Going to a friend's wedding on the weekend, I found that the master of ceremonies is a well-known host of local radio stations, young and handsome.
  When I arrived at the wedding reception hall, the host had been chatting with several fans who recognized him.
  After the wedding started in 20 minutes, the host had just encountered an anecdote when he first came to power.
  The microphone couldn't make a sound, hoarse, and he looked "hey" and he returned to normal.
  Fortunately, he was eloquent, reversed the cold situation and started the emcee. Under his leadership, the wedding atmosphere is warm and touching, the rhythm is just right, and the applause continues.
  Unexpectedly, the performance of the program, he made another mistake.
  He said on the stage that he would sing his new single, and the guests applauded enthusiastically. As a result, the U disk he brought was inserted in the stereo for a long time without releasing the accompaniment sound.
  He was a little embarrassed, he had to sing, and the singing effect was greatly reduced.
  The photographer, standing next to my seat, shook his head and sighed: he is very qualified, but unfortunately he is not professional.
  I was curious to ask him why, the older brother said: professional ceremonies will come to the scene to familiarize themselves with the process of the situation, must be with the sound engineer to debug the microphone, equipment, ideas to eliminate accidents, he missed this critical step!
  It is true that a natural qualification can help people get started with a certain skill quickly, but it is impossible to take you to a higher level by qualification.
  Qualifications are better than the accumulation of day-to-day concentration.
  A professional attitude with superb detail to create a true insider.
  Judging whether a person is professional or not depends not only on his qualifications, but also on his in-depth understanding of the objective laws of the industry.
  Some people are talented and talented. When they first enter the market, they can go smoothly. When they encounter problems with high technical difficulty, they will be unable to do anything.
  There is a friend, the undergraduate major is Guzheng, with excellent grades, and also attended the piano group class. After graduating from college, I became a high school music teacher.
  She likes the piano very much. She usually goes online to find some piano playing videos or songs to practice. I feel good about myself.
  The district organizes basic music competitions for music teachers, which are divided into three majors: major, vocal and piano. Her first two scores are very good, but they can be defeated in the piano game every time.
  She carefully observed the playing of the piano professional teacher and found that the same music playing skills are different from her.
  She specifically went to ask, the other party told her that the difference between professional and amateur is the understanding and handling of the performance.
  For the simplest example, the keys are different in touch and the sounds will be different. Many amateurs don't know this. They only pursue smooth and complete playing. In fact, they pop out with a sound of sand. I don't know if I have the ability to give it. Play life and emotions.
  In addition to a better understanding of the objective laws of piano performance, professionals will continue to learn the latest performance techniques.
  The friend suddenly realized that he went to the piano professional tutoring class, and the performance comprehension and level suddenly improved.
  The qualifications of the jade-like jade are hard to shine without being carved, and those with moderate qualifications will stand out as long as they practice long enough.
  Nowadays, the division of labor in the society is getting more and more detailed. Almost all occupations have their professional skills and mysteries, and outsiders have little knowledge.
  A seemingly simple career is not necessarily simple.
  A food show director once told a story he encountered when he was making a documentary:
  There is a restaurant that is the leader of the restaurant industry in Beijing. Several foreign chefs come to the restaurant to learn the craftsmanship of the restaurant master.
  At the end of the internship, the master asked the students to eat and took everyone to find a pancake stall.
  Masters personally went to the pancake stalls, and the results of three consecutive pancakes were not perfect, and some even broke the hole.
  The master stopped and said to the students with a strong heart:
  In your opinion, I am already a very good chef, but you have seen it, I don't even have a pancake. The catering line is too big and profound, as long as you focus on one skill, you can have your own rice bowl.
  The best chefs, without long-term practice, can't spread out the pancakes. And you can have your own rice bowl by spreading out the pancakes.
  You have good qualifications, of course, very good, but you have to carefully polish the professional literacy of a certain field.
  How far you can go, your professionalism has the final say.
  Superb, it is a more iron-rich rice bowl.