Write to young people in the workplace , don't stop running
  I don't agree that many people compare the workplace to the "jungle" and promote the survival rules of the weak meat.
  But one thing is true: the princes of the ivory tower, the time of the school needs you to cherish, once you leave the campus, the environment you face will be completely different.
  Simply put, you will find that the logic of many things is no longer exactly the same as the logic in the school, or even the opposite.
  Don't worry, don't rush to label yourself with "confusing".
  I share some stories around me and maybe give you some lessons.
  1. Don't stop and continue running
  My character is almost the same, and I am comfortable with it. The requirements for people are not high.
  Examination blew it, too embarrassing, high school should earn more face - it worked for a semester, climbed a few classes before, but also satisfied. Fortunately, the foundation is playing hard, the college entrance examination is supernormal, and the scores can be entered in addition to Tsinghua University. Unfortunately, it is to fill in the volunteers in advance. I must fill in the policy of volunteering. I volunteered to fill in the English of the teacher class. Points, the first volunteers were accepted on the wheel, and took a freshman scholarship that appeared to be a huge income that year: 5000 yuan.
  Then I am satisfied again.
  There are a lot of different personal partners like me. If you do a shame, you can't do it; but when you're done, it's easy to satisfy.
  This is broken.
  I thought I entered the ivory tower and could rest.
  But when others started to work hard, they left me behind and couldn’t catch up.
  I am in Sichuan with my classmates in the dormitory. When I first arrived in Shanghai, I didn’t speak English. I couldn’t speak Mandarin.
  In the past four years, we played cards and sang K to fall in love. I graduated with a salary of 3000-5000 and I am proud of it. He took a master's degree from Peking University.
  We have been in constant contact, but the salary has exceeded one million years, which is twice the salary of my salary.
  I also have a high school classmate who was originally a strong contender for Tsinghua University. The college entrance examination failed and I was admitted to the Meteorological Institute. Where can this be tolerated? Four years later, he turned into the Chinese Academy of Sciences and turned into a scientist. The US emperor returned to the project several years ago and is now investing in investment banking.
  Looking back, excluding those top classmates, if the remaining middle and upper reaches of the students lose the exam, they will often succeed in the college entrance examination, and the college entrance examination will be defeated.
  The general education accepted by my generation is:
  Thousands of troops have passed the college entrance examination, and the past has a bright future. It is very bad if they don’t go.
  In fact, personal development is a long marathon. The college entrance examination is only a node. It is good to lead at this point. After this paragraph, it does not mean that it will be lost.
  It is important to keep running and not to stop.
  Part of the genius is shaved, most ordinary people are easy to satisfy. Once they stop, even if their peers can't catch up, young people will catch up.
  In the company, I have used too many 90-year-old partners as interns. I know very well that this wave of partners is much better than I was 10 years ago.
  After seeing this, I forced myself to try something new, from the official Weibo account in 2010 to the WeChat public account in 2013, to the knowledge of last year, I know very well, I don’t try new things. I will be shown to KO by the younger generation.
  I recruited an intern in the summer. She is not a two-minded person. She is also very introverted, but she is very sincere and very good at learning. I was quite hesitant because of her PS skills.
  A few days after the recruiting, the girl's PS skills leaps and bounds, let me look at each other, I realize that young people can grow so fast. She was admitted to the market by L'Oreal, and most of her marketing knows that the marketing department of this fast-selling cosmetics has a promising future.
  Many small partners asked me in live and worthy:
  I can't do college, what should I do in the future?
  What I want to say is:
  Whether you are now 985, or a double, or a junior college, it is just your current state; it does not represent your future. This game of life has just entered the middle of the game, and your future is still in your hands.
  As long as you keep running, don't stop.
  2, don't give up the chance to try
  When I graduated from college, I got a job with a girl. She was accepted and I was eliminated.
  I didn't find it at first. It was normal for the Chinese Normal University to lose to the students of Jiaotong University. Afterwards, I talked carefully and found that she was a transportation school... I have never heard of this school.
  The reason why she can win me is because she has more internships and I have less internships.
  Although the school was poor, but with a minimum of endorsement of the workplace, I opened it again. Later, she jumped again: I jumped to a well-known French company to do business, although the company did not recruit new graduates, but because she was I had an internship there, I got to know the staff inside, and I was too old to wear a foreigner...
  This story, I heard a glimpse.
  Internships are sometimes heavier than academic qualifications.
  Many people go to juniors, there are not many classes, and there is enough opportunity to find a reliable internship (preferably a big company), which is very important for college students who are determined to take the workplace route!
  1. The first experience of the workplace
  This experience teaches you how to get along with your colleagues at work, to teach you how big companies work, and what role you play.
  It allows you to broaden your horizons and understand the workplace.
  And frequent job changes, the negative impact on college students is not big: college students for three months to change a company / industry / city internship is not difficult, written in the resume or add points.
