You can't help with the work of more money, you look down on the work with less money.
  The average person will encounter a bottleneck after working for five years or so.
  The work was easy, the routines were thoroughly understood, the connections were opened, and the boss did not mean to give him a promotion. Let's talk, it won't open. Don't talk about it, but feel the loss. Therefore, it is often a complaint from the boss that while quietly looking for a job outside.
  Some days ago, I met a person who wanted to change jobs. It was a friend's younger brother. Less than 30 is the golden period of career rise, but it has not been valued by the boss, so I want to go. I pushed it to HR. The HR director was very satisfied with the resume and soon got an interview. After several rounds, it was very smooth, but I still didn't talk about it because of the low cost.
  I thought he felt that he had less money and wanted to help him fight for more.
  As a result, he told me: "It's not a matter of money. I don't do any work for you. I heard that your company often works overtime. I am 27, and I haven't got married yet. I killed myself first. I am losing money." While talking about his own horns, it means that I am already disabled.
  I sighed helplessly and said four words: the body is important.
  If I am afraid of less money, I can still fight for it. If you are tired, I can give him chicken blood. I can say something, I will be speechless. After listening to so many people saying that overtime is bad for the body, every time I say "no job is not hard", I feel that there is not enough energy.
  But this is the reality, you can't help but raise your body.
  Later, I heard from a friend that the person who came to the interview is still in the company. After talking to the boss several times, the salary increase is fruitless. I still complain about the low salary while continuing to look for work outside.
  In the past few years of work, the most talked with friends is the salary.
  When the university just graduated, everyone had a rush, and they were not afraid of being tired. They were able to live well, and the spirit thief was strong. One person was full of family and was not hungry. There were self-reliant old people and no children to feed.
  After thirty, the work has a little experience, not much. There is a meal ticket in life, no spectrum. If you fight for a career, love may be gone. When you fall in love, your work may be gone. What’s even more embarrassing is that I want to get promoted and I’m not good enough. Not promoted, and I am not satisfied.
  Therefore, job-hopping has become the choice of many people.
  I always feel that no matter how good a company is, a job can't be done for too long. On the one hand, it is familiar with people's slack, on the other hand, skills and connections are too fixed. In this case, the promotion failure is a good time to change jobs.
  However, where to go has become another problem.
  When her cousin was 30 years old, she had a rather tangled day. She graduated from graduate school and worked hard for more than five years. The performance was obvious to all. But her boss never gave her a promotion. She mentioned it several times and the answer was always "next year". She was angry and resigned. Later, I got two offers, one is still the same as the present, with the team. The other is to bring your own team.
  The latter is twice as strong and the salary is doubled.
  The family persuaded her, 30, and got married first, and then dragged, you regret it. The cousin himself is also a bit worried. In the past few years, she has seen her body not being as good as one day. She does not know what will happen if she goes on like this.
  But she is not reconciled, that kind of stable day with poor salary is her most inconspicuous life. After thinking about it, I decided to fight. To this end, she lost a relationship, and her aunt was so angry that she had not eaten for three days.
  I asked my cousin, if there is such a rebellious ending, have you regretted it?
  She smiled and asked me: "How do you know that this is the end?"
  Later, the cousin got married and had a child. Although the older mother and the fatigue all year round, she suffered a lot of pain. But she said that she still has a special thanks to the 30-year-old who made such a choice.
  From her, I understand the truth. There is nothing in the world that is the best of both worlds. There is no balance between life and work advocated by successful people. Life is a choice.
  Take a road and lay a road. Either hesitate or bear.
  Two months ago, an old colleague called me and complained that the boss was not good to him. He came to the company for eight years, working conscientiously and diligently, but the boss refused to give him a position as deputy director. He has to go to work together with the post-90s every day, and he can only reimburse the express train for a taxi. The business trip can only be a second-class high-speed train.
  For reasons why he is dissatisfied with his boss, his reasons are ridiculous: because before him, every 30-year-old in the department became a deputy director.
  Typical attribution error.
  Indeed, the old club elites come forth in large numbers, and at the age of 30, they become a deputy director. But that's not because of 30 years old.
  Quite the contrary, because those people have never regarded themselves as 30-year-olds. As hard as a young man, never rely on the old and the old, learn when you study, and suffer when you are suffering.
  And this male colleague who didn't go up stepped on the work every day at six o'clock. It was two hours after a nap break. Colleagues couldn't stand it anymore. Pretending to cough can wake him up.
  He has a famous saying that you will understand when I am this age, and there is no job worth working hard. Every time he said this, everyone silently turned away.
  Such a person wants to be promoted, why?
  Of course, he also has his own logic. According to his words, he came from the establishment of the company, without credit and hard work. When I was in my twenties, I worked overtime all day, and I saw that I was thirty, and what happened to rest.
  However, there is no age in the workplace that should be promoted, only those who do not have a promotion. Those with the ability to enter the management team can be less than 30. Those who have no ability, after 30 years old, are still ordinary employees.
  According to the popular saying , you are 30 years old, what about it?
  The workplace is not a piggy bank. At the age of 20, he desperately went to Lisie. At the age of 30, he began to lie down. 20 years old has 20 years of hard work, 30 years old has 30 years of hard work, you can't be 20 years old when you are 30 years old, because in the workplace, no one will pay for your qualifications.
  People say that 30-year-old is awkward, you can't help with the work of more money, you can't look down on the work with less money, so the crisis is heavy. I don't think it is a 30-year-old disaster. On the contrary, it is precisely because we have not kept up with the rhythm of age that it has caused the so-called middle-aged crisis.
  To tell the truth, it is not hard to have a job, and no age should not work hard. Looking at so many people who can eat harder than you need less money, I really can't justifiably say how good I am.
  So, sometimes, you have to learn to forget your age and qualifications, because there is no such thing as hard work in the workplace. After all, you have to understand the simplest truth. When you reach the same age, your ability is worthy of your heart, and your attitude is worthy of your desire.