Do you have a better life by abandoning the accumulation of work in the workplace to read and study?
  In July of this year, my friend graduated from graduate school.
  I thought that when we got together because of work opportunities, we developed into good friends. At that time, she did foreign trade orders and went to the United States, France, Japan and other countries every year to show me the food of various countries. I once envied her work and ran around the world. part.
  One day three years ago, she said that she wanted to resign her postgraduate exams. She felt that the industry prospects were not good. The company’s platform was limited and her feelings were approaching. When she was lost, she wanted to use the postgraduate study.
  She ignored the negative votes of her relatives and friends, lived in the daytime to work, took the test preparations, went to sleep every night, waking up in headphones and twisting into a twist, disappearing from social occasions, and turning myself into a self-study chariot.
  She was admitted to the school she wanted to go to and received a second-class scholarship.
On the day when   she celebrated the success of the postgraduate entrance examination, in the blessing of my toast, she said that the resignation of the postgraduate exam is not worth the question.
  Since then, I have always had a thought in my heart: How did the girl who went to study in the past three years?
  I saw her again in July this year. Her body is firmer and her eyebrows are much stronger. She showed me her graduation photos, talked to her about her master's reply, and talked about the happy days commensurate with her roommates and sisters. In the front row, the school playground is the best fitness venue under the sun.
  She said with certainty that resignation is very valuable.
  How much did it cost to go to work before, and the scholarship during the study period covered her living expenses and tuition fees. After graduation, the newly found companies and positions were much better than before, and I felt that there was nothing wrong with it.
  The most important thing is that in the past two years, I have lived very purely.
  A female reader of mine once told me about her story.
  After graduating from college, she worked in an airline. She was fed up with the complicated interpersonal relationship of state-owned enterprises. Secondly, she did not want to see her life at first glance, so she wanted to study abroad.
  She studies logistics and feels that the Netherlands is the most ideal, with a high English penetration rate and tuition fees.
  Parents hope that her work is stable. She ignored the parents' opposition, found an intermediary, tested IELTS and GMAT, prepared CV and motivation letter, and received an acceptance letter in May 2015.
  She said that going to the Netherlands is the most correct choice she has made so far. Although she does not adapt to food, wind and unreliable NS trains, she loves the openness, freedom and equality of the Netherlands.
  She showed me a weekend slice, flew from Amsterdam to Florence in Italy on Friday, and went to the museum of the Academy of Fine Arts to pay tribute to the "David" authenticity on weekends.
  She heard that Michelangelo saw David from a stone, and then he removed the excess, and David naturally showed it.
  She feels that life is the same. Whether it is spiritual or physical, there are too many cumbersome things. How to remove the harassment of the outside world, remove my distracting thoughts into more independent and confident people, and also need a process of continuous sculpture.
  She braved the strong incomprehension and disapproval of her family, resigned, graduated from school, went abroad, went to see the world, went to see herself, and went to life she had thought of.
  I went to the signing ceremony of Wang Hao in Dalian last weekend.
  A female reader asked in the questioning session: After graduating from the undergraduate course for five years, I feel that life is confused. Is it appropriate to study this road?
  The reason why this question asked the sister, because she did the anchor after graduation, worked as a white-collar worker, worked for several years and graduated.
  Looking back at the postgraduate study experience again, she feels that after working in the society for a while, she will know more about what to learn and what to do during her studies. She will study the second time, accumulate customer resources, pay for someone to help, and already have entrepreneurs . The prototype.
  Secondly, she used to like art people. Her major is art design and new media. Many roommates are the people she once wanted to contact. They have artistic expertise, design talents, and they are close to each other. It is a happy life.
  In the view of the sisters, continuous learning is very important. Many famous universities on the Internet have to learn resources. They do not necessarily need to resign their postgraduate studies. They must combine their own economics, situation and goals. The road to postgraduate examination is not suitable. Only when you try it.
  Cao Yu’s new book, “Live alive as the World,” writes about her experience of resigning from postgraduate study abroad.
  She is already a mother of two children. She has worked as a news media person. After she resigned, she started her business with her husband.
