When I went upstairs, I heard a female friend telling a story about the family.
  Her daughter's high school this year , the time before the college entrance examination, the pressure for preparing for exams is increasing. My daughter’s classwork is heavy, and the mock exam is not well tested. When I get home, I will find an excuse to lose my temper. The neighbor succumbed to want to talk to her daughter, but her husband worried that it would affect her daughter's mood.
  After the neighbors brewed again and again, the theme of "the pressure is not to be angry, the adjustment of good mood is necessary" listed a few points, ready to tell her daughter by means of writing:
  You have to rub against others because of the pressure, you also need to spend another time to calm down your mood and re-enter the review state, which will affect the learning effect; change your mind to think, parents have a lot of pressure on work and life, if Passing these pressures on to you, you will certainly feel bad in your heart.
  Parents love you unconditionally, can accept your bad temper, but once your emotions get out of control, getting angry with outsiders will only increase the pressure on interpersonal.
  The college entrance examination is only a test, and you will face even more difficult tests in the future, facing greater pressure. In addition to manufacturing problems, the fire can not solve the problem; do not be too hard to stress, talk to your parents, we all think together! Eat something you like, buy something you like, the effect may be better.
  The home and the workplace are the hardest hit areas of “the pressure is on fire”.
  At the end of last year, a female colleague quarreled with her work partner and angered me. Afterwards, she apologized to me, explaining that her index was under pressure, and the renting was about to expire. The parents forced the blind date to let her hair fall and her mouth foam.
  She knew that it wasn't my business, but it was mad at the time, and when I was familiar with it, I got angry when I got emotional. She hopes that I will forgive her fault and don't go to my heart.
  I understand her and understand her. With my understanding of her personality, she apologized to me a few days later, and there must be a huge inner struggle in private. Only some injuries are irreversible, even if she has sincerely apologized, but my heart will leave more or less unpleasant shadows.
  In fact, when I am stressed, I will be angry. This time, a person with great pressure made a fire, let me take a self-examination with the innocent angle of the "victim": under the banner of great pressure, tempering at others, and afterwards, I have to make great efforts to remedy it. The key is that the fire that has been fired, like nailing a nail on someone else's wall, will leave a trace.
  Some people say that without the ability to clean up the mess, there should be no temper. But in fact, the more people who have the ability to clean up the mess, the more they choose to lose their temper.
  Because the pressure is already great, don't bother yourself and others.
  I saw a case in a TV series. A seven-year-old boy is very violent, and his mother takes him to see a doctor. The doctor asks questions. Every time he doesn't talk or slams into the doctor, his mother's temper is also said to explode, and the children are smashed and smashed.
  Later, the doctor suggested that the mother go to see a psychiatrist. My mother complained that single parents are under great pressure. The doctor said that the child is easy to imitate the closest person around him. If the mother can get rid of the habit of talking and raising her hand, and set a good example for the child, the child will not be so violent.
  This is a horrible and realistic map. A mother who is angry and angry at a big pressure raises a violent child.
  I feel that a person who is in a state of stress is like a ripe fruit. Put it in a pile of green fruits, and all the fruits are ripe in an instant. In a small environment, there is a person who loves to get angry. More people may be affected and it is easy to blow up.
  Whenever there is pressure, but under pressure, it can still maintain politeness and rationality, not ignoring the fire, not arbitrarily angering, is the security guarantee for the benefit of others, and is also a good cultivation of pleasing people.
  I have given myself a set of problem-solving ideas that can also speak and act under pressure. The problem-solving center is based on prevention.
  First, improve your ability and be good to yourself.
  Ability can prevent people from suffering. Many times the pressure is high, and we are not able to do enough about it. While constantly improving your abilities, do yourself better, do something you like, buy something from a snack instrument, don't let your concentration of concentration exceed the standard, and usually carry out pressure to eliminate music, don't put pressure on the hair.
  Second, don't let yourself be under ambiguous pressure.
  When feeling the pressure gradually increases, try to comb the pressure source and mark the pressure value. Identify the real source of stress and use it as a basis to constructively solve problems. If you are always under a vague pressure, you will only let yourself be angry with everyone, and you will find more scorpions.
  Again, when the pressure is increasing, the dredging mode is turned on.
  The decompression packages that are useful to me are: eating delicious, buying new clothes, soaking roses, running sweat, looking for friends, listening to rock or light music... Anyway, it is the most important solution.
  Finally, in the brain, preview the mess after the fire.
  I feel that I can't keep up with my anger. I think twice before the outbreak: whether the target of the fire is appropriate, whether the reason is established, what kind of remedy I need to do after the fire, the aftermath of interpersonal, the reconstruction of self-health... The more troublesome, the natural phase of deep breathing.
  I have always wanted to be a person who can still maintain a high standard of doing things under high pressure. Such a self, I think it is fascinating.The more stress, the more you have to talk