The first half of the life of a friend C Jun can be described as an inspirational legend of life. After graduating from an undergraduate college, the civil servant in his hometown has not been a staff member for several years. Perhaps it was the unchanging sunshine in the afternoon, and the reflection of the tea in the cup made him feel bored. Perhaps it was the screaming of drinking at the barbecue stand every night that made him feel boring, roasting the earth in a certain sun. In July, the dilapidated suitcase accompanied him to Beijing for nearly 30 years, and then stayed for more than ten years. In the past ten years, he has graduated from postgraduate studies, read blogs, joined the post, and went abroad. He eventually got a Beijing hukou and a teacher. Now he is deeply involved in the academic circle of colleges and universities, but he always mentions the situation of the year and the present. Contrast, as if in two worlds.
  From the perspective of inspirational, his story can be a little longer, write some chicken soup soft text, the most inspiring and gorgeous turn is this, and it is still a true case. But only those who are familiar with him know that when he was in high school, he slept in class, and his academic foundation was a mess. He could work hard to enter the top school in the later stage. It is not a summary of "small and strong, not working hard, the boss knows repentance". In addition to his striving attitude, he has talents that no one else has. If you go to test IQ, I think he must be much higher than his peers. Although it is not too late to start self-improvement in the years to come, but there is no young advantage, everything is slower than the same. Nowadays, he can't help but feel the emotion. If he didn't have a good time when he was young, what kind of situation is he now?
  In life, it is best to do the right thing at the right age.
  For example, some women who pursue fertility choices advocate freezing eggs. But few people know that a frozen egg, from thawing to fertilization, forming blastocysts, embryos, and even pregnant implantation, to finally take a healthy baby home, the whole process is like a single impact, each time There will be “casualties” or failures in the level, and the probability of success will be only 1%. Frozen eggs are not the main means of solving and delaying fertility problems, and because they do not solve the defects of the physical function of older mothers, their role has been exaggerated. If the women in the workplace are convinced by the nephew of the medical intermediary "My Fertility, I am the Lord", when I want to be a mother, I may have regretted it.
  The ancients said: "Qing is spring, rewarding for summer, fine for autumn, and punishment for winter." That is, spring and summer celebrations and other things, and the penalties are all left in the autumn and winter, to murder the heavens and the earth, which is why It is the reason for the execution of the prisoner in the fall. There are four times in the day, the king has four politics, and there are four seasons in life. When working hard, young people get married, and they grow up in the middle ages. The middle-aged people can enjoy the fruits of flowering results. The old heart is like water and concentrate on health, everything is step by step, quiet and serene. In this way, there will be no regrets of not being young and not working hard, and there will be no embarrassment for the father of the first year of the fate. Everything conforms to the laws of nature's operation, and everything will be "everything will be born and it will be born."
  Everything has a probability, even if the middle-aged repentance can shine, how many cases like this, if you remove the talent of talent, I am afraid that there will be no ambition. Even if the current scientific and technological means can solve the fertility problem one after another for people, it is generally still more healthy for children of suitable age.
  Just like "smoking is harmful to health", there is no absolute scientific evidence to show that smoking must be harmful to health. Some people have been healthy as a smoker for a lifetime, and many people die every year from smoking-related diseases. "Smoking is harmful to health" is just a statistical measure of probability. It can be understood that smoking is harmful to most people.
  Therefore, it is wise to try to avoid people outside the big probability. If you want to be healthy, it is best to stay away from cigarettes, baptize with cigarettes, and clear and clear lungs. It is a small probability event. A person who can counterattack success is also a small probability event. You can't tell yourself that you don't work today because you have such an example. You can make it up in the future. After all, even if the probability of failing to comply with the winning sign, how to win in a small probability?
  Life should indeed do the right thing at the right age.