During the recent festival, many people talked with me about the plan for next year. I didn't expect "I don't want to go to work" to become a focus.
  I don't have to ask and know why, it is very annoying to go to work. I commute for several hours on the commute every day. I practiced 18 classes of martial arts. I finally got to the company, but I still can't squeeze the elevator and miss the time of punching. Another encounter with a perverted boss, 24 hours online, etc., simply tortured the dead.
  As a result, more and more people are beginning to yearn for a free life, time is all at their disposal, and then they are themselves, making money with things they like and are good at. It sounds free and has money.
  And these people really have detailed plans, some people can do software outsourcing, some people want to open a tea shop, some want to try content e-commerce, and others can be freelance writers or independent designers.
  Do not seek wealth, but as long as the original income is basically flat, they tend to pay for free and work for themselves.
  A few days ago, my colleagues also chanted with me and said that more and more young people around the world began to be freelance.
  There was a friend who worked overtime for a while and tired of the stomach. After seeing the illness, he came out of the hospital and felt wronged. He decided to resign and go home.
  She analyzed the reasons for her illness and decided that it was a busy job for the previous time.
  When the meal is not on time, the takeaway is unhealthy. There are too many pig teammates in the colleagues around me. The boss's temper is also unpredictable. Her own temper is anxious and angry.
  In her view, low-quality cooperation is not as good as a single job, saving others to fill the pit, so I plan to go home to find freedom.
  However, after a few days of sick leave, she went back to work.
  Because she is not at ease with her, in her view, vacation is a rehearsal of freelance. I have calculated that I can save 4 hours of commuting time every day, and I can cook myself and raise my stomach.
  But the reality is that the commute time is saved, the rest of the time is ruined, the home is completely inefficient, the body is lying every day, the eyes are glimpsed, and the morning has passed. When the eyes are closed, the night has passed, plus eating, chatting on WeChat, and brushing Weibo, it’s just a day when nothing happens.
  According to her words, if you are in the world, you will not be able to control yourself.
  Scared that she rushed back to work, hoping to stop the loss early.
  Later, she often lamented that she wanted to be freelance and first look at how her vacation has been.
  If you abandon a person, let him idle, idle, and idle.
  It is also very sad to say that I can use my free time to fulfill myself and eventually turn myself into a waste wood.
  When I am busy, I always think about when I have a little time, but I can control myself once I have time, but I am very tired.
  This is true, if a person is worthy of deserving freedom, he will know when he is on vacation.
  It may be recalled that when we go to school, we will be able to separate our classmates during a winter vacation.
  Some people leave school and leave school aside. Regardless of the play, and finally because of the hard-to-find, especially resisted the start of school.
  There are people who have plans to make good use of the holidays, list books, and buy exercises. But the self-control is too bad. It doesn't matter if you want to play for a while, then you will ruin the whole holiday. If the book has not been opened, it will be a bit of anxious planning.
  Only those who can really do self-discipline have realized the “overtaking of the curve” and rushed to make relatively weak subjects, laying a good foundation for the new semester.
  Of course, there is a schoolmaster that is open all year round, and has been learning and constantly enriching himself. Listening to him is the most tired, in fact, people are most relaxed when they take high scores.
  The same is true for holidays after work. Before our company had a 95, after a long holiday, wearing dark circles, dragging the tired body, with anxious mood, reluctantly returned to the station, and then complained that the holiday is more tired than going to work.
  This made him hear the table next door, and said in a brilliant way, you are not relaxing, you are indulgence.
  After work, there is temperance after all, and pay close attention to all available time to rest. I may feel happy and satisfied when I can read this book casually.
  But once I hope that the free golden week, the body will bear heavy burdens, sleep to the dark, eat the sea, go to the bar to drink drunk with friends, chase the game, and stay asleep.
  The holiday is usually a full stop, but all good people will only be treated as a comma, change their minds, or slow themselves down. However, self-management is not dropped for 24 hours, and normalization efforts are made.
  So why do we all seem to be at the same starting line, but in the end we have opened the gap.
  How self-discipline is a person, give him a little freedom to know.
  Today's young people love freedom, and the "zero-employment economy" has become a trend and trend. In 2017, a “zero-employment economy” report issued by consulting firm McKinsey showed that in the US and Europe, the freelance population accounted for 20% to 30%.
  When my neighbor just resigned, the parents resolutely opposed it, so he did not have to quarrel with his parents. In his view, the concept of parents is too old-fashioned to keep up with the times.
  Therefore, I kept talking to my parents. Nowadays, people don’t need the “rice bowl” of their time. The social division of labor and employment relationship have changed dramatically.
  And with his ability, there is no need to worry about no customers and income.
  It took a lot of effort to convince my parents, but the result was very good.
  At first he did make a lot of money by using various resources, but in less than a month, his company with only one person was paralyzed.
  When I first resigned, my work was still inertia. I went out to see my customers on time every day. When I came back, I took time to work. Later, when I earned money, I gave myself a vacation and went out to spend money. Then I can't take it anymore.
  First, getting up early and getting harder and harder, and later people are getting lazy, serious delays have dragged down customers, and people are not reliable.
  The business level is still crushing a lot of people, and the freelance mode is no problem, but I did not expect to lose enough self-discipline.
  It may take only a minute to get out of work, but it’s lazy to use it. It’s hard to find a state.
  Now my neighbor, I don't want to take care of myself, but I am used to it at home, I don't want to go to work, and I spend a day at the same time, completely ruining my parents.
  Therefore, not everyone is suitable for this way of working. The Harvard Business Review has published an article about the issues to be measured before doing freelance.
  One of the most important ones is to ask yourself whether there is work and discipline and not enough. Because only you are self- motivated and very dedicated, customers will choose you.
  That is to say, even if you work on your own, you must strictly observe your work discipline and you will be able to manage yourself.
  Rather than always distressing yourself, treating freelances as a shackle to avoid the workplace is a waste of firewood.
  We admire the freedom and success of others , but ignore the fact that they pay more than ordinary people. In the past, I always felt that someone was annoying you, and later discovered that it was more annoying when nobody was in charge.
  Every day seems to be empty, but I can't squeeze time to practice. The work was a mess, and the door didn't want to take a step. Not to mention self-enhancement, expansion of resources, even basic life can not be guaranteed.
  The spur is never a tribulation. Self-destruction is the most revenge for the lazy.
  After all, it’s still a painstaking effort to pay for 100% of the effort.
  Real freedom is very expensive, you have to ask yourself to match.