The deepest hurt is always these two words: language
  There is a young man in a village. This young man is extremely good, but he has a fatal flaw: he often speaks badly about others.
  His parents and friends always persuaded him. He always said, "What's the big deal, isn't it a few words? Is there anything worth making a fuss about?" Then I still go my own way.
  A Zen master came to the village. The young man said a very disrespectful word to the Zen master. Others criticized the young man.
  The young people plausibly said: "Isn't that a few words, can I apologize to him?"
  The Zen master listened and smiled and said to the young man: "I will tell you a story!" A lot of people, including this young man, are surrounded by the Zen master and listen to the story of the Zen master:
  One person raised a bear that had been picked up from the mountains since he was a child. He had been raising the bear, but one day the bear smashed a piece of corn from his neighbor's house and the neighbor came to the door.
  He is very angry. Picking up the stick against the bear is scribbling, and he is beating it: the animal is always a beast, and I am raising you. After the fight, he drove the bear out of the house.
  The next day, he regretted again, but the bear has entered the back mountain.
  He regrets, but he can no longer find a bear. When he went hunting in the mountains, he met a tiger. He closed his eyes unarmed.
  Suddenly he heard the sound of the fight. He opened his eyes and saw that the bear was back.
  The bear rushed the tiger away. He happily went up to caress the bear and said, "Great. I hurt you last time I hit you? Go back with me!"
  The bear said: "I haven't hurten for a long time, but the words you said still make me hurt, and it hurts and hurts." The bears returned to the back mountain without saying back.
  The story of the Zen master is finished. Everyone is sighing that the words that have been said will have such a big injury, but this young man is a disdainful look.
  The Zen master took a few nails out of his pocket and said to the young man: You are going to nail these nails to the tree. The young man did what the Zen master said and nailed the nail to the tree.
  When the young man just returned, the Zen master said, "You take the nail down." The young man did not say anything, and returned to the tree to prepare to remove the nail.
  However, the young man spent a long time, using a variety of tools to toss for a long time before taking a nail.
  The Zen master came to the young man and pointed at the trace left by the nail. "It is just pulling out. What can it do? Is there still a deep scar on the trunk?"
  Like the bear in the story, although the pain left by the stick has long since disappeared, the damage that the person said has been unforgettable. ”
  The Zen master took another look at the young man and went on to say, "If you hurt someone else, it's like a nail. Even if you can get it back, the damage you leave to others is like the scar left on the tree. It can never be eliminated. of."
  The young man listened and suddenly realized that he said: "I finally understand how deep the harm is to others, and thank you for your advice." The Zen master listened to the nod and said it was, then floated away.
  The deepest harm to others in the world is always the language. When we say nothing to others, we nail nails into the hearts of others, and such damage can never be remedied.
  Remember: Say, it is a kind of ability; not to say, it is a kind of wisdom.
  1, urgently, slowly
  2, small things, humorously
  3. Unsure, say cautiously
  4, nothing happened, don't talk nonsense
  5, can't do things, don't talk
  6, can hurt people, can not say
  7, sad things, do not see people say
  8, others' things, say carefully
  9, your own business, listen to what others say
  10, respect for the longevity, listen more and talk less
  11, the husband and wife matter, discuss and say
  12, the children’s affairs, enlightenment
  The depth of the water is slow, and the language is more expensive.
  It took us two years to learn to speak, but it took us decades to learn to shut up.