Over the years, we have heard too many stories about negative energy that work hard but have no effect. In fact, behind the seemingly busy work, it has always been a "pseudo-effort".
  What is a real effort?
  The real effort is to jump out of the comfort zone and work with pain.
  Xiaoya, who has disappeared for a long time, finally sent a circle of friends, which is a certificate of a three-level human resources division.
  I rushed to the private letter and congratulated her: "I wanted to ask you why you didn't make friends. I didn't expect to study hard ."
  She returned to me in an instant: "I am busy studying the exam, and I don't even have time to sleep. How can I make a circle of friends?"
  I am very emotional when I hear this.
  This friend of mine, who used to be a circle of friends in a day, went out to play, watched movies, fell in love dating, and the life in the circle of friends was rich and colorful, and the life in reality was bored.
  Later, she found herself in a seemingly colorful life, but the quality was particularly low.
  I spent a lot of time elsewhere, in the circle of friends, did not go to a higher class, but let their work stagnant, no improvement.
  Especially when she realized that those who were not as good as themselves are now about to catch up, she is determined to make a change.
  So she began to attack her own professional field. The party didn't go, the photos didn't dry, and almost disappeared from the circle of friends. When it appeared again, it was the certificate passed by this three-level human resources exam.
  In the joy of her, she did not stop, but chose to continue to work toward the second and first level.
  I remember reading an article that read people who suddenly disappeared into the circle of friends. Eighty percent of them found a new direction of struggle , and those who made up their minds to work hard for it, I deeply believe.
  When you don't know, really powerful people are quietly trying to become excellent.
  There is a design colleague in the department. Once I chatted with her, I realized that the colleague who was usually ignorant and whispered would pick up the design class after work, and then do some part-time work to increase his income.
  She said modestly, because her skills are decent, she can follow the customer's request for the first draft, the design is novel, and the draft is timely, and the number of customers and orders is slowly increasing.
  Although sometimes it was really tired and tired, I was very happy when I watched my life getting better every day. Now her extra income is catching up with the normal salary.
  Not only that, she also said that she will give herself a professional course every year, and use her free time to try to recharge, in order to improve her design level.
  In her brief exchanges with her, the amount of information she revealed made me deeply impressed by her efforts and self-discipline.
  I believe that after many people have been busy for a day, the most important thing to do when they return home is to rest, lie on a comfortable bed, brush the sound, watch the TV series, and send the time to sleep.
  Few people will choose to continue their efforts after a day of exhaustion, which requires more powerful willpower.
  There was a friend who spit in the WeChat group: Time flies so fast, the plan made by the moon has not yet started, and it is at the end of the month.
  I opened her circle of friends and updated several articles a day. Instead of sharing a party with friends, I will forward a small paragraph on the vibrato, often at one or two in the middle of the night.
  Every year at the end of the year, there will be countless people who feel that time flies quickly: still have no slimming success , or have not saved money, or have not been promoted to raise salary, or have not learned English proficiently...
  But I want to say that time is actually there, you are free to abandon it.
  I suddenly found that there are many efforts in the world that do not require others to know.
  In places you don't know, when you are hesitating to watch, there will always be people working quietly.
  There is no luck, no matter what "amateur wins the profession", behind all the glamorous success, there are efforts and persistence that we can't see .
  Some time ago, the pay network announced a 2018 Chinese university graduate salary list TOP200.
  The top ten universities in the list include Tsinghua University, Peking University, Beiwai University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and University of International Business and Economics. It can be said that most of the top rankings are 985 and 211 key schools.
  The pay list has caused a heated discussion. Many people are saying, yeah, I am a famous school and it is really amazing.
  It's amazing, but it's not that great. The graduates of the famous schools, the starting salary is indeed high, they also really won the starting line.
  But what is life?
  Life is a marathon, it is a long-distance running.
  Can you laugh at the end when you win the starting line?
  One insists on hard work, sweats, legs soft to tremble, and never gives up. If the time dimension is lengthened, it will inevitably break the starting line effect.
  When the department opened the year-end meeting, Xiaoqi was praised by the leaders, praised her for her excellent work, and recommended her to select the company's outstanding employees of the year, but also to give her a raise.
  Colleagues are envious of Xiaoqi, but all this is her hard work.
  Xiaoqi has not been in the company for one year. She has a college degree and is very inconspicuous when she first came. She is often called to do some rough work.
  But she has no complaints and has been working diligently.
  Make a form, others use the data to make a picture, she will do a few, repeated comparisons, even if it is the data in the form, she must carefully check several times;
  Colleagues let her print a document, she will not only help the other party to print, but also help them modify the typos in the file before printing, print the binding, and get it to the other party neatly;
  Some people say that her low education is not comparable to the students who graduated from key institutions. If she wants to get promoted and raises her salary, she will have a bitter experience. She knows that this is a shortcoming of her own, and she silently reported the promotion and promotion.
  She is always the first one in the department, and she always has to wait until her colleagues are gone.
  In fact, there are still many people around us like us. They are holding their own hair and trying to struggle out of the current quagmire.
  They are all trying to live their lives, they want to be worthy of their lives .
  I used to ask myself: "Is life now what you wanted? If not, what kind of efforts can you make to change the status quo?"
  A few years ago, I always felt that I was still young, and I had a lot of time for me to entertain, but when more and more people younger than me appeared around me, I suddenly found out that I was already very old. It is.
  You are already an adult. You must learn to face all the problems and setbacks that life has to offer. You must be responsible for your own life and be responsible for the future.
  Time is like a net, where are you scattered, where is your harvest.
  I hope that after a few decades, we can just say to ourselves: "The years have never spared me, and I have never spared the years."