Ten years after graduation, there is a monthly salary of 1W, and someone has a monthly salary of 10W. Where is the difference?
  As a HR, I can have more opportunities than other people to observe a lot of excellent people in the workplace . I have more opportunities in the talent development project to communicate with them one-on-one. I enjoy this process. This is also the process of my study . .
  At the same time, I also have a lot of experience in arranging employees to talk about the labor contract. In the workplace, some people are giving the company a job, and the company is not willing to let the TA continue to stay.
  The same is the 35-year-old workplace, some people still have a monthly salary of 1W, and some people have already had a monthly salary of 10W+. To sum up, there are three main differences between the big cow and the average person.
  First, accept the challenge vs. the status quo
  The big cows are willing to accept the challenge.
  Ordinary people tend to be comfortable with the status quo and are unwilling to jump out of the comfort zone.
  Do what others don't want to do, and pick up the scorpions that others don't want. Which big cow didn't start from accepting various challenges?
  To some extent, accepting the challenge is the best way to grow your career. Are all people who are growing fast accepting the company's criticality or completing projects beyond their responsibilities? This is also the opportunity to grow, the best pass for promotion and salary increase.
  As HR has seen too many promotion approval orders, the 80% promotion reasons are as follows:
  Linda took over Amy's work last year. During the half year of Amy's maternity leave, Linda accepted new challenges and completed most of the data processing work independently.
  On the basis of completing his work, Jack has successfully completed the on-line work of the department's new project SMART system, and hereby apply for promotion...
  Lily is not only able to do his job well, but also takes the initiative to undertake customer return visits and weekly newspapers in the case of obvious lack of department staff. He has performed well and is hereby applying for promotion...
  There are too many such examples, and the reasons for the promotion each year are similar.
  Don't think that if you do more, you will lose. Of course, you can't do it. Then you can see that others have the opportunity to get a raise and raise your salary. You don't want to go back to your mother. Every day, I sigh that I am a Maxima, and Bole has blinked. - And eggs.
  Are you sure you are a Maxima? Are you sure that Bole is blind?
  Therefore, when the ability is almost the same, when the challenge comes, the difference is that the original is not moving vs. one step forward, one step behind, step by step. Has accomplished a new challenge, increased self-confidence heart, while increasing the trust of the boss, the new opportunity will come rolling.
  Remember: It's not because you are someone who does things, but because of what you have done!
  Second, find experts to learn vs and low hands to find feeling
  Daniel is good at learning from people who are more than their own cattle.
  Ordinary people do not deliberately seek the consciousness of master learning.
  There are still some people who like to play with people who are not as good as their own and find a sense of superiority.
  When I have the opportunity, I will ask a question about the career of a big man with millions of dollars a year: How did you grow up to be what it is today?
  Among them, one of the answers is more uniform. When they are young, they will be especially good at finding the masters around them. They will watch, imitate, and study the success factors of TA , learn from the masters, and use them after digestion and absorption.
  The big cows in the workplace often have a savvy boss to lead the way, learning a variety of books and strategies around the boss, can avoid a lot of pits, they are good at consulting the experts in the industry's various trends and methodology, and constantly practicing.
  If there is no boss in the work, they will also find their own masters in their field to lead the way.
  In my opinion, working for ten years, with a monthly salary of 10,000, I feel good about myself, there are several possibilities:
  There are no masters around, I think I am a master, I feel pretty good.
  There are masters around you, detours, you are high, I play with me.
  Enjoy the heavy work, never have the time and energy to consider learning this thing for the master.
  When it comes to "to enjoy heavy work", you still don't believe it.
  Most people have more than 50% of work time due to time management and personal management methods, and the monthly salary is about 1W.
  What's even more frightening is that if you and TA say that you can actually manage yourself in a different way, there is still a lot of work that doesn't have to be "spelled". TA refuses. TA thinks that work is like this.
  "How can you call a job without hard work?"
  The more fun thing is that "hardship" likes to find "hard" to be friends, and then how hard each other is to vomit, and continue to numb, life is so hard, recognize it.
  Regardless of your work environment, you can find "senior people" who are at least a little better than you in a certain field, and do friends, learn, and learn with TA.
  Growth is actually very simple.
  Third, summarizing the law vs mechanical repetition
  The big cows have the ability to sum up the rules.
  Ordinary people are immersed in repeating familiar things.
  One year of experience, repeated ten years, also known as having ten years of work experience?
  Cheng Wei, founder and CEO of Didi Thong, 83 years old, 35 years old, 2016 Hurun IT rich list ranked 28th with 12 billion yuan.
  Cheng Wei's career development path:
  In 2005, Cheng Wei entered Alibaba's B2B company to engage in sales work. After that, he became the youngest regional manager of Ali at that time. In the past six years, Cheng Wei mainly sold Internet products, during which a large number of customer visits were carried out, and solid sales ability and experience were accumulated.
  In 2011, Cheng Wei was the youngest regional manager in the B2B division of Alibaba. In the same year, Cheng Weisheng was the deputy general manager of Alipay B2C business unit, responsible for the docking of Alipay products and merchants. After the career transition, Cheng Wei began to shift from a sales person in charge to a product manager, and his vision shifted from front-end sales to full-scale operations.
  In June 2012, Cheng Wei retired from Alipay and founded Xiaojiu Technology. The company's entrepreneurial project is to do smart travel taxi application drip taxi.
  In August 2016, Didi went to Uber China and Cheng Wei joined Uber Global Board of Directors.
  Definitely a big cow.
  In the middle of the year, Cheng Wei was in the middle of Alibaba. After six years of graduation, he served as the deputy general manager of Alipay. So masters like Cheng Wei grew so fast, how to do it?
  Cheng Wei’s answer is only four words:
  Summarize the law.
  No matter in any field, accepting any work, the big cow has the ability to sum up the rules, familiar with the model, and thoroughly understand the rules. Then, by challenging the practice, testing the law, proofreading the law, continuing to accept the challenge practice, summing up the law...
  The law of career development is:
  After a person arrives at a position, use the fastest time to abstract the ability requirements of the position, find the key points, focus on their own abilities, and reach and surpass them in the fastest time. Then find the next position, repeat, spiral growth.
  to sum up
  1. Grab the monsters step by step
  Continuously (actively) accept challenging tasks, become the person you want to become through outstanding completion of challenges, improve skills in the process of practice, proofread the rules, practice real knowledge, practice is the only criterion for testing truth.
  2, continue to find high people
  Find a mentor, learn from the master, and constantly absorb the essence of the predecessors, you can avoid many pits. The beginning can be to imitate one's idol, try to figure out the idol's thinking and behavior patterns. As soon as you start, you will gain something. Just try it.
  3, take the initiative to find a strategy
  Find the rules, be good at summing up, find the core model of your field, thoroughly understand every point, every module, after clearing the needs of the company and the talents, quickly improve and match your ability to get the next opportunity. , playing monsters.
  These three tricks will have a combination of three swords. There are many people who continue to accept the challenge task and continue to learn from the master. Why is it not a big cow? Because of the lack of a summary of the law, the ability to master the strategy, can not reach a spiral.
  What kind of career is not important, what is important is that by doing things, what have you cultivated yourself?
  And practicing yourself is the most important thing.