10 sentences that the wise man never said, how many words did you say?
  The old saying "the disease is from the mouth, the disaster is from the mouth" is very reasonable.
  Sometimes inadvertently speaking will cause us unimaginable influence.
  Think before you speak: think about the situation, think about the object of the conversation, and think whether it is appropriate or not.
  Speak slowly, let the words wait for the first thought.
  Here is a list of 10 smart people who never say anything and their corresponding appropriate expressions.
  01, he is not worthy of you!
  This is a normal sentence that everyone used to comfort the girl who just broke up.
  But the speaker is unintentional,
  Especially for those girls who have just broken up and sentimentality.
  From this sentence, they heard the speaker's doubts about her taste and ability to recognize people - "You see, no way."
  In other words: then he can lose money!
  02, you don’t look old at all.
  This sentence sounds perfect without risk.
  But in fact, it will convey the superiority of a young man who is arrogant and condescending to comfort the elderly.
  This will be processed by the listener as "you are just as old as other peers."
  To put it another way: You look very good.
  03, I worked so hard, but still failed!
  One's life is in countless processes,
  The result is only a very small proportion in our lives .
  But we have been pursuing all sorts of endings throughout our lives.
  Yes, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
  If you really did your best to achieve some kind of result,
  Then efforts should not be a burden of failure.
  Those days that have really worked hard have always shined in life.
  In other words: I did my best and didn't regret it.
  04, I have not relied on anyone to achieve today's achievements!
  Born in the middle of the crowd, struggling to climb to the top, a knife cut off the road, turned to a lonely hero.
  Some people's success is to sum up, and some people's success is to say goodbye.
  Let those who don't love me regret, look at those who look down on me, goodbye, losers!
  But life is inextricably linked.
  People who don't love teach us to be grateful , and suffering teaches us to cherish.
  To put it another way: I am standing here today, thanks to my parents and those I love.
  05, this is not fair!
  Life has always been unfair, just as people have never died.
  People have always been ignorant of the deaths of equality, but they are always inconsistent with small things.
  There is persistent greed behind all the injustices:
  Thinking of the windfall, you can get a rich side; you can learn five cars in one eye and ten lines in a row. If you live forever, you will be able to live forever.
  When "unfairness" comes, we have to stand up and figure out:
  The culprit behind this unfairness is whether it is a person or a person.
  In other words:
  For example: When you think the boss makes an unfair decision, you can ask politely: Excuse me, why can't I be selected? How do you consider this decision when you make this decision?
  06, maybe the advice I will mention next will be stupid, but...
  The knowledge is endless, the sea of ​​learning is endless, and the eyes are ignorant.
  Ignorance is not terrible. The terrible thing is to show ignorance as a sincere.
  Being entrusted with a heavy responsibility requires having the ability to control the overall situation, the power of the mainstay, and the perseverance of continuous improvement.
  Sincerely showing your weaknesses and ignorance, there is no help to increase the doubts.
  Be honest with others and be smart.
  To put it another way: I am not very familiar with this project, I would love to hear your views.
  07, I have told you already!
  Don't use your friends' mistakes to prove your intelligence.
  Knowing how to make more sense, it is not a step to take a detour.
  The reason you said before and after repeatedly emphasized uselessness.
  A little mention later will be suspected of falling into the ground.
  This is kind, why bother?
  To put it another way: If you eat a long, smart one, you will definitely not make such a mistake again in the future.
  08, don't worry, I have encountered this situation before.
  If it is an experience type of distress, your experience may help others.
  But if it is the pain of personal feelings, the meaning of the above words is:
  The hardest thing to do is to pass.
  It sounds cold and thin.
  The pain that takes time to heal cannot be alleviated by the experience of others.
  All we can do is listen slowly with an empathy.
  In other words: This is something that life must go through, I believe you will come out.
  09, you have been making various problems in the middle of nothing!
  Putting yourself in the ground and thinking about what others think is a very ideal behavior.
  It's hard to imagine how a person with a superficial cloud is suffering.
  In the face of repeated mistakes,
  It is a duty to blame him, but he wants to change his mind and leave more love.
  To put it another way: no matter what happened to you recently, please believe that everything will be fine.
  10. You don't love me!
  When you are young, who is not love is stupid and stupid.
  Use the words of hurting people to test the bottom line of each other over and over again.
  Exhaustion to maintain empty and fragile confidence .
  The teeth are dancing and claws, bloody.
  In other words: I miss you very much.