"Today, I saw that I am still in this company. That is because I have met a wise man. When I was at the most embarrassing time, I told me a workplace truth. In the workplace, I have to turn myself into water and can be loaded. Enter any container."
  Xiaofeng said that he is working in a well-known company. He has a master's degree in diplomacy. He has outstanding ability in design, but he has never been promoted and reused by company leaders. Because he only focuses on technology, he does not want to spend time on interpersonal relationships. In the end, he decided to resign when he couldn’t stand the volatility of the supervisor and he couldn’t get used to the supervisor’s fake public.
  When I submitted my resignation letter, I met a manager in an adjacent department in the stairwell. Because he had only a few faces with him, the two smiled at each other and nodded. The manager saw the resignation letter from Xiaofeng and looked surprised. He said, "If you are taller, congratulations. If you are resigning for the head of your department, you should consider it." You must learn how to get along with different people, or you will always meet such people, and then you will be at a loss."
  The manager’s words, all of a sudden, said that Xiaofeng was shaken. After that, he tore off the resignation letter and returned to his post to learn how to get along with the unspeakable supervisor. Although he still does not agree with some violations of his principle of being a man , he does not go to the truth, try to see the good side of things, and the level of independence from the supervisor.
  One year later, Xiaofeng was transferred from the head office to form a branch office and served as the person in charge because of its outstanding performance.
  Although Xiaofeng never said anything to the manager who called him, thank you, but he always remembers the day when the wise man he met in the stairway opened a frozen and full of angular stones. Heart.
  Xiaofeng’s experience allows us to understand that in the workplace, when you have no way to change others, you only have to try to change yourself. Although it is difficult, you must try it. Only in this way can we build ourselves to be like water and make ourselves a popular person.
  No matter what industry or occupation you are in, you must treat your career with a normal heart. First of all, we must temper ourselves to adapt to various environments. For example, everyone can say that it is not good, but it is still a booming company; for example, the leadership is constantly changing the department, and the leaders that everyone finds difficult to cooperate with.
  If you can adapt to such a company, such a team, such a boss, in fact, invisible, you have more experience and more success than others . In the workplace, in the final analysis, you have to adapt to a team and find the rhythm of your team with the team. This requires you to treat people, things, things in the workplace with a calm, rational attitude, to look at your work and the surrounding environment, and to analyze the impact of such a pattern on you and how to deal with it so that you do not Affected by bad factors.
  In terms of refinement, in the workplace, you need to figure out what kind of results you have to achieve in a team for one or two years. You need a clear presupposition and a firm execution, calmly and sensibly treating everything around you, then you can understand the team well without being influenced by the team's negative comments. In this way, you have the most basic peace of mind, so that you can better learn, cooperate and improve in this team.
  A philosopher said: "Being a person like 'making money' is like 'inside the outer circle', both principled and flexible." The person who truly understands the path of the circle is a combination of great wisdom and great tolerance. Whether it is advancing or concession, it can be calm and self-contained, not for the eyes and comments of the world.
  Master the path of the circle, win a good network of contacts, create a harmonious workplace environment for yourself, and enjoy a happy and happy career, so that you can achieve a career.