The friend Yang Yang’s company has recently been adjusted in personnel. Some people have been directly dismissed. Some people have been demoted to lower their salary, and some have been promoted to raise their salary. There is no small change in his department.
  The former female director, 36 years old, has been in the post for six years and is now reduced to the deputy director. Instead, she is a 29-year-old boy who has been in the job for two years.
  Their boss throws a word at the meeting: Everyone needs to be assessed in the future, even if you are the management. In today’s era, there is no lifelong system. If you can’t do it, you can’t go.
  Yang Yang said that our boss is a capable person, and there is a general style in the killing and decisive decision. After he has been reorganized, everyone’s work status is much better than before.
  I am often asked: What is the workplace ?
  I think this is the most real workplace, the ability is up, the mediocrity, and I agree with what the boss said: In today's era, there is no lifelong system.
  There is no longer a stable iron rice bowl, and you are likely to be eliminated.
  First, these three qualities of people, the most easily eliminated
  Being eliminated is a topic that many people are not willing to face, but whether you want to face it or not, the crisis is there. The more you ignore it, the more likely you are to slash.
  In the workplace, or in the current society, there are three kinds of people who are the easiest to be eliminated. This is what we should try to avoid.
  1. People who work lazy and spend the whole day
  In the TV series "Soldier Assault", there was a saying before the squad leader's veteran retired: Don't mix up again, be careful to mix you up.
  People who are mixed up are generally lazy when they work. Hey, this way, his ability will naturally not be much improved.
  This is also the reason why some people have been working for many years but are still in the same place and are constantly being overtaken by young people.
  For a company, if you want to change blood, the first thing is to eliminate those who work lazy and live together, because there are such people, it is difficult to have competitiveness and combat effectiveness.
  Therefore, the elimination of employees who have mixed lives and inaction is an initiative that the company itself has to avoid to be eliminated.
  2, people who don’t look up the road
  It is the same as the natural law that people can become old. Some eliminations are not enough efforts by themselves, but because they do not know how to look up the road and do not see the abyss in front.
  When I went to college, the Nokia mobile phone was particularly hot. Most of the ten students in the class used Nokia.
  But now Nokia has completely disappeared, and it took only a few years. Who could have thought of such a situation?
  The times are developing very fast, and there is no winner forever. If you stick to the rules, do not pay attention to and accept new things, and make changes and adjustments without advancing with the times, it is easy to be eliminated.
  Enterprises are like this, people are like this!
  3. Middle-aged people without core competitiveness
  People without core competitiveness are easily eliminated, and if this person is still a middle-aged person, then it is easier to be eliminated.
  Compared with young people, middle-aged people do not have any advantage in terms of physical strength, energy and potential.
  So, don't always complain about the cruelty of the workplace, the ruthlessness of the business, the first is that you can't change, and the second is that if you are a business, you are likely to make the same decision.
  The survival of the fittest, the world is like this, the real strong is to adapt, not complain.
  Just like middle-aged people also have their own advantages, such as experience, connections, resources, etc., you have mastered these, you are not afraid to be eliminated.
  Natural selection, big fish to eat small fish, strong to eliminate the weak is inevitable, this you can not escape, can only face, and strive to avoid becoming part of the people who are eliminated.
  Second, no matter where you are, please try to do these four things.
  Being eliminated, there are subjective reasons and objective factors, but in the final analysis, they are still not doing well.
  In other words, if a person is strong enough to adapt to the society, he will not fall even if his industry and his company fall.
  As the famous publisher, Mr. Zhang Lixian, said : Only a bankrupt company, no individual who has closed down.
  Then, if a person wants to never go out of business and not be eliminated, he must work hard to do the following four things.
  1, to have a skill, but to strengthen soft power
  There is an old saying: the hungry and undead craftsman.
  If you want to gain a foothold in the society, you must have the ability to stand on the ground and have a skill. This is true, but I think it is not enough.
  Some skills may be replaced with the progress of the times, so we must also purposefully strengthen our soft power.
  For example, the ability to speak and communicate, the ability to manage, the ability to learn , the accumulation of contacts, and so on.
  These seemingly abstract things may become your lifeline in the future.
  2, keep curiosity, try new things
  One of the signs that a person will be eliminated is to be too comfortable with the status quo.
  Recently, I have seen some chronological dramas. As far as reform and opening up is concerned, many people have not been able to get a share in the big wave. This is not the reason.
  On the contrary, those who have drawn a piece of heaven and earth often have a heart that loves toss. They dare to try and not reject new things.
  The times are changing, and in development, people can only be well placed in it if they continue to learn and adapt constantly.
  3, have a good body, avoid big risks
  Two days ago, a friend felt unwell in the middle of the night and went to the hospital to look at it. It was blood-sucking and CT examination. Anyway, it was tossed, and it was less than a few thousand an hour.
  There is a saying that is good, there is nothing wrong with it.
  Many times, a serious illness is enough to destroy a family, stay up late, exercise more, have a fitness body, and to some extent, be the best investment in life.
  4. Accumulate wealth as much as possible and let the money make money
  Zhang Ailing said, I like money, because I have not suffered from money, I don’t know the bad things about money, I only know the benefits of money.
  The elimination we are worried about is that the thinking cannot keep up, and the second is that the economy can't keep up, and the economy can't keep up with it is the most practical pain.
  Therefore, we must accumulate wealth as much as possible, know how to make money, know how to spend money, and know how to make money.
  I don't think everyone should be shy about talking about money. Don't live too much in the Buddhist system. You only have a certain amount of wealth to resist some of the changes in the future.
  Efforts are meaningful after all, and only by working hard can we better control our lives.