The unit has a very good young man who resigned because of a small matter. Although everyone tried to retain it, he did not care about the opinions of everyone.
  He came to say goodbye to me. I said, "It’s a pity that you can go further." He said: "This unit is really boring. If I stay, I am afraid I will go crazy."
  It turned out that this young man missed two typos when he was proofreading the copy, and was led by the leader to criticize the office. On the occasion of the farewell, the young man said, "You said, isn't there two typos? As for?"
  In his eyes, not only did he not realize his own carelessness, he also felt that this was not a fatal mistake at all, so he should not be criticized like this.
  Some people can't stand a little wrong. They are eager to be praised, can't stand criticism, and are particularly emotional in doing things. In the end, it is the "glass heart".
  And what we have to do is to defeat it, not let it become a stumbling block to advance, not let it drag our will, and bind our actions. Only in this way can we polish the "glass heart" into a "diamond heart."
  Writer Chekhov wrote such a story:
  When a person was watching a movie in the theater, he accidentally sneezed at the back of a general, and he was suspicious of offending the general. He apologized to the general three times and five times, and he annoyed the general. Finally, after being scolded by the general, he was screaming.
  This man was just sneezing behind the general. The general did not take it seriously, but he thought that the general would be angry, interrupting the generals three times and five times, and eventually being overwhelmed by the general.
  This story seems ridiculous, but it also shows that the "glass heart" people have one thing in common, that is, they have a cognitive tendency to project and impose their feelings, wills, and characteristics on others, and they are extremely sensitive and timid. Weak.
  People with "glass heart" are particularly sensitive. When three people are together, two of them talk a little more. He may feel that others are targeting him. If someone closes the door louder, he may feel that others hate himself. If you chat with others, there is no second time, he will Imagine a lot of terrible things...
  They have always lived in their own world. Once they find that others are different from themselves, they feel that they have been hurt and their hearts are extremely upset.
  In life, we often meet people like this, no matter what others say and do, they will involve themselves. For example, if someone walks on the road and they always look at themselves, they will worry about whether the clothes they wear today are not good-looking. When chatting with classmates, the other party feels that they have made a mistake because they have been busy for a long time. They want to eat with friends, but friends. Because overtime has refused, I feel that I may offend my friends.
  This crazy "brain supplement" is actually really ridiculous - others may be watching the scenery behind you, but you think he is watching you; classmates are not ignoring you, but really busy; friends are not Not willing to eat with you, may be trying to catch up with the program.
  The "glass heart" people are insecure and will change the minds of others. They will create a lot of unnecessary confusion for themselves, leading to poor interpersonal relationships.
  Growth is not always smooth, we will encounter a lot of difficulties, so throw away your "glass heart", go as far as possible to face it, do positive communication, and fundamentally solve the problem. Only in this way can you gain confidence and security in order to make your life path even more embarrassing.