The original excellent people used these 3 methods, no wonder they mixed well and made money.
  When I remembered the New Year's party, I saw the classmates who had been studying in the same classroom again.
  In those days, everyone entered the same school with the same results.
  The same youth is young and radiant, but after ten years, the situation has changed.
  A classmate from the seashore is active, and after embarrassing, he is doing e-commerce with his girlfriend.
  Taking advantage of the surplus of the year, earned the top gold.
  Created his own clothing brand and created the model IP.
  Gathering brand fans, the property has now reached tens of millions.
  Class B, who was the top professional achievement of the year, entered a company as a clerk.
  Poor communication and unclear planning. After changing a few posts, I have only been doing the most basic work.
  The classmates sat together and chatted about drinking together and skipping each other.
  But after talking about their trends and future prospects, they took the initiative to divide them into groups.
  Some people are talking about blockchain, bitcoin, fan economy,
  Some people can only say that office politics, mother-in-law and opposition, and not having a second child.
  In fact, the gap between ordinary people and IQ is not particularly large, and the biggest difference is reflected in cognition.
  How to look at yourself, how to look at others, how to look at the world,
  It will determine how you choose and how to act, and naturally there will be radically different outcomes.
  Whether a person can mix well, whether it will make money, depends on the difference in cognition,
  The cognitive difference is the biggest difference between people and people.
  So how to improve cognition? Here are three aspects:
  First, insist on learning
  Zhang Quanling said in his speech: For me, the greater horror comes from knowing that the international is changing.
  Become so fast, become so pervasive,
  Go into all aspects of you, but you don't know how it changed.
  In the age of change, new things are constantly emerging.
  The thoughts and methods are changing, we need to know the changes in this international,
  And with the change of age, it is necessary to continue to learn .
  The times are changing, and the inner and methods of learning are constantly changing.
  Once we felt that it was a study to go to the library to read a book.
  Now, when you turn around in your circle of friends, you are learning while you are studying and surfing the news on the Internet.
  Listening to a network sharing class or attending a community is also learning.
  You can listen to the book while you are running, and you can comment on the same problem with your friends in the community.
  Learning is easier and faster.
  However, the complexity of information sources has made it harder and harder for us to adhere to.
  Insist on learning and insist on combining fragmented and systematic reading.
  Building your own common sense system is the primary condition for constructing a cognitive system.
  Second, adhere to practice
  Han Han ’s "After the Conference" said: After listening to many reasons, it is still a bad life.
  Why? Because you have not practiced as described.
  Practice is the most direct and useful way to get your knowledge.
  Some people say that they always have no chance,
  In fact, it is because you have not grasped the opportunity.
  Once you find a little clue, it is necessary to jump in and go to work quickly.
  When you think about it, you must do it first.
  I know that this matter must be carried out, and many problems can be understood without thinking alone.
  Let us get a new opportunity, after some debris,
  Let's spell out a graphic, get new pieces, and spell out new graphics.
  Third, insist on deep thinking
  Cai Leilei said: Deep thinking is a very special talent.
  Because it cannot exchange value as an independent technology,
  But it really affects our technology,
  So it is a very important and easily overlooked talent.
  Deep thinking allows people to go to the common sense system that is now built,
  Going to the processing of sputum, and constantly systemizing the common sense of piecemeal,
  It is also constantly revised and improved, and then it will eventually complete the promotion of cognitive systems.