Liu Qiangdong speaks at Oxford University, I understand these five reasons.
  Recently, Liu Qiangdong gave a speech at Oxford University, more than an hour of speeches and interviews. I think it is much more exciting than the game tonight. The special article shares some insights with readers.
  1. About poverty: courage to face, everything depends on oneself
  Liu Qiangdong is a Suqian native of Jiangsu. When he was admitted to Renmin University of China in 1992, when he went to Beijing to study at a university, how far was it poor?
  All the relatives, friends, and the villagers in the village, everyone pays two cents and five cents, and gives up a sum of money and makes up 500 yuan. All the villagers took all the eggs and gave them to him, a total of 76 egg.
  In this way, Liu Qiangdong went to Beijing with 500 yuan and 76 eggs. It was his first time to go to Beijing and he left his hometown Suqian for the first time.
  After arriving at the school, the biggest challenge is how to survive. It is impossible to give a penny at home and in the village. From then on, everything can only depend on oneself.
  Therefore, Liu Qiangdong ran to do tutoring, went to the entrance of the school cafeteria to advertise, copy the envelope, one can earn 6 cents, and later went to sell books, holding books to run office buildings...
  When I was in college, there were a few classmates whose home conditions were not very good. It was indeed much more mature and harder than us. When I had time, I went out to work part-time, and we spent the whole day playing games and playing games.
  Today, these students are not mixed.
  Everyone's origins and family can't be chosen, but we can choose what kind of attitude to face.
  In fact, it is not a bad thing for people to be poor when they are young. It is easier to mature and know the meaning of hard work .
  Liu Qiangdong still lives in the office, working 16 hours a day, and his efforts have been deeply imprinted in his blood and can't stop.
  2. About learning : knowledge can change fate
  What really makes Liu Qiangdong earn money when he is in college is not a tutor. Instead of writing a letter, he can earn 6 cents of envelope copying, but a computer.
  Liu Qiangdong is not a computer major, but a sociology. Then why is he proficient in computers?
  Here is a little story:
  One night after the end of the freshman year, a roommate of Liu Qiangdong sat alone and smoked, watching it more depressed.
  I only know when I asked, this buddy likes a girl from the foreign language department. After chasing someone for three months, she finally got a chance to go out and take a walk.
  The girl said that it is more difficult to find a job after graduation from the English Department. If you are a sociologist, it is not harder to find a job later.
  That night, the people in the dormitory were very heavy, which gave Liu Qiangdong a big blow, so he decided to learn computer, when there were few computers.
  After doing the work, Liu Qiangdong bought a lot of books to come back to study, self-learning programming, and later went to Zhongguancun to install computers for others and made a lot of money.
  Write a program to make more money, use a program written in one month at night, you can earn 50,000 yuan.
  In fact, there are two ways to make money. One is to make money by simple labor, such as copying envelopes; the other is to make money by knowledge and technology, such as programming.
  Knowledge can change the fate. I have always stressed that people with core competencies can really earn money.
  Whenever you don't give up learning, people with self-learning skills are generally mixed.
  3, on management: team problems, is the responsibility of managers
  Liu Qiangdong’s first venture was in college. At that time, he felt that although he could make money for a computer, he was not a career. After analysis, he wanted to enter the restaurant industry. He dreamed of opening 10,000 chain restaurants in the future, like KFC.
  A restaurant that was frequented by the school just happened to be transferred. Liu Qiangdong voted all the 240,000 people earned by the university in the past few years, but the result was lost.
  what is the reason?
  Neglect management, thinking that as long as the employees are good, the employees will be responsible for themselves.
  Liu Qiangdong is very good for the staff. All the people have doubled their wages. They sent a watch to everyone and rented three yards for them. They have heating and air conditioning...
  But I didn't expect it to take only six months. These people shattered Liu Qiangdong's first dream of entrepreneurship and consumed all his money.
  It’s not that the restaurant business is not good, but there is a problem inside. The little girl who collected the money at the front desk and the chef talked about her love. Every day, the copy of the restaurant’s cash register was thrown away, and Liu Qiangdong could not check it.
  The guy in charge of buying food is even more outrageous. The earliest beef was 6 yuan a pound. Later it rose to 8 blocks, 10 pieces, and even tripled. It rose to 18 pieces. In order to greedy more money, I bought 5 pounds and said that I bought it. 10 pounds...
