Sorry, your undergraduate degree is not good, we can't accept you.
  Stephen King mentioned in Shawshank's Redemption that life can be attributed to a simple choice: not busy with real life, or step by step toward death.
  In fact, each of us is struggling in the whirlpool of life, just looking at the sun above our heads, and leaving one more footprint, which proves that we have been here.
  My friend Xiao Xiao graduated from this year's master's degree. I went to several companies with my resume and I was rejected.
  There is a company, she has entered the final round of interviews, the interviewer only saw her resume, told her:
  "Sorry, your undergraduate degree is not good, we can't accept you."
  She was sitting on the side of the road crying, the wind was fierce, and it hurt on her face.
  She cried to me on the phone: "I feel that I have worked hard enough, why should I treat me like this? Can a bachelor degree determine everything?"
  I can only comfort this hard-working girl in my heart.
  Because of the physical condition on the eve of the college entrance examination, Xiao Xiao dragged the patient to the examination room and was finally admitted to a college.
  In the four years of college, she worked harder than anyone else. The sophomore passed the IELTS test and took the national scholarship. The score was always the first in the profession, and finally she was sent to a 985 college graduate school.
  But the society has given this girl a blow. The results of her hard work in the past few years have been smashed by a "bad undergraduate" and she has been eliminated.
  In the balance of society, her undergraduate degree is infinitely magnified, like a cumbersome scale, pulling her down, falling farther from the original dream .
  I once knew that there is a noun called "Undergraduate First Supreme Theory".
  If you have not taken a good school in your undergraduate course, if you are not a 985 or 211 person, you will be asked: "Why is the undergraduate degree not good?"
  No matter how much sweat you have passed through, how many honors you have, the undergraduate education is like a smudge that cannot be erased.
  Why, why?
  The head of the "Three Stupid Bollywood" warned them in front of all the students:
  "The cuckoo never builds his own nest, they always lay eggs in other people's nests."
  When you want to hatch the eggs, you will squeeze out the other eggs from the nest. Their life begins with murder. This is nature.
  You are also like Du Fu, life is a race, if you run too fast, you will be stepped on by others.
  I disagree with his arbitrariness and rumors, but it is not without reason.
  At the beginning of the same starting line, we will have different footholds in the future. Some are in the front and some are behind, and the undergraduate degree reflects the position and pros and cons of the placement to some extent.
  Seniors have graduated a few years time and I talked, he said, when he graduated from the time it was because the job qualifications were questioned, frequently rejected, and then a few like-minded partners with entrepreneurs to do the Internet, gradually on the right track career .
  I asked him: "Do you think this view is fair?"
  “In fact, this is not a form of discrimination and prejudice.”
  "Just entering the society, you always think that it is cruel and indifferent, but it is not. Many times our frustration is not because of the company's chromatic vision, but because we are not good enough."
  "You have the ability but not chosen is not your fault, you are not standing out, not because you are not good, but because you are not good enough to let others see you."
  As more and more highly educated talents enter the market and become saturated, the standards for corporate selection will become more stringent and mean.
  This does not blame anyone, just because of the market rules, natural selection.
  Because enough seeds are in front of me, I just want to choose the one that is the most full and vital, and grow it. It will grow into a towering tree, full of leaves, and shade.
  Every time we are unfair in our mouths, when there is a shady scene, we are actually just not willing to admit the fact that those excellent people work harder than us.
  We used our own laziness and had to weave the big net of "the original society is very dark", in such a way to deceive and paralyze ourselves.
  But in the adult world, rules and institutions, like a sword, will instantly smash our slaps.
  Ye, who used to be the top candidate for the college entrance examination, was only found in his parents after nearly a decade of wandering.
  The street mother took his hand and shed tears and asked about the reasons for the wandering. He said that he only mentioned that the number of hanging subjects was too much to lose confidence, so he chose to give up his studies and exile himself.
  Once the pride of the sky, but for a few years, lost the fighting spirit, fell to the corner of the street to beg.
  In contrast, a security guard at the Central Academy of Fine Arts relied on self-study to take a postgraduate degree at the school, which caused a great uproar.
  Some people are reluctant to admit their incompetence and inaction, deceiving themselves, but also deceiving life.
  However, some people, although being pulled down and falling down, still have the strength and courage to grow up forever.
  I heard Xiao Xiao’s news again, she went to Cobo.
  This girl who is reluctant to accept defeat, decided to continue her studies in her profession, her goal is to become the leading leader of the domestic profession.
  She sent me a text message: "I thought a lot of geniuses understand, not because my undergraduate degree is not good, but I have not had the talent and ability to make them look good. I am not strong enough and my goal. Walk side by side."
  There will be many roads in life, it is very dark and dark, but how dark and how bleak, you have to bite your teeth and walk step by step.
  Because there are some roads, you only have one person to walk through, and only one person can walk through, you will understand, and then every night you cry, and in exchange for a brand new beginning.
  It’s not that the undergraduate is supreme, but the ability is not enough. It’s not discrimination and ridicule. It’s just that talent is not enough to be seen by others.
  Author: Muzi seven A seven, a number of public fancy pet powder. Hiding a normal female college student full of dedication. I want to share joy with you, grow up with you, and hope that you can witness my growth.