4 mornings, 4 workplaces , 4 life classes
  The first thing everyone does in a day, success or not will affect everything in his day. Therefore, some people are "unlucky" for a day, and things are not smooth; some people are happy to spend a day, calm and leisure.
  For many people, how to spend a morning, decided how to spend a day, long-term habits and character development also determines his life, the following four stories, you guess how wonderful their life?
  Viki always said that she had never seen Shanghai in the early morning. Although she has lived in the magical city for 4 years, it is her habit to get out of bed. Every day, the alarm clock is adjusted at 7:30. She will always wake up for about 10 minutes, regardless of whether the number of alarms is one or four. Quickly wash and change clothes and make up, look at the time: 8:00, she quickly picked up the bag and went out, because I missed a bus, viki's working hours seemed very busy, she looked at the watch with anxiety, while forbearing Drowsiness makes you do not sleep. Fortunately, in the end, she was not late, but stepped on the spot, but it seems that this morning made her start a hasty day – she refused to eat breakfast, just finished her job in a hurry, and she had to help her colleagues to sum up. Help the leader to reimburse.
  In fact, she only needs to get up early for 10 minutes to catch the 7:55 bus. Her pace will not be so rushed, and she won't be chased by time, but she tried 10 minutes early and finally went out at 8 o'clock.
  Viki has always felt that the rhythm of the big city is too fast, and many things are not done every day, and they are rushing.
  Unlike the classmates around me, soon after graduation, Amy got married with a boyfriend who had been with him for many years, and had a lovely baby. Her morning is very regular, because everything in the baby needs regularity, get up early for breakfast, clean up the room, It is a long time to wake up the husband and the baby, and urge the child to go to school for breakfast. But it is also very happy. In addition to the occasional disobedience of the child, the air in the home has changed color. Amy’s husband is a middle management of a private enterprise, and the burden of educating the child at home is more In her body, although her parents will help, she is still worried. She pays attention to many children's public numbers and baby channels. Every day, I go to work on the subway and read a piece of it. I say that a pregnancy is three years old. In fact, it is just a shift of attention. Her morning, even a whole day, is away. Do not open the baby at home.
  It is said that a strong woman in the workplace is compatible with a good mother, but for amy, it does not exist.
  For Jack, there is nothing that can't be planned. He is used to limiting time for everything and never tempering. Get up on time, wash time 10 minutes, dress time 5 minutes, brush friends circle for 5 minutes. Go out 5 minutes in advance, and look at some of the workplace skills dry goods on the subway. Because there is plenty of time, there is no need to run on the road. The mood is naturally pleasant. You can have a breakfast downstairs in the company. Sometimes you can even stroll around the square after eating breakfast. Keeping a good mood makes him comfortable in his day's work.
  Regular life makes Jack particularly secure, and going out five minutes in advance gives him plenty of time and missed opportunities.
  Mel's morning starts at 6:15. He is used to getting up early, having time to do static exercises, or doing stretching exercises, or running downstairs. In mel's opinion, the morning exercise will make you more calm and more thoughtful. Peace, because there is plenty of time, his breakfast is eaten at home, but mel does not eat cold food, nor eat too greasy, if there is time after meal, he will list the work of the day, and prioritize Let yourself be mentally prepared and switch to work as soon as possible. Sometimes I will listen to some high-quality audio programs in the car and let myself open my eyes.
  In fact, they are similar in age, different ways of treating the morning, and have different lives. Viki is a marketing specialist, amy is doing personnel work, jack is developing a siege lion, and mel is already a corporate executive. Good mornings have formulas: natural wake up early + static exercise + breakfast + pleasant mood.
  Which kind of life does your life belong to? And what is the key data missing from your morning formula?