A few days ago, I went to the party, and my friends talked to my boss.
  Tuen Mun, metamorphosis, inhumanity, good at shabu-shabu, is the four words of the highest frequency. See I have not participated in the discussion, next to the small A teasing, after all, you are now the boss of the startup company, is it particularly harsh?
  I smiled and didn't talk. It is not a positional issue, perhaps a different focus.
  Before I started my business, I had 10 years of work experience and I met 5 bosses. They have different personalities and different styles, but they are not related to the above vocabulary.
  If you barely want to find a common point, the first word in my mind is actually a "liar."
  Yes, these five people are all liar, without exception.
  However, I have never regretted having worked with them.
  This time, we will play the next round of tough battles.
  Lao Lu, my first boss, workaholic, demanding, unsmiling, we are afraid of him on weekdays.
  In the summer of 2008, he organized all the doors to go to Guilin to build: "Let's relax, this time, we will play the next round of tough battles."
  We took a cruise along the Lijiang River to enjoy the scenery of Guilin and then to the ancient city of Yangshuo. In accordance with the requirements of Lao Lu, the whole process will not talk about work, otherwise it will be fined.
  But the truth is that no one is punished and everyone takes the initiative to drink more.
  Yangshuo Bar Street, accompanied by Lao Lu several times "expensive budget" exaggerated lament, we have been drinking until three in the morning, only to return to the hotel.
  Forgot the idea of ​​which kid to take out, we pulled the department secretary, dialed the phone number of Lao Lu in the hotel, and called the Chinese and English to sing him: "Sir, do you need a massage? Chinese or Thai!"
  This is the arrogance that I have never thought of, and the most impressive one I have participated in in my career.
  That night, Yangshuo night sky starry, clean, thorough, clear, just like the wonderful future I once imagined.
  The original workplace is not so complicated and dark. However, Lao Lu lied to everyone. He clearly said that he was playing for the next battle. On the first day of his return to the company, he solemnly announced his departure.
  I realized that he used to say goodbye to everyone in such a way.
  Lao Lu, you liar.
  But thank you for teaching me too -
  It’s a fate to work together, and it’s worth bidding farewell to each other.
  Work is nothing more than life, don't put so much pressure on yourself.
  Chunming, my second boss, unlike Lao Lu, he is a kindhearted person like a neighbor's brother.
  I have never seen him temper. When we were tortured to death in various places, he went to the scene to support, and used his good offices to open up internal barriers to ensure customer satisfaction and project execution.
  Every time I come, it is full of enthusiasm and it is a spring breeze.
  In the impression, Chunming is always slow, and often a word that is hanging on his lips is: "Work is nothing more than life, don't give yourself so much pressure."
  He always practiced this sentence for the entire department. But if anyone has something, even if he goes up to the top and even hesitates to offend the customer, he will give priority to the interests of his subordinates, let us leave the post to handle their own private affairs.
  No one can expect that it is such a person. During the May 1st period in 2009, he jumped from the top floor of the company and did not leave any words.
  So far, I still clearly remember the first time I saw the company's group of notification emails, my inner horror and stunned, and for a long time unwilling to believe.
  It’s not uncommon to be born out of work stress, but how can it happen to Chunming? how come? !
  He is the heart of all of us, the warmth and the sun; he has repeatedly said to us that work is nothing more than life, don't give yourself so much pressure...
  The so-called take it easy, was it just to say to others? Why did you lick all the unbearable pressures and eventually drilled the horns?
  A few years later, when I started to manage the team myself, and now I started to be a boss, I gradually realized that loneliness is the inevitable fate of managers. Those pressures and hidden worries can never be honestly shared with subordinates.
  It is management art to deceive subordinates; but to lie to yourself is to restore confidence and continue to face the hardships and crit of life.
  Chunming, you are a liar.
  I hope that you can continue to lie to us and lie to yourself. But you...but I won’t.
  I hope that you are in heaven, well.
  I don't have any people available, you can do it yourself!
  Lao Na, my third boss, the company's internal rumor, his father is Yeh Nara.
  An old colleague said that the old man was not at a time. If you have been born for two hundred years, which one to use, it must be under the imperial city root, a bird cage every day, the owner of the ostrich.
  I don't know if he really has a mine in his home, but Lao has always attached great importance to the quality of life, which also makes him pay more attention to fairness and employee experience in management.
