Life is all about mud and sand, and flowers and thorns coexist.
  At a party, I chatted with a few good friends. When talking about each other's current situation, everyone is complaining about their own life, and then showing an envious look at each other's life.
  Smiled and sighed and said: "I am going to nine to nine every day, I have to go to work overtime, I am busy with chickens and dogs. The boss does not give me a good face, the boss is also indifferent, only see the results do not look at the process. I am every day Too tired, I really admire Xiaoqing, your civil servant."
  Xiaoqing’s eyebrows are slightly embarrassing, saying: “Who said civil servants is easy? My work is complicated and complicated. It requires both skills and patience. It’s not as easy as you think. I’ve seen the best, pine nuts, she But freelancers, what they want to do, can't be happy anymore."
  When this is said, everyone will turn their eyes to the pine nuts. She hurriedly put her hand on her head and shook her head like a rattle. She sighed and said, "Do you think that I really lived very well? I don't have a fixed job, there is no fixed income, and the instability is not practical. The money I got is similar to the previous salary, but the key is to eat the ups and downs, but I can’t live without it. Don’t make fun of me, I still envy you!”
  After listening to this, everyone looked at each other and no one was snoring.
  In the chat conversation with everyone, I found such a universal phenomenon, that is, everyone is basically dissatisfied with their own status quo, but envy others, yearning for their lives, feeling that their days are gray and bad, worthy of jealousy It will always be the good life of others.
  Ordinary office workers feel that they are working hard for nine to six. They must look at the leadership's face and have to do a good job. They are too busy to envy the civil servants. As everyone knows, civil servants are not idlers, their wages are not high, the tasks are equally heavy, and there are pressures on their posts.
  Freelancers think that their income is unstable, they are busy all day, but they can't find their direction. They don't have a fixed salary and a stable life. They envy those entrepreneurs who can make their own decisions . They don't know that entrepreneurs also have unseen hardships. They not only have to strategize, but also have to manage the team, to support their employees, and face the risk of losing money, facing tremendous pressure.
  All in all, in fact, no one is easy. No job in life is less expensive, less relaxed, and completely stress-free. It is hard work for employees to go to work, pressure to be a leader, and responsibility for being a boss. Once you think about it, you will find that you have different distress, responsibility, challenge and pressure no matter what you are in.
  Survival of the fittest, if you want to survive, you must accept the challenges of life, with pressure and accept hardships and difficulties.
  I have met a predecessor in the workplace . He is more than ten years older than me. He has worked for more than ten years. He has been in eight cities, changed more than 20 jobs, experienced frustrations and failures. And tribulation.
  The predecessors have rich experience, and they are familiar with the world. The face of the vicissitudes of life has always had a calm smile. After seeing the big winds, it seems that everything is not a problem.
  Once, my colleague and I complained in the company's tea room that I used to work overtime and I was accidentally heard by the passing seniors. After the event, the seniors asked me to chat and talk about the matter. He asked me what I thought of the current work. I did not think about it. There is no big problem in the work, that is, there are some frequent overtime work, and many newcomers are not suitable.
  After saying this, I added another sentence: "Sometimes I also envy those leaders. After reading a few pages of reports, I can make a quick decision. I feel that something is wrong and I can let the staff repeatedly modify it. After all, I am still tired and tired. These subordinates."
  The seniors listened to the words and said to me: "In fact, you don't have to envy anyone, because you don't have a place to live, you can't imagine how much pressure others have to bear. I started a business when I was young. At first, many people envied me and felt that I don't have to Anyone who works, is certainly very comfortable, and in fact, I have a hard time. I didn’t have many employees at the beginning of the business. I have a lot of jobs. I can’t even eat during the day. It’s common to work overtime and stay up late.”
  “It takes a few months of planning and preparation before and after doing a project. I am under great pressure, constantly making reports, writing plans, talking about investment, and everything has to be taken care of. I have no time in the night. I was so overworked, because I was overworked, my body was too much to eat, not only grew white hair, but also began to lose sleep and hair loss. Later, I did several projects, I was in debt, even the salary of the staff was fast. I can't figure it out. You can't imagine how I spent that painful day."
  The seniors sighed a little and then said: "In these years, I have changed a lot of jobs and experienced many twists and turns. The life taught me a truth, that is, don't always envy other people's work, yearning for others' lives, really No one is carefree, focusing on their own lives, and it is most important to work hard to be good at the moment."
  The words of the seniors made me realize. Think about it carefully, although your days are full of waves, but also beautiful and warm, why bother to envy others?
  On the eve of graduation, many students are entangled in future choices, work, postgraduate studies, exams, and study abroad. Everyone does not know how to choose. I am afraid that I will go the wrong way if I don’t pay attention to myself.
  After the real graduation, many students are exploring each other's status quo, complaining about their situation during the party chat, and looking forward to other people's lives.
  The envious envy of office workers can make a living independently, earn money to support their families, and the classmates who envy the study abroad have broadened their horizons and gold-plated their education. The students who have gone abroad have envied those who have stayed in the country for development and do not have to suffer from homesickness. They...
  In life, why not be like this, single envy of love, love envy of marriage, married people from time to time envy singles chic and freedom...
  Life is like a besieged city. There are always people who keep looking around. People in the besieged city want to climb out. People outside the city want to climb in, admire each other's work, yearn for each other's life, and look at other people's days. I feel that I am not doing well, and that everything else is worse, it is also shiny and full of happiness.
  People who have always thought of this and continue to envy others are not easy to live a good life, nor can they enjoy life.
  Bi Shumin said: "Life is all about mud and sand, flowers and thorns coexist." In fact, your situation may not be bleak, and the lives of others may not be glamorous. Instead of envying others, it is better to live in the present and earnestly live your life.
  Life is your own, it has nothing to do with others, others are better than others, you can only choose to live your own life. When you no longer enviously admire others, no longer expect to climb into other people's siege, and decide to stay in your own city, you can enjoy the happiness of the moment, live comfortably and freely.