Sorry, I have to fire you.
  I attended a dinner party two days ago, and the owner of an Internet company spoke about one thing when talking about company management.
  He said that last month I made a difficult decision and dismissed an employee. The reason why I feel that this decision is difficult is because the employee’s family economic conditions are not very good. The income of this family will be broken for a while. However, I have to fire him, and the people who have to spend the day must clean up, otherwise the team can't bring it.
  In this regard, at present, as an entrepreneur , I express my full understanding and approval. I would rather not have people under my hand, nor do I have to mix people.
  In this era, many times, not the same age abandoned you, but you gave up growth.
  1, people who are mixed, will be processed
  At the dinner table, the boss of a real estate company talked about the market situation today, big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp, all industry trends will be like this, shuffling is inevitable.
  The company that mixes the days will fall, the employees who are mixed will be dealt with, and the days will become more and more difficult to mix. No two brushes are difficult to mix.
  Many readers were surprised to learn that I was a post-90s. Yesterday, several readers sent me a WeChat: I really didn't expect that Uncle Ha was 90, too good.
  I don't think how good I am. This is the truth. The only thing I am proud of is that I do everything very seriously.
  When I was working for others, I didn’t have to be late for a few years. I didn’t go back early, I didn’t take time off, I never hid when I was working overtime, and sometimes I would take the initiative to work overtime.
  I am serious about treating work. I can do 90 points. I will not only be satisfied with 70 points. This is something I am proud of.
  Perhaps because of this, my growth rate will be faster, and every year there will be a different breakthrough.
  Fortunately, I have long understood a truth: fooling the work, in fact, not fooling others, but self, is tantamount to suicide.
  I often tell my employees that the nature of work and school is the same.
  You usually mix your days and work casually, then your ability will definitely not be strong. It is as if you are not listening carefully when you are studying. If you are not doing well in class, the final result will not be good.
  Who has small movements in the examination room, who is half-hearted, the invigilator is at a glance, just want to catch you, the same is true in the workplace , the state of serious work and mixed life is not the same, can not hide, as you are still here, just the company I don't want to do it for you.
  "Do not dawdle, be careful to mix and finally himself," and this is the right time "shock troops" in the squad horse before leaving a word .
  2, work well, is the most reliable ascending channel
  Very realistic two questions:
  1. How long can you mix? 2. Do you have any capital mix?
  When I was in a factory 20 years ago, it was really a good time to get into a big unit and mix it with retirement.
  But the times are different. You don't want to talk about it in a company now, it's not mixed, and in the end it may be killed by better and harder people.
  This is also a reason why today's workplace people feel tired, stressed, and insecure. The times are moving fast, and those who are in it can only not be eliminated if they try to keep up with the pace and rhythm.
  In such a big environment, if you don't work well and spend the whole day, how long do you think you can mix?
  The current business survival pressure is much larger than that of employees. The company does not raise idlers, and chickens that do not lay eggs are destined to be killed.
  In addition, if you don't have a rich native family, then you are not qualified to mix.
  Rich money, it is called liberation of personality, the pursuit of quiet years; no money, mixed days, can only be called mixed eating and so on.
  There are always different standards in the world. Don't complain, complain that death can't change anything. What you can do is to work hard. This is the most reliable and fastest ascending channel.
  If you don't like the current job and the boss, then you leave; if you can't leave, then you should work hard, don't be perfunctory, don't fool, work is not for others, for yourself.
  A good employee should not only get paid from work, but also should harvest more things, such as contacts, experience, management ability...
  Although life can't go back to the past, you can decide the future, work hard, don't mix up, you can't afford it!