  But for the workplace, cross-industry and cross-city is not so easy. Often interviews or job-hopping will make employers worry that they are not stable enough. People in the workplace can only expand their knowledge through industry activities.
  2. Workplace endorsement
  A good company can provide an endorsement for your job search after graduation.
  Give an example of our consulting industry:
  You have been internship at McKinsey, and the chances are that Boston and Bain will consider hiring you, not to mention second-line consulting companies, and local consulting companies are likely to flock.
  Internships look for big companies, not only because big companies can let us learn more, but more importantly, endorsements brought by big companies. Many companies are not looking for the most suitable when recruiting people, but looking for the safest choice. The endorsement of your big company means safety for the company that recruits people.
  Add a little bit of misunderstandings that students have:
  Don't wait until you graduate or take a summer internship
  Some friends asked me:
  Do you recruit summer and summer interns?
  Yes, we recruit holiday interns.
  But this kind of thinking is problematic.
  Most companies are recruiting interns every day. As a demand side, we are not concerned about whether we are on vacation or not.
  It should be noted that countless students from winter and summer vacations came out to find internships, and our company will only be more picky.
  On the contrary, when most children's shoes go back to the exam preparation or just start school, there will be an intern shortage. At that time, your chances of winning an internship in a top-ranking company are much higher.
  Therefore, don't wait for the summer vacation and the masses of students to break their heads and start at any time.
  3, don't set limits for yourself
  I am reading the English Department. Every time I quit my mom will ask:
  Can the new company use English? Does the new company have a foreigner? Don't waste this profession.
  She is a 53-year-old person, and this kind of thinking is normal. But there are also 93-year-old friends asking similar questions:
  I am a XX major. Now I can't use my professional content in the company. Should I resign?
  I asked a few more questions and found that she actually liked the job, that is, the relationship between entanglement and professionalism was broken.
  Is this not done?
  The choice of work and career development, the first thing to look at is your own enthusiasm, is it willing to take this job as the direction of life; it is not your dream , can you be like your goddess / goddess, every morning Kiss you happily from the bed.
  The abilities and knowledge of many workplaces are too far from the knowledge gained in school and can't help too much.
  But as long as you work hard, you can get started in 1-2 years, 5 years is an expert, 8 years or more is a big coffee, as long as you invest your energy and find a right way, you can learn well.
  Many of my friends are like me. When I graduated from high school, I know how to choose a major. (Is it? The children's shoes of the Department of Bioengineering have trouble raising their hands.) I heard which professional is popular and which one to choose.
  I didn’t learn the skills of the workplace in the four years of the university. It’s not good to say a little, it’s about the sunk cost. Graduating a job at a university is often a process of correcting mistakes.
  After all, most of the company's positions are based on people's ability to see attitudes, and it is rare to see which department you are. Traditionally, Mercer has retained the majority of children's shoes for human resources and insurance (we have employee welfare services), but today's society Science, philosophy, and a small partner who graduated from the English Department, the United States has caught a lot.
  What is more important in recruiting students is the school qualifications and internship experience. Some small partners will say:
  This school is very professional in our school.
  Sorry, unless the interviewer is your alumnus, you probably don't know. Don't be HR is a god of war in the end, you know a little.
  Personally, I can't remember the small partners I hired, but I am usually very impressed.
  I am "what is the salary, we are not worried?" "Shared a story of a post-90s partner:
  The young man graduated from the ordinary 985 school. No matter the ability or background, it is not top notch.
  After graduating, I did not enter a well-known company, but instead found a conference company that was relatively leisurely and did not need to take a class.
  When he was free, he refurbished a room he rented, transformed it into a daily rental house, and put it on AirBnb to relieve his rent pressure.
  A year later, I found out that this business was reliable, and opened a branch. I rented an old house in the alley of Huaihai Road and then did the Airbnb business.
  Not only that, but with his own art design background, continuous decoration experience, and the necessary photo skills of Airbnb, he is famous in the small circle and often receives media interviews. His home is also regarded as "beauty." The warm circle of the circle of friends.
  Today, in addition to her job and Airbnb landlord, she is a well-known photographer and decoration designer.
  I don't remember which professional he is. Anyway, it is not decoration and photography.
  He didn't set limits for himself, but he found an interesting new workplace.
  4, written at the end
  There are many places in the workplace that need to be re-adapted, and many areas that need to be re- learned .
  You may be anxious and may be nervous, which is normal.
  But you must know that you will be better than our former waves. This is a historical trend, although we are not necessarily killed by you on the beach.
  Young you have the biggest capital, you are born in the Internet age, your learning costs are the lowest.
  Whose capital is bigger than you? A younger generation younger than you.
  So three don't give it to everyone:
  Don't stop and continue running, otherwise you will be overtaken;
  Don't be afraid, bravely try the experience of the workplace;
  Don't set limits, your future is endless.