Walking the rivers and lakes, you must have the same hand!
  Do you have any love of sports? Just met a friend who asked me, I listed a lot of things, swimming, table tennis, badminton, volleyball... When I heard badminton, she smiled and then asked me to Play badminton together. I thought it would be a happy exchange of sports. I didn't expect that I was abused. I just took the racket and she began to correct my gesture. In the whole exercise, I was like a child just getting started. I thought I would talk to her before, and I would feel a lot of exercise.
  It wasn't until that moment that I discovered that I should concentrate on doing one thing, not everything would be a little bit. People's energy was limited. The words before the friend left were always in my mind. The writer Lin Xi also talked about him. One thing for a friend, you must have the same hand to get a foothold in society.
  A business friend, when he was 45, moved to the United States.
  Most people who go to the United States want to get a green card earlier. Three months after he arrived in the United States, he went to the Immigration Bureau to apply for a green card. A friend who came to the United States earlier than him reminded him kindly: "You have to be patient. I have been applying for almost a year, and I haven't approved it yet."
  He smiled and said: "It doesn't take so long, it will be three months." The friend looked at him with a puzzled look, thinking he was joking.
  Three months later, he went to the immigration office and was approved. He sealed the stamp and soon the postman sent him a green card.
  After his friends knew it, he was puzzled: "You are older than me, I don't have much money, apply late than me, why do I get a green card first?" He smiled and said, "Because of money."
  "How much did you bring to the United States?" "100,000 US dollars." "But I brought $1 million. Why don't you give me the approval instead?"
  "In the three months I arrived in the United States, my $100,000 was spent on consumption, part of it was spent on investment, and it was used and flowing. This was shown on the tax bill I handed to the Immigration Department. And you The $1 million has been placed in the bank and there are no changes in consumption, so they don't approve your application." So.
  The United States is a country that pays great attention to efficiency and utilitarianism. You must benefit the social and economic development of the United States, and the United States can accept you.
  There are only two kinds of people who can get a green card in the United States: one is to invest or consume in the United States; the other is to have technical expertise.
  This friend returned to China not long ago and told me about his relatives in the US Immigration Bureau, which gave me a deeper understanding of the United States.
  When he applied for a green card at the USCIS, he met a middle-aged woman who could be judged to be an outdoor worker when she was exposed to bronzed skin.
  Out of curiosity, he came forward to talk to her. When she asked, she came from the rural areas of northern China, because her daughter was in the United States and applied for beauty. She only read the elementary school and the Chinese language was not well expressed.
  But such a Chinese rural woman who speaks only "hello" and "goodbye" in English is also applying for a green card. Her reason for reporting is "technical expertise."
  The immigration officer looked at her application form and asked her: "What do you want?" She replied: "I will cut paper." She said, she took out a pair of scissors from the bag and lightly colored it on a piece of colored paper. Flying on the air. In less than three minutes, a pattern of a variety of vivid animals was cut out.
  The US immigration officer's eyes widened and looked at these beautiful paper-cut paintings like a juggling act, erecting a thumb and sighing. At this time, she took out a newspaper from the bag and said, "This is my paper-cut painting published in the "Peasant Daily" in China."
  When the US immigration official looked at it, he nodded and said, "OK."
  She is so ok. The person who refused to apply with her and was rejected was envious and embarrassed.
  This is the United States. You can't manage it. You can't understand finance, you can't have a computer, or even you can't speak English. But you can't do nothing! You have to be the same, you have to do everything you can to make it to the limit. In this way, you will always be OK.