Yesterday, I was almost blacked out by the little cousin.
  She made a circle of friends, and she was sad and angry and said helplessly: "Because I have complained about a small mistake for 7 times! In the case of such a customer, I am also a five-body vote..."
  I feel that this is very familiar. Two months ago, she also said that it would be unlucky to crack. Half a year ago, she also specifically complained to me, saying that the boss always looked for her, it was inexplicable... I combined, I understand a bit.
  Cousin has been playing since childhood, watching comics and watching TV in class, and occasionally holding textbooks is basically fooling her mother, the textbook may not hide.
  She fell in love in the second day of her life, and she loved the earth-shattering, and after several points, she finally fell into high school with her boyfriend. After graduating from a vocational school, she began to feel bad luck.
  Looking for a job repeatedly tried and failed, not smooth! During the trial period, everyone bullies her, not smooth! After turning positive, it is particularly hard, not smooth! The boss suspected that she was doing something bad, not smooth... She has always been enchanted by the illusion that "I am too thin for me to be too thin", but I am a straight old sister, and yesterday ruthlessly pierced her: I got it, obviously you don't work hard... ...
  She is angry and threatens to black me. I am not afraid. I am talking about the truth.
  The cousin is designing, I used to recommend my friend's website before, I highly recommend it. Someone asked her to make a page to look at, but the homework she had handed in was really not on the table.
  Later, our unit recruited the United States, I hesitated for a long time and did not dare to recommend her. Because it is really not academic, the ability is not good.
  Xiaomei is 31 years old this year, still holding a low salary, plus three midnight classes, squatting with a faceless face. She always felt that her luck was particularly bad. I really don't know if she has been so mixed up, she can still get better luck in her life.
  Because good luck is a treasure chest with a password, it is necessary to open it. You have nothing to do, even if you have good luck in front of you, you can't open it.
  People live in the world, nothing more than what you have, for what you want. If you can provide very little value, don't blame what you want is always unavailable.
  Really, my feelings are especially deep. Whenever I feel unlucky, if I seriously reflect on it, I will find out that there are some things that I did not do well before I have done it for ten times: I didn’t work hard when I worked hard, I didn’t think of the things I thought of, the self-discipline When I indulged, I gave up when I insisted .
  What I can do is only to change the past and to remedy the situation, otherwise the bad things will be endless.
  A long time ago, I interviewed a female boss who started from scratch. In her early years, she was a nurse in a small clinic. She had a monthly salary of 1,000. She shared a house with hundreds of people. She was busy at the clinic every day until 10 o'clock in the evening. She went home and pushed the door. It was a stinking smelly smelly shoe, smelly socks, and anti-flavored toilet. Garbage everywhere...
  If she does not want to face this, she must jump out of this environment, so she is determined to work hard to change. I ran to Beijing, took my own undergraduate course, and ran a business in a pharmaceutical company. After a few years, I found out how to start my own business . All the way to death, what suffering has been eaten, and finally there are more than 200 companies, with an annual income of 10 million.
  Her dream was to be able to afford a room and a living room opposite the clinic. Later, she could buy 100 sets of such a house.
  She once felt that she was married to a handsome barber next door to complete her life. Later, the men who pursued her were all the barbers and eight streets.
  She said that of course it is also annoying now, but it is no longer a suffocating thing in the skunk environment. She hasn't heard anyone say swearing for a long time, she can feel respected in all kinds of occasions.
  Therefore, it is never a fantasy to save lives, but to make steady efforts.
  It is hard work, let you have a stretch of life, a broad road; it is hard work, let you get the people you like, and live with your favorite people.
  The most effective "koi" is hard work. The best way to defeat bad luck is to redouble your efforts.
  The best time to work hard is the first grade of primary school. Second, it is now.