  Liu Qiangdong was a senior, and he was busy with his thesis. He didn't have much time, and he went for two hours every month. The result was this.
  This incident made Liu Qiangdong start to reflect. This time, the failure of entrepreneurship made him know that he should learn management knowledge.
  Later, Liu Qiangdong went to the best-managed Japanese company and worked for two years, letting him forgive the employees in the original restaurant.
  He clearly realized that it is the responsibility of the manager to have problems with the team. In a company with almost no management and monitoring system, the badness of human nature will gradually be exerted.
  Unmanaged enterprises, the result will inevitably end in bleak, enterprises, life is also true, a person does not have self-management ability, it is difficult to stand in a good position.
  4. About opportunities: the more chaotic the industry, the more you have to enter
  Liu Qiangdong’s second venture was in Zhongguancun. After working in a Japanese company for two years and paying off the debts owed by the restaurant, 12,000 remained.
  With limited funds, I rented one of the cheapest counters, bought a computer, and lived for 400 yuan. If I can't make money in three months, it means that the second venture failed.
  But fortunately, did it, why can it be done?
  Liu Qiangdong walked in Zhongguancun for more than a month and found that almost everyone was cheating, fake and shoddy goods were rampant, and a piece of goods moved between the counters, and there was no service.
  Therefore, he decided to do something different from others. His counter is the first counter of Zhongguancun, and all the goods sold are authentic licensed, and he will also teach the purchaser how to use it. After all, people at that time will not much.
  After insisting for half a year, Liu Qiangdong’s “Jingdong Multimedia” fire, many foreigners came to Zhongguancun to find Jingdong Multimedia, so that overnight, Zhongguancun appeared five or six “Jingdong Multimedia”.
  Whether it is operating Jingdong Multimedia in Zhongguancun, or later disregarding the opposition of shareholders, Liu Qiangdong always believes in one:
  If the industry is perfect and you can hardly see any problems, then don't touch it, because it means almost no chance; if an industry is too chaotic, too bad, it is terrible, it is a huge opportunity, you must go in because As long as you can solve the problem, you will be able to get a chance to succeed .
  Many times, choosing and thinking is more important than working hard. Finding pain points often means opportunities.
  5. About the pattern: the value support pattern, the pattern height
  The pattern of a person often determines how high he can stand; and the value of a person determines how far he can go.
  Liu Qiangdong is a very pattern person. When he took over the restaurant, the boss asked him, don’t you bargain?
  Liu Qiangdong said, I like it, no need to counter-offer, here is the starting point of my career, I am not relying on your restaurant to make money, this is a seed, I will standardize it after it is done, and then chain, so I Don't care if this restaurant is a bit less expensive.
  Although the restaurant business failed in the end, it can be seen that Liu Qiangdong's pattern and ambition.
  Before Jingdong only made electronic products, Liu Qiangdong wanted to transform the company's business. From the vertical platform of electronic digital to the whole category platform, the investors did not agree at first. To him, you would be a good company for 1 billion.
  Liu Qiangdong said that if you only want to be a vertical category, then it will always be a small company. I am not willing to stop, so we must expand the large category and make a company with a market value of 10 billion US dollars in the future.
  It turns out that this step of Jingdong has gone right and is now a super-large platform.
  Including the decision to do their own logistics, the investors are also opposed. Liu Qiangdong said domineeringly, this decision was made by me. If I lose money in the future, I will compensate you with my shares. If I earn, Everyone enjoys the company's interests in proportion to the shares.
  Today, high-quality logistics services have become one of the core competitiveness of the Jingdong competition market.
  Pattern and vision, this kind of thing is illusory, but it exists and it deeply affects the height of a person.
  From the time of poverty to solve the problem of food and clothing, to want to do a career, to find the chaos in the IT industry, not in the mud, and then to the future growth of Jingdong...
  Liu Qiangdong's pattern, I think from his values, simple values, this life is doing something valuable and meaningful.
  Finally, I borrowed Liu’s remarks from Oxford University students as the end of this article.
  I can't teach you how to succeed. If you really want to succeed, don't be afraid, don't be confused, you only need to be able to keep moving forward, always up, never stop, then your dream can be realized.