The predecessor with a salary of 2 million a year was laid off. What should you do with a monthly salary of 5000?
  The 43-year-old Michael Wu, the director of the high-tech company C China, responsible for chip sales for major customers, was laid off in March this year.
  Bachelor of Mathematics at Peking University, Master of Computer Science from the University of Chicago, a 10-year senior executive of a chip giant in China, did not change his ending in the fifth year after he entered C.
  With him cut off, there are two other directors in the parallel department.
  On the dinner party, Michael didn't drink much. When the next person didn't know whether it was true or false, he asked him what happened. M smiled and said:
  No way, we are too expensive.
  In order to satisfy the greedy appetite behind the icy numbers on Wall Street, C Company proposed the “Double 15” financial indicators this year: performance growth of 15%, cost reduction of 15%.
  The performance has not yet expired, how can the cost be reduced? Naturally it is layoffs.
  Cutting a Michael with an annual salary of 2 million and replacing it with a less expensive and less expensive alternative is much more cost-effective than cutting out five or six bitter haha.
  My college classmate J, who has been climbing the chip industry for many years, gave me a quiet moment to talk about Michael in the late night tea room a few days ago.
  I can't help you.
  In order to avoid the parties, I used the code name and then shared this with every young person who entered the workplace .
  Here are five points of advice and suggestions that I hope will be inspiring to you.
  1. For ordinary young people, cheap is your only advantage.
  If I ask you, what are the advantages of young workplace white? The answer may be varied, aggressive, passionate, and malleable.
  Sorry, in fact, young people have no advantage, the only advantage is cheap.
  Xiaomi became the headline news a few days ago. Everyone has started the struggle history of the labor model Lei Jun . We have seen that it is not a young patent that there is momentum and passion.
  As for the plasticity? In the era of mobile internet, how many people have jumped from the A industry to the B industry, and the same success has nothing to do with young people. Like Lei Jun, from the software industry Jinshan, to the open letter mentioned Xiaomi, is already a "Internet company with mobile phones, intelligent hardware and IOT platform as the core."
  You can think of the company's recruitment as a supermarket purchase. The most important one is the price/performance ratio. If you can't create higher value, then you can only go with the market and sell a big price.
  This is why many people complain that the monthly salary is paid off after the completion of the rent, and almost nothing is left.
  This is a good explanation: If you are not outstanding, then the salary is just enough to maintain your basic standard of living, so that you can not leave the company.
  However, your cheapness is also a protection for you.
  A young person who can do his or her own job, the cheap price will lower the company's expectations, and when it is necessary to "cut costs," they will not hit your mind.
  Because you are young, and because you are cheap, you won't be cut off because Michael is "too expensive."
  Of course, you will not be reconciled with low pay, then please look down.
  2, always let employers take advantage of it, not cheaper than employers
  I said a general phenomenon, you see if it is:
  Almost everyone thinks that wages are rising too slowly, but no one suspects that they are not worthy of the salary.
  You have to nod.
  But I tell you that this idea is very dangerous.
  An old leader I once told me that after entering the workplace for so many years, I changed the company and changed the industry. He did not take the initiative to apply for a raise.
  But now it seems that as a management of a medium-sized company, his salary is much higher than the average of his peers.
  Maybe someone is different. They hate being taken advantage of by the company. They like to take a few new packages with a salary of 50,000 for the "workplace salary increase" to tell the boss.
  I don't know what the result is, I wish them good luck.
  I only believe that the old leader said that the salary of a person is basically around the value fluctuations he can create. It is not much higher and not much lower.
  I am not saying that you should not raise the salary. After all, some bosses like to understand and be confused, and need to remind them.
  I am afraid that in some big companies that like "all employees get paid", the value increase you create can't keep up with your salary increase, and you still don't realize it:
  The probability of being laid off is actually rising.
  Therefore, I suggest that you pay more attention to your efforts to grow, work hard to improve, and strive to create value. Your price will be judged by the fairness of the market, and the boss will not be transferred.
  Instead, stare at the monthly payroll calculations every day.
  Remember, always give people the feeling of "good and cheap."
  Help him earn 100, he should have taken 40, you only take 35, far better than earning him 50, you have to take half.
  3. Don't rush to save money when you are young.
  In the past few years, I have always had an illusion. I think that personal wealth is accumulated slowly by month after month, year after year.
  Of course, at that time, the Internet was still underdeveloped, and there was no such convenient online education, such as English, speech, writing, copywriting, and photography.
  So I rarely spend money, the monthly salary is carefully saved, there is not much entertainment, and I have not invested in other extra studies . I look at the number in the bank account that is getting bigger, and it is silly and naive.
