People who have become big things know how to "receive, please reply"
  Recently, a popular saying : "I am back in seconds, you are back in China, it is too much!" The person who wants to tell this sentence is actually more excessive! Simply don't go back.
  When I remember 520, I saw that the company had a lot of couples, and decided to give them a holiday. After work the day before, I was in the company group @ everyone, tell them to have a holiday tomorrow.
  After talking about it for half an hour, no one in the group cares about me. I am afraid that they will open the group message and do not bother, do not know the news, so @@ once again, please reply.
  The results of it? Still nobody cares about me. I am worried that they may not know the news and will come to work at the company tomorrow. I had to send a message to them again, and there were some replies, and I was much more comfortable.
  Some people did not reply, I called my colleague Xiao Huang and asked her to contact them.
  The phone was silent for a while, Xiao Huang said: "Everyone is a person who doesn't leave the mobile phone. WeChat is always on the scene. Everyone has already seen your WeChat, but I don't want to go back. The person who wants to return to you has returned to you. ""
  I stumbled, yeah, now everyone is not leaving the phone, you have to go back early.
  How hard is it to return a message? Just press the keyboard, click again to send, 10 seconds to use?
  Receive such notification information, do not expect you to be able to return in seconds, just ask you to return, even if the reincarnation, it is better than not returning.
  Give a reply, a sentence, this is my respect for you. In the same way, people are mutual. If you receive a reply, I naturally hope to get your respect.
  A while back, I went back to my former university and did campus recruitment. I sent a WeChat to the previous tutor and asked him to help me to see if there were any good candidates.
  I will return to me after a few minutes. "Good to receive, busy, and bring the students to you later."
  The campus recruitment fair began, and other units began to have students interview. I am still empty here.
  Colleagues asked me, "What should I do? We have no one here. Will your tutor forget to give us a recommendation? Do you want to remind him?"
  Speaking of taking out the phone and getting ready to contact the school, I was stopped. I believe that the tutor will not forget, and if he receives and promises, he will definitely give us a confession.
  After more than half an hour after the job fair began, the instructor who had finished the work appeared with more than a dozen students.
  Receiving is not only a kind of respect, but also a kind of responsibility and a kind of spirit.
  I don't know if you have loaned someone else's money?
  I remember when I graduated from college, two roommates asked me to borrow a thousand or so. They said that they would go home to buy a ticket. The money was not enough. First, they borrowed it and returned home.
  The one thousand dollars was saved for two months when I was in college. I saved my plan to change my mobile phone.
  I feel that I can trust the feelings of the university for four years, so I borrowed it. But later I found out that I was too naive.
  After they got on the train, I sent them a text message, "Be careful, get home and say a word to me."
  I quickly received a reply from one of them, and I have not received it from another person.
  After one of the people went back, I immediately sent a message back to me, "I have arrived home, the money will be transferred to you the next day, thank you." Then, after a day, I will transfer the money to me.
  Another person, the information did not return, and the money did not return to me.
  He wouldn't know how much influence he had caused me without returning information. Worried that he had an accident? What happened? Is the mobile phone stolen?
  After a class reunion, the two of them did not come, listening to another roommate talking about them:
  The one who received the information replied to me and opened a company by himself, the company did a lot, because many people trust him.
  The one who broke the contact, opened a factory, did not keep the credit, often flicked people, closed down in a few months, owed money in his hometown, and hid Tibet for a while, now in a ramen Shop as a waiter.
  Sometimes it is not difficult to look at a person's character. Whether a promised thing can give a reply in time means that respect means it means responsibility and more means character.
  It is really not difficult to receive a reply.
  Sending information to the group @到你, replying to a "received" will save the person who sent the message a lot of time.
  Company leaders send messages to ask you to do things, reply to a "received", can make them feel that you are reliable.
  Parents send messages to you greetings, a simple "receipt" can give them a great sense of security.
  Friends can meet each other and reply to a message. Even if it is negative, it will also make your relationship not broken due to lack of contact.
  When someone else borrows money for you, when you are looking for you, give someone a reply and give someone a positive date, so that they can trust you more.
  There is a kind of respect, called "received please reply."
  There is a responsibility called "received please reply."
  There is a kind of character called "received please reply."