it and you will eventually take action.
  As long as you have your own dreams and expectations for the future, don't compromise, don't admit defeat, even if the road ahead is extremely difficult and rugged, even if you are confused in front, you will go to fight, as long as you go to fight, you may succeed.
  There is no perfect job, only a bad self, don't choose comfort at the age of struggle.
  Because it will not be drowned when dropped into the water, and will stay in the water before it will be drowned.