I went home to visit relatives during the holidays, and there were children in my family who had just started to go to elementary school. I asked him what he had grown up with. His voice was tender, but he was very angry: "I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!" Little friend.
  Talking about dreams when you are young is also so heroic, as if you can say that exports can come true. Taking advantage of the age and the age, I can't help but swear a few words: I want to be an astronaut, my eyes are protected first, mobile games, TV animations are quit first; primary school mathematics, middle school physics have to seriously study, otherwise When I arrived in space, I didn't know how to catch it. In addition, the body had to exercise since childhood. The diet should control sugar and control fat. If it was a blessing, the body test would not meet the standard... If you haven't finished it, the children have already run away.
  Yes, in the child's heart, the dream is so complicated, just stepping into the campus, learning to play, dreaming, and many years later. But when I was a teenager, I was able to slip away quickly. In the blink of an eye, the group of people who had just stepped into the campus now have a new identity: the freshman, stepping on the threshold of society, and the dream of youth, it seems to be the time to cash. .
  The outline of the self-introduction has been drafted for more than a dozen times, and I still feel that I can't reflect my own excellence. The interviewer's profile looks and sees, but I still can't understand the context of their development. Some clothes in the closet are changed back and forth, just don't know where to wear. The trousers are good... Every detail of the interview has been planned clearly, but I saw on WeChat that “Is the interview to be done tomorrow, what else can I do tonight?” “I have done this ten, the interview must have a high score” Still can't help but open...
  After nearly 20 years of reading, my heart is full of imagination for the future. As soon as I stepped into the workplace from the campus , there are probably not many people who can do it. Others want a good salary, or a favorite position, or a passion for a shopping mall, or a home country. The blood of the achievements in history. In short, every figure that ran back and forth at the job fair is still looking forward to realizing his own big or small, or distant or specific dream.
  The road to chase dreams, often accompanied by hardships. The number of college graduates in China has been growing for nearly 10 years. Behind the huge numbers, there are countless resumes that have not been echoed. There are countless interviews with no results. Of course, there are countless dreams that cannot be realized immediately. Industry, position, geography, salary... Why do you get an offer that is always unsatisfactory? Why do I always like to work without seeing me? Every year, on the major social media platforms, there will be confusion and distress for young students.
  In fact, the first job is important, but it is by no means a comprehensive summary of one person, and it is not a change, but a new beginning. The job opportunities you get may have nothing to do with the majors you have studied, and may be very different from your expectations. But this is not a problem, at least, there are attendance, performance, travel, social security... The basic knowledge is worth learning. Stay in every little thing, every detail, increase your experience and ability, exercise your vision and vision, and wait until one day, when the opportunity to become an "astronaut" appears in front of you, you will not miss it because of "physical strength."
  In the job season, there will inevitably be an application that cannot be cast, a resume that cannot be changed, a run around the city, and it is difficult to sleep in the middle of the night, but don't be afraid, these are the only way for most people to grow up. A heart has a lot of madness to "pump", in order to finally practice a "big heart", as long as the fire of the dream in the heart does not die, the road of chasing dreams, step by step, is the most practical.