Only young people who can get appreciation and support from the nobles
  If the young people in the society want to get the approval of the big brother or the boss, I think there are two qualities that need to be the most necessary. One is steady and the other is flexible.
  Steady is to talk and act, and know what you should not say can't say, things you shouldn't do can't be done. People whose personality is too extroverted and whose emotions are too much outward are not very suitable for the system.
  Of course, you have no desire to go up, then what is your personality problem is not big.
  Stability is the primary quality that leaders must possess.
  Flexibility means that as a young person, you have to see your eyesight. There are some young people who are too self-respecting and too angry.
  Going out with the leaders to go on a business trip, the leader of the first place to bring a young man out is a rare opportunity for you to perform.
  But there are a lot of young people who saw the leader holding a large file bag and carrying a bag in his hand. He didn't know how to help the leader. He feels that this is a kind of behavior that is a serious injury to self-respect. Anyway, what he wants to do is particularly embarrassing.
  In fact, we think about it in reverse. You should not regard leadership as a leader. You regard him as an elder who is close to your father's age. We all know to respect the elders in our daily lives.
  So, how do you treat your elders at home, how do you treat leadership? In a different way, you know what to do.
  Sometimes we eat at the same table with the leaders and clink when we drink. According to the rules on the table, the cups of people with low positions should be placed lower than those with higher positions.
  But I have seen many young people at the wine table put the cup higher than the leader. Or you sit next to the leader, the tea cup in front of the leader is empty, but you only know that you are eating low and you don’t expect to get up and add tea to the leader.
  For example, in the dinner, the leader lit the cigarette, and there was no ashtray in front of him. The young man with the sharp eye knew that he had to call the waiter to take an ashtray.
  What about young people who are dull? The lead ash of the leader was spilled on the table, and he did not react. Although the leader will not say anything, he must feel that this young man has no eyesight.
  I often say that after entering the society and the workplace , what mistakes you made, others will not clearly point out to you, relying on your own understanding, relying on a kind of ignorance between adults.
  A lot of things, if you say it, it doesn't mean anything, it hurts your face and self-esteem.
  Social life work, to see to think, think of to do. The meaning is that when you see something in your eyes, your brain needs to turn, your hands must move, your legs must run, and you can't know everything.
  In fact, such a habit is not only to be done in society, but also to get along with friends in peacetime, we must have such a habit.
  This is what I often say. There must be others in the eyes, always consider the needs of others, and take care of the feelings of others. Such people are actually a real high emotional intelligence person.
  I only have myself in my eyes, I am immersed in my own world. I only see my own one-acre three-point land. I only think about the people I feel. It is impossible to have high emotional intelligence.
  Therefore, if you are socially mixed, you have no relationship, no background, no resources, and you will try to make yourself a mature, steady, clever, polite, grateful image, and you can gain the appreciation of leadership.