Yesterday, the "2019 Chinese People's Salary Report" was on the hot search. There is a special data. For those who have worked for more than 10 years, the monthly salary is over 30%.

  Some people say that the 28th rule is once again confirmed in reality. 80% of resources and wealth belong to only 20% of people.

  Some people have done a good job, and they have become the scent of big factories. Some people have become a cannon fodder in the workplace. They are not worried about being laid off every day, or waiting for money to pay off debts. The hair does not stop, the wrinkles are not long, but the salary is stable as a dog.

  Resentment is inevitable.

  In fact, in my opinion, it is not a shameful thing to have a monthly salary of over 10,000. Many young people in Beishangguang are in this salary range. The terrible thing is that they have worked for 10 years and their salary is still so small.

  Every time the national salary report is released, there will always be people who will pay their own low-paying pots directly to the boss. They feel that they are screaming, and they have worked hard for so many years. The boss has always turned a blind eye.

  On the other hand, I can always hear the bosses complaining about why the employees are so difficult to do now, obviously not doing well, and want to raise money every day.

  Obviously, many people don't understand one truth. In the eyes of the boss, old never means good. If you want your boss to raise your salary, your star rating is not enough.


  Compressive and dry, don't cry

  The day before yesterday, my newly promoted friend and I spit out: the young people are too difficult to manage.

  I hired an intern, groaned every day, and my work was wrong. I said no, I can't help you. You are a little impatient. Her tears are spinning in her eyes.

  On one occasion, he led the urgent use of the person and asked her to copy a document. It happened that the printer was broken. She was so anxious that she was like an ant on a hot pot, crying through the company, and crying for her own chance to turn.

  In the workplace , this kind of "false grievances" is not too much in the eyes of others. If there is no ability to withstand it, it will cry when it is not moving. The glass heart bursts, and it is often the one who stabs.

  Mature people in the workplace have already quit their grievances and have enough blunt feelings to deal with negative emotions. Even if it is a true grievance, it will never fall.

  Last year, the Korean drama "Why is the Golden Secretary" is a lot of people's workplace portrayal. The boss is extremely narcissistic, extremely mean, and can talk to you half-dead. The gold secretary who can resist the fight not only endured for 9 years, but also took the boss. It’s not good to raise her.

  Not only does the promotion and salary increase, but also marry her!

  The secretary of the Golden Secretary has only four words: shut up, smile.

  Devil-like boss, 360-degree squeeze gold secretary, gold secretary or workplace white.

  She was called to get up at 6 o'clock every day. She was asked to buy flowers when she was allergic to pollen. She was forced to learn various languages ​​and had to communicate with other foreign customers. She was not satisfied with the work abroad, because of the lack of awareness, resulting in a lot of mistakes, she hid in the hotel and burst into tears.

  But no matter what happened, the gold secretary always smiles with a sign.

  She can practice tie at the hotel's hangers late at night, learn English with dark circles and stay up all night, and never leave the fragile and stinky face to the boss.

  Such an employee, ask who does not want to stay with them?

  "Compression and dryness resistance" is the standard of five-star employees. The good employees in the eyes of the boss will never suffer from setbacks and will not be defeated.


  Find an excuse, equal to the show stupid

  In "I and the Broker", there was a period of painstakingly entertaining students in preparation for the "2019 Creation Camp". Partner Li Ying personally led the team, and Yang Tianzhen also regularly checked the training results.

  However, in a phased assessment, Gu Tianhang’s performance work was not handed in.

  They gave a lot of excuses. Some people say that brotherhood does not want to delay others' rehearsals. Others say that it is impossible to balance performance and dance in time.

  But these reasons are obviously not the point that the teachers care about. In the teacher's opinion, anything can't be handed over, which means giving up.

  This is cruel, but fair, the workplace never believes in excuses, you can only speak with results.

  There is also such a bridge in "Ode to Joy". Guan Muer kindly helped the sick colleagues to work. As a result, some of the data that the colleague did was wrong, but it was her signature, so she was approved by the manager.

  The mistake was very serious. Colleagues evaded responsibility and they worked again and again.

  She was wronged to find Andy to talk, but Andy not only did not comfort her, but let her examine the work attitude, the wrong is wrong, regardless of the process, the boss got the hand, you signed on the last page, that is you wrong.

  There is a cruelty in the workplace, and finding excuses is tantamount to stupidity. No matter what excuse you have, there are only two types of employees for the boss: you can't do it.

  I once read an article saying that Ali divided employees into four categories: stars, wild dogs, oxen and white rabbits.

  A star is a talented and ethical employee;

  Wild dogs are employees with talents and ethics;

  The ox is an employee who has a little ability but is hard-working;

  The little white rabbit is a virtueless person.

  How should these people use them separately?

  Be bold on the stars, limit the use of wild dogs, and use them safely. It is best not to use the white rabbits.

  Ali partner Dai Shan said that when the company is big and the mechanism is complete, the biggest damage to the company is the little white rabbit. They seem to be conscientious, but they don't have any output. They may love the company very much, and people are very nice, but they can't do anything.

  Because the attitude is extremely sincere, it is difficult to let people start.

  So the little white rabbits often occupy the position of the newcomers and take away some people who have the vision and ability.

  When the white rabbit became an old white rabbit, the company was not far from the egg.

  The boss never believes in excuses, they only have results in their eyes. It is also the result that directly determines a person's salary level.


  a group of anger, mixed eating and so on

  A few days ago, I chatted with the boss of the next department. When I talked about the most toxic employees in the company for so many years, everyone talked about a class of people: a group of anger, mixed eating and so on.

  The company has a former colleague, this kind of person, the company's social interaction, can play with anyone, one to work is a variety of meals, but you can't do it at work, you can never do it seriously, in her words I can live a little more comfortably, why bother?

  Interpersonal is like a duck, but the various nephews at work make the leader very angry. When the layoff plan comes out, the first batch will have her.

  Such people are actually very stupid, and qi is the most useless thing in the workplace. You are not coming to make friends, and you can't live on it.

  Recently watched the Japanese TV drama, "Woman Selling a House", the female owner Sanxuanjia Wanzhi is the strongest house sale in Japan. In her world, there is no house that can't be sold.

  Many people think that to do sales, they must be slick and arrogant, and everyone can be one.

  The state of the woman in the office is actually terrible. I look into the computer every day to check the information , never chat with my colleagues, and strict requirements for myself.

  Similarly, she does not allow subordinates to mix their days. I don't agree that my colleagues will get away from the bell when they get off work. They can't stand the new colleagues can't afford the spirit, and the little things will be mentally broken. So, they screamed at them over and over again.

  There are a lot of people around me. They don’t seem to be gregarious, but they are the most reliable people in the eyes of the boss.

  You don't have to let everyone like you, but you have to be a useful person. There is no real skill, I want to rely on my age, and there is never a way out.

  Having said that, it is nothing more than to remind everyone that to learn from introspection, to enter the workplace, poverty is an ordinary dilemma. Can work for 10 years, you are still poor, you can only find problems from yourself.

  There are a lot of unfairness in the workplace, and there are many unfortunate things, but you must be awake enough. No success will be enough. You must be good enough to negotiate with the world.