This year's postgraduate entrance examination, just did not take a few subjects, I received a call from my friend Xiaowan, and I couldn't make a sound on the phone: when people around me were burying their heads, she felt that she couldn't write. Many questions were written only one or two sentences. If you have nothing to say, this is definitely not a test. I blame myself for not working hard at the beginning.
  Through the screen of the mobile phone, I can feel how uncomfortable Xiaowan feels.
  This is not the first time that Xiaowan repented. When the college entrance examination ended, what Xiaowan said to me was that she regretted the three years of high school and was wasted by herself.
  However, one of the most frustrating words in the world is "repentance."
  Obviously, I was able to study hard at the beginning , but I was unable to work hard to pick up the books. I knew that I had so much time to prepare for the exam, but I used to go shopping.
  A lot of time, only when we encounter setbacks , we understand that what I was wasting was not only time, but also my own expectations and expectations for the future.
  In the evening, I saw the WeChat message sent by Xiaowan: I can't live in regret, and regret it is useless. In the coming year, I must fully devote myself to the postgraduate examination, and I will not let myself regret it.
  Yes! The two most useless words in the world are also "repentances". You can't go back if you regret it. You can only go on the scalp to find a way out.
  My cousin who graduated from college for three years, came to my house a few days ago, and talked about the situation. The cousin said to me with a look: "Sister, when you look at my high school, the results are very good, you can go to the university, just look at it. It’s chic, I haven’t learned anything in four years, and now I can’t find a decent job. What should I do?”
  The cousin studied computer science. In four years, she was not only sleepy in the classroom, but also playing games in the dormitory, or simply holding her mobile phone and lying in the bed to watch the bubble drama.
  Although she is a computer major, she does not have a good grasp of computer knowledge. The homework that the teacher usually arranges is also sloppy, so that the simplest program operation on the computer will not be done. It is really difficult to find a job.
  A professional job like a computer, even if she really puts her in that position, she may not be able to do it.
  Look at her regrets, I advised her if she can't do it, give herself some time, find a simpler field, and learn again, maybe she can see hope.
  After about half a year, I heard that she was hired by a design company to start from the bottom and learn from it while slowly accumulating experience.
  Most of us have regretted, complained, and even decadent in the face of unsatisfactory real life. We often say: If it was how it was, it would not look like this now.
  But can regrets be exchanged for the passing time? The answer is: no.
  Sometimes, what really makes us sad is not to do everything we can to achieve our desired goals, but to ruin the time of a lot of time and face the regrets of a defeat.
  A few years ago, when I took the teacher recruitment exam, I had an exam. I was only 0.02 points away from the minimum score of the interview. When the score came out, I couldn’t help but cry.
  At that time, I complained with my girlfriend: If I had to do even more than one multiple choice question at the beginning, I would be able to enter the interview.
  I tried to remember that there were a few questions that I could have done right, but I lost my score because I was not comprehensive enough at the time.
  My girlfriend is very helpless: What is the use of regret? It is impossible to let you go back to re-examination. What you can do now is to learn lessons and try to avoid these mistakes when you encounter these questions again.
  But even if my girlfriend said this, I regretted it for many days, and I have been entangled in those few questions, and my mind is completely out of preparation.
My   girlfriend has been encouraging me alongside . Every time she takes the exam, she will give me ideological work in advance. No matter whether I take the exam, I don’t regret it. I hope that I will always be ahead, not in the past.
  Whenever I feel regret, my girlfriend’s words will remind me in my ear: regret is useless, and it is useful to learn from the experience.
  That is, in that year, I passed the exam smoothly. Although it was a long time later than I expected, I realized my dream.
  I have seen such a sentence : regret is a mentally consuming emotion, a greater loss than loss, a bigger mistake than a mistake.
  Indeed, instead of regretting yesterday, it is better to work hard today. If we are more awesome today, we will regret it less tomorrow.
  The ancients said: I know why today, why should I be at the beginning.
  Every "original" is every present and today. Don't let tomorrow's self, regret today's hard work, the future is still possible, and work harder today.
  About the author: Xiao Yushu, a literary and art fresh in the workplace , likes words, wants to rely on a pen to walk the rivers and lakes, to be a thoughtful person in life. WeChat public number: Xiao Yushu (ID: gh_28974da8194d) Weibo: Fanta fish