After leaving Ali for 4 years, I gave 7 suggestions for young people.
  1. How do you quickly find a direction when you first enter the workplace ?
  In the process of growing up, you have to ask yourself three questions:
  What do I want? What is the truth? How do I fulfill my wishes in the face of the facts?
  These three problems actually come from the "Principles" of the founder of the hedge fund "Qiaoshui". At the beginning of the book, Dalio presented three key questions about our entire life.
  The sooner these three questions ask yourself, the better.
  In fact, I have different positioning and requirements at different stages.
  It seems that I have not operated this when I graduated from college. At the beginning, I was very confused when I was a newcomer, but I did the right thing, that is, I strictly demanded myself and achieved extreme self-discipline, constantly improving my overall quality and ability.
  Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, and after a long half-month interview, I successfully entered Alibaba. From that time on, my concept of operation became clearer.
  I can understand the feelings of running in a startup company that no one brings and can't see the direction. What I want to say is that you really don't want to be afraid. It may not be so flustered to do the following three points:
  1) You need to know the current status of your company
  Communicate more with your own leaders or with your own powerful partners.
  2) Be more proactive and challenge yourself
  For example, if you are a P3-level operation, you must look at the P4-level operations. If you are an operations supervisor (P5), look at the operations manager (P6, P7). Imagine yourself if he is doing what he wants to grow at the fastest rate.
  3) Must learn more
  For example, look at the related books for operation, and establish a knowledge system with several operational courses, and combine the practice to make more output.
  When your talents can't support your ambitions, you should calm down and learn.
  2. For newcomers, is it a first step to dig a skill or go to the "full stack"?
  It is important to know your strengths.
  Whether in a large company or a small company, you must first explore your strengths, strengthen one's skills, and then consider more contact with other modules to grow into a full stack of talent.
  If a newcomer is in a startup, perhaps everything can be reached, but the result is that everything is often not done well. At this time, it is recommended that new people must explore their strengths as soon as possible and cut through a skill point.
  In fact, in the process of doing business, it is inevitable to conduct cross-departmental communication, to deal with product managers and technology. Later, you will find that it is not enough to just operate a certain module. At this time, you should develop towards full-stack operation.
  3. If you want to be a “full stack” type of operational talent from an operational skill, what kind of skills do you think should be?
  Start with low-threshold operations such as user operations or community operations.
  In addition, operations are data-based, and user operations and community operations happen to be a good position to practice data analysis.
  When I was operating in Ali, I was digging deep into the skills of data analysis. Ali's data is the most comprehensive and the most important data. At that time, I deeply realized the importance of the data.
  Therefore, I focused on improving my data analysis skills and constantly finding opportunities in the data. When I have a certain amount of data analysis, I can work very well.
  Especially in startups, when new products are launched, whenever there are new activities, there will always be differences between the teams. At this time, we will use data to detect them.
  However, because the company's back-end data system is not as perfect as Ali, we can only collect data manually, make tabular analysis, and then formulate plans and countermeasures based on the analysis results.
  4. For newcomers, how can we grow up quickly?
  1) To operate like a product manager
  Usually at work, go to and communicate with product managers and technology. Doing operations can't be limited to the operation field. We need to understand the products and technology development skills. We will analyze the mobile app and select the top-ranked app according to the industry, according to product introduction, structure, operation analysis, etc. do research.
  2) Take a look at the operating books on the market and go to some excellent operating courses.
  Pay more attention to the industry's big V, the methodology of learning talents. The most important thing is to establish your own knowledge system and theoretical framework and practice at work. If you can, try to give lectures on the live broadcast platform, and participate in some communication meetings offline to expand your thinking.
  A sound knowledge system and practical experience will greatly help the growth of newcomers. Newcomers are especially interested in training. As a management, I think it is necessary to provide systematic training for new people. But I also know that it is relatively expensive to explore the development course on your own. So I went around looking for business-related books and courses, hoping that I could master the entire knowledge system and teach my teammates.
  By chance, I read the book "Running with Xiaoxian", which is admirable for Xiaoxian’s success as a 90-year-old. I really want to know how he did it (his self-order I have read it 3 times, because I believe that learning with good people will become even better.
  Later, I took the whole team together with the operating courses to learn, and the team members discussed how to optimize the title every day. The effect immediately came out, the quality of our articles has been greatly improved, and the reading volume has increased several degrees. Many users have commented that you are not editing.
  5. What are the characteristics of people who grow fast in your team?
  People who grow fast are common:
  1) Strong cross-department communication skills and resource integration capabilities.
  2) Strong understanding and execution ability. You can have your own ideas at work and work on the process independently, instead of waiting for the leader to schedule the task.
  3) Have "growth thinking" and take the initiative to learn.
  4) When faced with change, dilemma or disappointment, it is not a complaint, but a solution that can maintain positive energy and take the initiative to think about the problem.
  6. Is it possible to upgrade yourself faster by entering a large company?
  Growth depends on yourself.
  Everything has to see its two sides, and it is recommended that you make a trade-off in light of your own situation.
  If you have the opportunity to enter the big factory, you must fight for it. After all, there is an endorsement by the big factory, and the next step will be better.
  In fact, working in a large company for 4 or 5 years should enter a period of bottlenecks, and many people will feel that their upside is limited. Later, some people with more ideas may choose to start their own business.
  Due to the influence of the big environment at that time and the influence of Ali culture, my thinking became more and more open. At that time, I also had a certain network of resources and then started the idea of ​​starting a business. The times are developing too fast, and I know that there are still many things to learn and mine in this industry.
  When the social economy is so hot, major companies compete for traffic, and crazy pursuit of user growth, I am back to the workplace. Because I am a tossing person, I am willing to constantly try different things, only in this way can not be abandoned by this era, not abandoned by peers.
  In the era of entrepreneurial small companies, newcomers can get more and more to participate in the project. In the future, they will have the opportunity to bring the team. The experience is much more, and they can bend over and overtake.
  It doesn't matter if you can't get in. As an operator, everything is created by yourself.
  In retrospect, the fastest growing one is not the four years of working in Ali, but the years of self-employment and independent projects. Because during this time, I will try hard to think about how the project can do better every day, how can the team grow quickly, and when there are new ideas, I will think about how to execute quickly, and then let the market and data to detect the effect.
  I am responsible for the results, not simply completing the KPI.
  7. If there is a big factory experience in the resume, will you treat it differently?
  There will be extra points, but this is not a core factor.
  In fact, what I value more is whether this person's ability matches the position I want and his attitude and ability to learn.
  In the moment, the best competitive power is that you can continue to learn, think independently and put it into practice.
  Finally, for the little fellow a word , from Dali Ou "principle":
  On the long road of life, such a wide number of forks determine our different lives. Every choice will dominate our destiny. Time is like a river, carrying us down the river, encountering reality, and making decisions. But we can't stay, we can't avoid it, we can only deal with it in the best way.