I don’t know six axe in the workplace , and I’m mixed for ten years.
  The workplace is a topic that can never be talked about from ancient times to the present. The workplace is often a place where you have lost your time and hate it. How can you not regret it? Based on years of experience in the workplace, I think I might as well start from the following points!
  1. In the workplace, you must bravely adhere to the viewpoint that you think it is correct. Don't make a wall with the big stream. If you want to rise from the staff to the supervisor, you must pass this level. There are nine adults who will fall in this step, so they can only be a lifetime. Do ordinary posts.
  2. Dare to challenge to break the unreasonable routines in the work, only to break the rules can be innovative; always maintain their own views on things; to maintain independent thinking is not affected by others' arguments.
  3. Reading, meeting a better self; the workplace is a place where no idlers are allowed, and everything is speaking with ability. If you want to get a promotion in the workplace, you must learn to pull your boss; your upgrade is not determined by the boss but by your boss.
  4. The company is a team, we must learn to work together with the team to make progress together, and we must never make the head bird often end up miserable. It is good to learn how to manage your personal connections in the workplace.
  5. Do you want to do your own workplace planning, people have no dreams and salty fish? Position yourself and focus on the current thing. The most impoverished, undead will eventually come out; struggle may be lonely, and you can live in loneliness to be born again.
  VI. Success by Success is never an accident, is dependent on his willingness to do something people do not want to do things that are willing to pay a little more. In other words, it is necessary to be able to clearly know what is being done and not to do it.