  As a service executive department, our business scope covers all parts of the country. At that time, there were internal rankings for local projects: based on contract amount, execution difficulty, customer relationship, etc., it was classified into four levels: easy, common, difficult, and purgatory.
  When the old task is arranged, the principle of rotation is strictly followed. If the previous project is “Purgatory”, the next one must be “easy” or “ordinary” so that everyone can have a breathing space.
  On one occasion, my colleague and I executed a “purgatory” project, which was exhausted, but there were emergency projects and people needed support. The customers in that place were notoriously demanding.
  The local office called the person, and my colleague and I had already prepared for the silence. The old man immediately responded to the other party: "I don't have any people available. You can do it yourself, or adjust it from other districts!" ”
  The tone is simply decisive, and there is no room for change.
  I am inconsistent with my colleagues, and it is totally difficult to believe that people like Lao Na can speak when they speak up.
  Old, you are a liar.
  But thank you for saying this, you taught me -
  Although the scorpion is not a professional performance, it is the best adhesive for the relationship between the upper and lower levels.
  In the face of the cold workplace rules, we need care and temperature after all.
  Just right, I can't give you Star employee!
  In 2012, I left the company from the first company. At that time, the boss Li Fei had to open all the doors and give me a farewell party.
  Lao Li is a typical northern Han, tall and strong, and temperamental. He drank three cups with me on the table and then sent me a Pierre Cardin business bag.
  I am grateful, Lao Li is full of red light, laughing happily: "This sale is very suitable! Just, I can not give you Star employee!"
  Every year, the company conducts Star employee's selection to recognize outstanding employees at work. In addition to honors, the recipients of the awards also affect the salary increase and the number of year-end awards.
  When I led the team to carry out the project, the process was difficult and the effect was very good. The customer wrote a thank-you letter specially, and it was really promising.
  But how can people not understand the truth of people walking away from tea? Resigned, not available, too normal.
  A few months later, my bank card received a sum of money, which is the year-end award of the former company. According to the previous annual salary, this ratio is the highest I have ever had.
  I looked at the numbers in the bank's text message and I didn't return to God. Lao Li’s bold and slightly smirk was still echoing in the ear. I still remember that he clearly said, just right, I can’t give you Star employee!
  Lao Li, you liar.
  But thank you for teaching me too -
  It is normal for people to take tea and cool, and it is a choice not to leave past performance.
  From then on, you and I will fight side by side. You clear the road ahead, I provide food and grass.
  Old is my last boss, and it is also the one of all my bosses, the least like the boss.
  We were both competitors. In the face of common customers, they once played a very fierce and won each other. He heard the news of my departure from the original company, he quickly contacted, let me help him.
  "From then on, you and I will fight side by side. You clear the way, I provide food."
  I was moved by this sentence and agreed to go.
  Lao He fulfilled his promise, and we worked very well together. But whenever I decide, he has absolutely nothing to do, and he will do his utmost to help me fight for resources and the right to speak; if I say no, he must believe and support my judgment.
  It is because he is "politically" too naive. His gaze is more on his subordinates, and he doesn't pay much attention to his superiors. Especially for some rude demands, he has never died in the end.
  Therefore, his career is not smooth.
  I haven't been in the company for a few months. He told me that he had to move away and his term is coming.
  I am ashamed, pulling him alone into the small meeting room is almost a questioning tone. Why didn’t you say it?
  Old He laughed, said early, are you still coming?
  I subconsciously responded, jokes, where am I so unprofessional?
  Old Ho, you liar.
  I want to say today, old Ho, in fact, I also lied to you. If you say it early, I may not really come.
  Of course, I am also very fortunate, I finally came, and this gave you this brother.
  Although you are a liar, thank you for teaching me -
  In the workplace, although it is very angular and angular, it is such a person that it is worthy of being a friend of a lifetime.
  Written at the end
  Some people may think that I am more fortunate, and I have been a good boss for ten consecutive years.
  In fact, they all have their own shortcomings. In management, they are not all perfect.
  The world has never been perfect, and naturally there is no 100% perfect management.
  Sometimes, if we are willing to take the initiative to take a step forward, look around, maybe you will find that the boss you have been hating, perhaps not so bad.
  My five bosses, they have deceived me without exception, but today, my work concept and even the formation of values, no doubt, are entirely from their shaping and edification.
  Only on this point, I would like to forgive them for all the deception, harshness and censure, and sincerely say, thank you.
  Thank you in my life , I have had you.