Every Friday work ends, sitting in the car home, I will plan what to do on the weekend, when to get up, when to read books, when to write a text, the plan is very perfect, simply impeccable.
  But the next morning, the alarm clock sounded on time, and I was too late to get up. I was struggling to get up and read a book while I wanted to continue to feel. In this infinitely entangled mood, I continue to sleep. The quality of sleep can be obviously not good. Dreaming is reading a book, conceiving an article, and waking up is a headache.
  After I really got out of bed, I picked up the book I was planning to read. I didn’t read a few pages, and I couldn’t help myself. I worried that the article could not be written on the day, and then I dropped the book in my hand and ran to the computer to write an article.
  At the end of the day, I discovered that the book I planned to read had not been read, and the article was not written. Time was wasted and the heart was filled with regret.
  On the second day, the situation of the previous day was repeated. Although guilt often comes, it can't change the habit of double-mindedness.
  Many times, we are eager to accomplish a lot of things, and we want to quickly achieve the goals we want. It seems that we are busy every day, and we are pursuing efficiency without stopping. In fact, everything is done sloppy and even halfway.
  I have seen such a passage: no one lives in the past, no one lives in the future, and now is the only form that life really possesses.
  Indeed, we have to admit that only "now" is what we can control. When you sink your heart and do the right things, you can do everything in the future.
  The younger sister spent the first half of the year in the entanglement.
  She looked at the information about the public examinations that many of her classmates were preparing , and together with everyone, I bought the information I needed early. You can flip through a few pages and put it on the corner of the desk, and go to prepare the materials needed for the internship.
  She wants to go to a big company to realize her professional dreams after graduation, and she wants to pursue a stable public office. She also wants to start her own business , and her mind is always uncertain.
  When I graduated, Xiaomei was very sorry. She missed the big business that she wanted, and her own business plan was gone. The information of her public examination is just like the new one. The pages that look at the grass are like a slap in the face, wakeing up the little girl. She finally firmed her direction and prepared for the next public test.
  During the graduation season, many people are upset and uneasy, confused about the future, eyebrows and beards, everything is done, and everything is lost.
  But there are also people who are determined to do their best, do their best, and move forward step by step, and finally arrive where they want to go.
  Yes! When we are half-hearted in our lives, life will not treat us with one heart and one mind; when we hold awe in our eyes and stay focused, the results will not disappoint us.
  In this era of rapid development, we are prone to disrupt our rhythm, and eagerness to achieve makes it difficult for us to maintain a level of focus on one thing.
  Everything always pays attention to a speed. When doing one thing, I always think about what to do next. In this case, there is often no guarantee that everything will have a good effect.
  And we must understand that if you want to be quick, you want to do everything to the extreme. You must first slow down and perfect the things in front of you so that you can truly follow the steps and gradually.
  When we are upset and uneasy, we will be eager for success, and when we are in our hearts, we will sink our hearts and move forward steadily.
  Just like when we read a book, if we always have two hearts and minds, if we don’t finish reading this book, we want to open another book quickly, and we can never concentrate on reading a book.
  Or like a person who practices calligraphy, the practice of calligraphy is a combination of mind and soul. If the heart is uneasy, of course, you can't practice your own satisfactory calligraphy.
  Everything is going to be done, and nothing can be done with no heart. The final result can only be nothing.
  There is a saying like this: If you are not afraid of doing things, you will be afraid of your heart.
  Many things in the world are the same. If you are determined, your heart will not be impetuous, sink your heart and do your best, and take every step in front of you to lay a more solid foundation for the road of life and reach the distant place that you think is far away.