  But when she was 30, she broke the comfort zone - with 2 children and her mother, went to Columbia University to study for a master's degree in social work.
  Many people are curious, why are they 30 years old, have a successful career, have children, and keep their husbands in the country to study?
  Some people speculated that in order to get a brand name, she also let the children pass the language.
  However, Cao Yu believes that between the comfort zone and the panic zone is the learning zone, and education is his most wise investment.
  Ivy's name can't make her cash, and she doesn't expect to raise funds, cross the class, get higher incomes and more connections.
  Best of all, she “gets the most valuable experience in life at Columbia , opening up an infinite space for thinking.”
  In the two years of studying abroad, she paid a lot of money, tuition, hair loss, lack of awareness, and moving, but also gained a lot of internship experience at the United Nations Development Agency to experience the education of exotic adults and children.
  She does not want to give up the vastness behind her, to pursue the education behind her, to pursue learning, and to make herself increasingly broad.
  Recently read Fan Haitao's "I want a beautiful breakout - go to study after 30 years old."
  After writing a biography of a million-selling celebrity, she did not even hit the iron, but went to the master's degree in oral history at Columbia University. After graduation, she worked as a US correspondent for a while.
  Fan Haitao, a young media person at the time of the bottleneck, chose an important stimulus for studying in the United States. When he wrote "The World Is Different for You, Li Kaifu", he faced Li Kaifu, the technology elite, or his peers at Ivy League. I feel that they "have a height that their understanding can't reach."
  So I made up my mind to prepare for the study abroad exam.
  When I arrived in New York, I lived a life on my own. Learn in the American classroom, grow up in a diverse world, and feel in a cultural collision.
  Investor Xu Xiaoping said: In this society, people really do not need a false diploma to prove themselves. Studying abroad is not a fleeting opportunity for Fan Haitao, but a reserve that is readily available. Studying abroad is still a career. The answer is of course a career, because the door to study abroad is always open, and the career window is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  He once persuaded Haitao to hold a child, lead a female nanny, and fly to study abroad. Now you can do your favorite things to the extreme.
  Everyone looks at the problem from a different angle. In the words of Fan Haitao's bittersweet words, it confirms her sentence. "My experience seems to be brave, but in fact, the process is full of thorns, step by step, I got a lot, and lost. A lot, I clearly know how much the opportunity cost is inside."
  Sometimes, letting go of the accumulation of the workplace, going to study and reading Bo, there is no value, only willing or not.
  After the five stories are finished, after watching the girls who have worked for a few years and then choose to take a postgraduate degree, some people are out of the reality, some people want to get out of the comfort zone, some people are stimulated by the cattle, and some people want to take it to the next level.
  Some friends I know, the son of my mom’s colleague feels that the company’s colleagues have high academic qualifications. I went to Hong Kong to study for one year. There is also a boy in the circle of friends. This time, Cambridge Shenbo was rejected, working first, next time. Shenbo.
  As far as I can see, I didn't see people who went to study and read Bo after a few years of work mixed up. In fact, it is not necessarily how good it is to read and study.
  It is the kind of courage to face the dilemma and actively break through, and the persistence of knowing how to choose to dare to implement, greatly reduces the possibility of "mixed poor".
  In the past few years, I have occasionally come up with the idea of ​​"Don't stop to go abroad to study a graduate student." I also asked my husband if one day we will go abroad to study. He said that the answer is open.
  When I was reading Cao Yu's book, I was most fascinated. I had a staged career, brought my family and children, and I went to the country and school I wanted to go to unlock and experience another way of life.
  However, as Cao Yu said, a master's degree in Columbia's master's degree is about 100,000 US dollars. Like her kind of mother and child, the cost is even more.
  Fan Haitao said that the mother of the chronic disease was left to her sister to take care of herself, and she went to pursue her dreams.
  For me, career windows and family members are more difficult levels.
  Work, whether you want to stop and go to study and study, depends on everyone's inner will, economic situation, family situation and industry situation. I just want to say that time is forked, I choose a road, I never know the road that I have not chosen.
  Recognize the re-election, no regrets after the election.