The biggest conservation of a person is to know how to make concessions.
  Knowing concessions is a kind of wisdom.
  Yan Hui saw two people quarreling in the cloth shop. When I went up, I asked because the price was a dispute.
  Selling cloth says that each foot is three yuan, eight feet should be twenty-four yuan; but buying cloth should say that it is three hundred and twenty-three yuan. Yan returned to the front and pointed out that the person who bought the cloth was wrong.
  Buying cloth people is not convinced, looking for Yan Hui’s teacher Confucius to comment, saying that if Confucius thinks it is “three eight twenty-four”, he will lose the head himself; Yan Hui said that if it is “three eight twenty-three”, then lose Umbrella on the head.
  After Confucius asked about the situation, he believed that the "three eight twenty-three" of Buybu was correct. So Yan Hui listened to the teacher and gave the hat to the cloth.
  At the end of the story, Confucius came back to Yan: You lost but lost a crown; if he lost, it was a human life. Is the crown important or important to human life?
  Yan Hui suddenly realized.
  Confucius here is a major righteousness and not a small one. It reflects his benevolent thoughts and shows his wisdom. Concession is cultivation, but also virtue. It is the most basic quality of a mature person, and it is the great wisdom of living with ease.
  The fight for the two loses, the winner has not decided. The people who are struggling often fail to compete for anything; those who know how to make concessions will have peace of mind and peace. He will not fight with others, and no one will fight with him. Instead, he will gain unexpected gains.
  The concession gave the two sides a buffer, and was able to think about a better way to resolve the dispute, to make concessions "not to fight", and finally to do what Laozi said "the world can not compete with it."
  Zhang Ying, a university student in the Qing Dynasty, had an open space between the Xiangfu and the neighbor's house in Tongcheng. The neighbors repaired the building wall and crossed the middle boundary. The two families have therefore had a dispute.
  Zhang Ying’s family wrote to him, trying to rely on his power to overwhelm each other.
  unexpectedly. Zhang Ying sent a poem from the court: "Thousands of miles of books are only for the wall. Let him be three feet. Why the Great Wall is still here, I don't see Qin Shihuang." After reading the family, I was deeply embarrassed and immediately gave up three feet. Land boundary.
  The neighbor was moved by Zhang’s move and gave up three feet. In this way, "Six-foot Lane" has become an eternal story.
  Zhang Ying was in a high position at that time. If Zhang Jia wanted to overpower the other party with power, don't say three feet, that is, six feet is effortless. However, Zhang Ying did not take the courage of the moment, and chose to use the full-fledged retreat to actively maintain the relationship between them. After all, although the prevailing advantage seems to be mighty, the realm of man is at a low level.
  A truly intelligent person is not to compete for strength, but to understand tolerance and tolerance, and to turn it into a jade.
  Compromise is not a pity, tolerance is not weak, and taking a step back is not necessarily a loss, but an opportunity to harvest happiness, a great wisdom that has abandoned small cleverness.
  The Chinese nation pays attention to "being based on good, taking peace as it is", "home and everything", and "harmony and wealth". The reason why it is possible to maintain a subtle state of reciprocity between the two parties is the willingness to make concessions.
  There is a saying in "Cai Gen Tan", "The step of making a step is high, and the step backwards is the foundation of progress; treating one person is a blessing, and a person is the foundation of self-interest."
  When you encounter something in your life, you have to make one step to be the most brilliant, because one step is to further develop the foundation in the future; and to treat people with a generous amount is actually Fuze, because it is convenient to be convenient with others.
  When Guan Bao and the two had been doing business together when they were young, Guan Zhong always took a little more, but Bao Shuya "does not use me as greed, knows that I am poor."
  Guan Zhong repeatedly wanted to work for Bao Shuyao, and the result was always counterproductive, but Bao Shuya "does not be fooled by me, and it is beneficial to know when it is not good."
  Not only that, but Bao Shuya also strongly discourage Qi Qigong from dispelling the idea of ​​killing Guan Zhong, and sealed Guan Zhong, who had shot and killed Qi Qigong.
  Guan Zhong therefore sincerely exclaimed, "Being born to my parents, I know that my son is also abalone."
  Guan Baozhi’s experience has always been regarded as a model for making friends. Indeed, such a person who knows how to make concessions, such as Bao Shuya, is the friend who can make the most.
  Today, you let someone else take a step. Tomorrow, he will remember your feelings, which is equivalent to making a good friend. After all, broaden relationships in the community is also a successful half.
  If Bao Shuya is selfish and does not understand the principle of interest, the beauty talk of "the management of Guan Bao" will cease to exist. Share more and be a big-time person, then there will be more friends to move closer to you.
  Similarly, the home is not a place to be reasonable. If there is a conflict, you must know how to make concessions. The most taboo between relatives is to die and face up, and one sentence is not too backward, aggressive, and this ultimately leads to the sadness of both sides.
  As Nan Huaiyu said, " Life , only in the hearts of those who are confused by desires, must be divided into high and low. It is not the content of life."
  What kind of esteem between friends and family? Not swearing, not hurting people's words, always tolerating, everywhere concessions - happiness and happiness are here.
  Concession is not mediocrity. It is a life attitude, a realm of life, an indisputable wisdom, and the best shortcut to pursue a calm life.