Moving the stumbling blocks of others is just paving the way for yourself.


  After my classmate Mei Zi was laid off, I made a special trip to study in the field to make local special buns.

  After the completion of the course, a shop was opened, because of its delicious taste and unique style, the daily customers are constantly in short supply.

  A middle-aged woman saw Meizi’s business well, and opened a buns shop next to it, but the taste was bad, no one went to buy it, and the woman looked at the buns that piled up like a hill.

  Meizi gradually got to know the situation of women: her husband lived nearby, her husband went to school all the year round, and her son went to school. She worked in a buns shop to maintain her life.

  When she saw that Meizi’s business was good, she wanted to open a shop with her heat. With the little bit of technology she learned in the buns shop, she naturally couldn’t make delicious buns.

  Just as the woman was downcast and ready to collect, Meizi came to her store and said, "I teach you to make buns!" The woman used to be acquainted with her peers and didn't want Meizi to teach her actively. It was an accident.

  I heard that Mei Zi wants to teach women to make buns, and relatives advise her. The technology you have learned to teach is taught to others. She has learned and will rob your business.

  The plum smiled, she talked to the woman unreservedly from the noodles, the noodles, the stuffing, how to pack the unique shape, how to steam the buns, and the key points of each step.

  Meizi also went to the women's shop to eat buns, admire the woman's hand, the buns taste good, and provoke customers to taste, women's business is getting better soon.

  Just when people waited to see the jokes of the plums, they didn't think that the business of the plums was not affected. On the contrary, it was better than before, and people were puzzled.

  Mei Zi said that before my family made buns, the business was too busy, and others would not come if they had not bought it several times.

  I teach women to do buns, it seems to have taken my business, but everyone knows that there are several delicious buns shops here, they will come here to buy, the more people come, the business in my store is getting better and better. .

  Sometimes, when you help others solve problems, they also create many opportunities for themselves and bring more benefits.


  When I first arrived at the traffic control office, my colleague Hu Qi was responsible for the charging work. At that time, the computer was not popular yet, and the invoicing was done manually.

  Since I first came here, Hu Qi is an old employee, and she is hard to beat me everywhere.

  When she encountered a difficult driver, she deliberately asked me to pay for the bill.

  She was happily watching the driver around me, but fortunately, my basic skills were solid, and the daring and careful, the most difficult driver was also taken by me, paying the fees in a fair manner, never made a mistake.

  As for the office to do hygiene, boil water and other mixed activities, of course, all belong to me. I am also very happy to do it. She can't pick my nephew, and I can't help me.

  Once I concentrated on the office, I came to a lot of drivers who paid the fees. The office was full of people, and everyone was arguing and arguing.

  Hu Qi and I made a strong invoice, and I was slowed down by the driver. Hu Qi was a little impatient and squinted at the driver, and the other party was welcome to reply a few words. Hu Qi was irritated, and the invoice was not opened. After the leadership persuaded, I barely agreed to invoice, but my heart was messy.

  My driver took the money and sneaked a sneak peek at Hu Qi. I was scared by this. Hu Qi’s invoice was 2,000 yuan. But I just saw that the driver only paid 200 yuan to see her. Consciousness opens the wrong invoice, and the wrong money according to the rules must be posted.

  I quickly pointed out to her and said that the driver might not have gone far. She ran out quickly, found the driver and corrected the mistake.

  Hu Qi is very grateful to me. What is even more surprising is that the unit financial staff just came to the unit inspection work. After hearing about this incident, I was praised on the spot.

  A few months later, I was transferred to the financial office of the agency. I have to say that I found the wrong credit in time.

  In life, we all make mistakes.

  When we find someone else's mistakes, we correct them in time, or stand by and wait to see the excitement of others. This is a person's moral problem.

  The more kind people, the more they will think about others, and the benefits they receive will often be greater.

  Lovers love to return, and blessings come to blessings.


  I have seen a story:

  A small ant drank water by the river, accidentally fell into the river, and tried his best to swim to the shore. The little ants struggled desperately to run around in the river.

  At this time, a big bird by the river saw the little ant and immediately took a small branch and threw it. The little ant struggled to get on the branches and climbed to the shore.

  The little ant just wanted to thank the big bird. He suddenly heard the footsteps of a person. Turning around and looking at it, I saw a hunter holding a gun in his hand, gently approaching the big bird and aiming at it...

  The little ant saw it and quickly climbed onto the hunter's toes, plunged into his trousers and bit him. The hunter was distracted and the bullet was missed. The gunshots stunned the big bird, and the big bird fluttered away.

  There is such a famous saying: There are two kinds of wisdom in the world, one is to use wisdom to invade others; the other is to turn wisdom into love to benefit others.

  If you choose someone who benefits others, others will help you, and you will get more. This is a true wisdom.

  The road paved with love is a golden avenue. It is convenient for people and convenient for themselves. Why not!

  In the way forward, if you can remove other people's stumbling blocks in time, it is just paving a sunny road for yourself.