  It wasn't long before I realized that I was wrong.
  Real wealth is by no means linear accumulation, but exponentially.
  For example, the familiar property, the stock that is often said, the futures that most people don't understand. However, these investments are either too high or too risky or both.
  And there is a kind of investment that has a low starting point but no risk, and also makes a huge profit, that is, investing in yourself.
  Just mentioned salary, many people think that salary is the evaluation and recognition of their work, so higher salary can mean their own growth.
  Wrong, this is the end of the cart.
  Higher pay is just a by-product of your ability to become stronger.
  If you are young, don’t send the money you save to your parents. Don’t buy stocks, bonds, digital currency or something. If you don’t know why it’s going up, you won’t know why. People don't kill you who slaughters.
  You should invest in yourself.
  Within a year, there may still be no improvement.
  Within three years, you can exceed more than half of your peers.
  Within five years, you will definitely be refreshed.
  Investing in yourself not only means that you will become more powerful and outstanding in certain areas. What is important is that this superiority can open a door for you to reach out to the outstanding young people after the door. Looking forward to the predecessors, amnesty.
  Cooperate with them, borrow their potential, and don’t ask for it, someone will take you to fly.
  At that time you will understand why I said that the real wealth is exponentially rolling.
  Blocks can't stop.
  4. Control desires and distinguish between investment and consumption
  When it comes to investment, there is a concept that is often misunderstood as investment: consumption.
  As a man, I understand the mood of girls when they buy a favorite bag. We are equally excited when we buy digital products.
  But I can never understand, 5000 yuan a month salary, buy a 30,000 bags, how can become the driving force of self-struggling.
  If someone has such an idea, please explain to me what is "naked loan".
  Maybe someone can really get the momentum from super high consumption, but I believe this one does not apply to everyone.
  Those who advise you to buy bags to enhance the passion of struggle will not help you to borrow the flowers and Jingdong white strips.
  Frankly speaking, you buy a bag that is too expensive to die, not because of a word: cool.
  And the investment I am talking about, those investments that really bring about personal growth, will certainly be painful to the extreme.
  Every morning, I can’t spend an hour reading English;
  Learn three nights a week to learn the illustrations;
  Study the earnings of listed companies to late at night on each trading day;
  Each weekend, I forced myself to do a personal performance review and executive power recovery.
  It is boring and boring, and most of the time it is still lonely, far less sexy than a bag.
  So you see, it is not a difficult thing to distinguish between consumption and investment.
  The difficulty is to control desire.
  How many people know that they are spending, but also to invest in themselves from my comfort.
  Even worse, if you unconsciously push the cost of living up to a high level because of higher consumption, when one day you are suddenly cut off, every month's bank bill will quickly kill you.
  Think of the stars whose income is sky-high, but still dragged down by huge debts: Tyson, Michael Jackson, Iverson...
  In this sense, investment master Buffett advocates a simple life philosophy, not only the result of character and cultivation, but also a cautious approach to risk management.
  5, life can not be planned, but planning must be better than no planning
  Many of you will form a family and have children in the next few years or ten years.
  After observing too many people, I can see a cold law:
  The personal achievement of most people before the age of 40 depends almost on the level before they get married.
  not understand? think for a while.
  Smart, you must think of the reason, the life after marriage, especially after having a child, your growth rate will be greatly slowed down, and the degree of slowdown is directly proportional to your family's responsibility.
  Few people, like Iron Man Elron Musk, and Facebook, COO Shirley Sandberg, can educate their children and support their business empire or become a work queen.
  The big chance is that you will make difficult choices between promotion and becoming a mother, or go back to the garage after work, have to shake the spirit to approve the shirt called Dad, spend the time you can invest in learning. .
  So, if there is a sinful person, I still can’t help but want to tell you:
  As a professional, if you still have no children, please cherish it.
  If you are still single now, you should cherish it even more.
  Don't take time out of the 8 hours to go shopping and go shopping.
  Why is there a middle-aged greasy?
  Because there are so many things on my body. Before you become greasy, you need to plan your first career decade and your personal growth path.
  Maybe you will ask, can life be planned? Who can guarantee that there will be new opportunities and new turnings in the future?
  Yes, life is full of surprises, and it is really impossible to plan, but only when you plan, you will look up from the busy daily routine to see what you expect from yourself after five years and ten years.
  With the expectation, you know which direction you should work in, whether you are at work or back to your home.
  When one day, when an unexpected opportunity arises, you will be eligible to choose between good, good and better, instead of facing the tight luck, you have to take time and again. It's light, and it's hard to turn over, and it gets deeper and deeper.