Before and after the age of 30, you must do these four things.
  1, the circle should be mixed, but must be carefully selected
  How big is the influence of a circle on a person?
  Very big, it is no exaggeration to say that a person's circle can often determine his destiny and future.
  Let's just say that many people are not without talent, nor are they capable of not enough. They don't have a good platform and noble people. Some people pull one, bring it, and they go ashore.
  Few people will say this to you, but I want to tell you that this is the truth of society and the reason why many people are smashing their heads.
  Circles to mix, you need to know two things:
  Learn to do addition and subtraction. The older you are, the more you must learn to do subtraction, to get in touch with and understand the circle that is helpful for development. This is the addition, cut off the circle that affects your growth, this is subtraction.
  So what is helpful for growth, what is a poor quality circle?
  My understanding is that there is no hero in success or failure. I mainly look at two things, one is habit, and the other is character.
  People with bad habits are less likely to communicate, and people with poor personalities have less contact, even if they have more money, they will get mixed up again.
  Some people do not even career success , but it can still be friends, can be close friends, a man should be.
  While optimizing the circle, you should also optimize yourself, don't blame anyone, flowers bloom, butterflies come and let people see your value, then the door will open.
  I know that many people don't like to send friends, but I suggest that you still use it. If more people know about you, it means that opportunities are increasing.
  Sometimes, a person really needs someone to pull a hand, and you need someone to help you to go ashore, so don't always hide your hand.
  2, quit games and chase, really a waste of time
  I am a stupid person, I will not play or enjoy the big online games, the enthusiasm for the game, but also stay in the childhood of Contra, the tank war, these only like to play, can keep up with The footsteps of the times, that is, crossing the fire line.
  In the two years before I graduated, I still still play. Now I think it is a bit regretful. If I spent my time and energy on making money and personal growth, I wouldn’t be so bitter later.
  I have been graduating for several years now, and I have met many people. I have found a very common phenomenon: those who are well-mixed by themselves often have a hard time, at least they have had such a particularly desperate life.
  Where do you spend your time and energy, where it will blossom, I hope you don't question this.
  Therefore, I strongly recommend that when you are not qualified to enjoy life, you will be able to quit by playing games, chasing dramas, etc., which are particularly easy to delay your way of doing things.
  Time is the most abundant and precious thing for people of our age, but it is also the easiest to be ruined.
  Many of the parents who are already parents will have deep feelings. Since they have children, their time is getting less and less. They can no longer work overtime like no children. They want to read a book at home and want to make a plan. , will be interrupted many times.
  Don't be at the best age, be an ugly fat man who only eats and sleeps and plays with his mobile phone, because you will regret it in the future.
  3, learn to save money, but also learn to spend money
  I am a person with a lower material desire, so I don't spend much money, and I don't have a credit card, because sometimes I don't know how to spend money.
  Although I am not deliberately saving, I want to tell you that people must learn to save money, at least not too much ahead of consumption.
  If you enter tens of thousands of months, it is understandable to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month. Anyway, if you earn money, you can improve your quality of life. It’s okay to treat yourself.
  However, many people are often in debt and unable to make ends meet. This is completely unnecessary, and it is also a terrible thing.
  Zhang Ailing said, I like money because I have not suffered from money.
  I want to change this sentence, I like money, because I have suffered from no money.
  A reader once told me that after three years of work and three years of hard work, there was no deposit until my father was seriously ill, and when I had only a few hundred in my pocket, I instantly felt that I was a big bastard.
  Yes, when you really have had the pain of not having money, you will know how wise a deposit is.
  Regarding money, saving money is one of them. Spending money is the second. You must not only learn to save money, but also learn to spend money. These two points are not contradictory. In fact, it is to spend money on the cutting edge.
  So, where is the blade?
  Nature is an important place. For young people, it is most important to upgrade themselves. Therefore, don’t be too embarrassed to improve your own value and improve efficiency.
  At the age of twenty or thirty, the ability to invest in yourself will bring you substantial benefits in the future.
  4, have ambition, but also have a Buddha heart
  The reason why many people have passed and passed is because there is no ambition to go up, and there is no desire to struggle .
  Some people are obviously poor, but why are there no desires?
  This is going to talk about the two points I mentioned earlier.
  Because you haven't touched a good circle, you can see it from the left and right. Everyone is like this. If you haven't seen it better, you will mix it with peace of mind.
  As the old saying goes, playthings are lost, because you spend your time eating, drinking, and playing. People have a tendency to avoid disadvantages, and entertainment is very comfortable, so they are naturally willing to play, rather than be ashamed.
  Many times, how big your determination is, how big your ambition is, and how good it may be.
  In addition to the upward ambition, we should also have a Buddha heart.
  The Buddha's heart that I am talking about is based on independent thinking. It means living to be transparent and to understand the problem.
  Give an example that many people might encounter.
  You have been laid off, don't complain about the company's ruthlessness, life is not easy. If you change it to be you, you may start earlier and more embarrassed. You should think about why you will be cut, and then how to go, this is the Buddha's heart.
  Ambition allows us to go up. The Buddha's heart can help us to live a better life. Many people don't have enough Buddhas. When they encounter problems, their mentality will collapse. This ability is worth living for a lifetime.
  The above is a few sentiments written after 90 on the road to the third road. Due to space and time, there are still many unspoken words, and I will share them later.