With these three abilities, it’s hard to get mixed in the workplace.
  1. Keep learning . Don't forget to charge yourself when you work.
  Gorky said: Books are the ladder of human progress. Studying and studying is an indispensable means of continuous improvement. There is a view that the height of a person depends on the schedule of work outside of 8 hours. Those who can take time to study and study outside of 8 hours must be able to go further.
  Learning is charging yourself. Insufficient knowledge and insufficient ability are the root causes of being eliminated in the workplace. Skills are not as good as people being killed by competitors. Knowledge panic and ability panic make us feel confused and anxious. I want to change, but I feel weak and energy. Therefore, you must charge yourself regularly.
  2, don't be afraid to do things, you must improve your ability in doing things.
  Being able to do things, reflecting one's qualities and abilities, being able to do things is a prerequisite for success. A person's ability has size, quality, and how much capacity to do. The employee who can do things is the employee that the boss relies on, and the object that the boss relies on; the employee who can't do things, the boss hates it, and he wants him to leave early. Employees who can do things, colleagues respect, is the partner of choice for colleagues; employees who can't do things, colleagues contempt, and cooperation together disappoints him.
  Everyone is exercising and growing up in the process of constantly doing things. The ability to do things is also improved in the process of work. For everyone in the workplace, ability is valuable, and ability is based on one person. The foundation.
  3, practice communication technology, you will realize that the workplace is not just to work as simple.
  A person's ability to communicate is an important part of his emotional intelligence. The strength of communication ability directly affects the level of emotional intelligence. When people describe a person's emotional intelligence, they often say this: This person not only has a mouth that can speak, but also the nose and mouth.
  The person who talks, spit out the lotus, and the words that are spoken make people feel comfortable and feel happy. Naturally, they are easily accepted and liked by others. Leaders like it and colleagues are close. People who can't talk, are not arrogant or unsatisfied, and when they say something, they are annoying and uncomfortable. They feel uncomfortable, naturally they don't want to be seen, leaders are alienated, and colleagues are excluded.
  In the workplace, a person who knows how to communicate can balance people and make things easier. The embarrassment of interpersonal relationships requires communication and resolution, and the contradictions in the work need to be resolved through communication. Report to the leader the ability to communicate with the work and the ability to communicate with colleagues. To put it simply, it is to propose a promotion and a salary increase. You also need to have a mouth that is good at expressing. In the workplace, people who communicate will often be mixed.