The master never shows off but points to
  The wife went home at night and said that their department was not very happy at this dinner. They had a good meal and became a crusade meeting.
  It turned out that Xiao Zhang of their company went to the Finance Department to report the error, and because of the involvement of the department, they were complained by colleagues.
  Among them, Nan Nan is the most energetic, and he turned his eyes and vomited, and also turned out the historical mistakes of Xiao Zhang’s sesame seeds.
  Several newcomers stole and laughed, but Nan Nan said more and more, and did not give Xiao Zhang face. In the end, Xiao Zhang couldn’t bear it. He also misunderstood Nan Nan’s data and was tried to seduce his boss and other scandals. . Nan Nan was furious and angered. Xiao Zhang did not show weakness. If it wasn’t for the colleagues in the room, they could come to a battle between men and women.
  However, due to the aggressiveness of Nan Nan, in the end, not to come to Taiwan, in addition to Xiao Zhang, there is Nan Nan herself.
  When you are ready to make others shame, then it is not far from being shameful.
  Sometimes your mistakes, others don't say, but it doesn't mean that others don't know. Since everyone will make mistakes, please be kind and complain, please stop, so as not to hurt others.
  The biggest stupidity is to bite the mistakes of others.
  There is no one hundred percent perfect person in life. To treat some mistakes made by others, under the conditions allowed by the rules, choose to forgive and minimize the secondary damage. This is the best choice.
  When he became president, Mandela invited three guards who had abused him to the scene. When he got up and politely paid tribute to the three custodians, some people were shocked at the place. The whole world knows that Mandela was once under pressure for more than 20 years and was abused.
  Later, he said: When I stepped out of the cell and stepped through the prison gate to freedom, I knew that if I could not leave my grief and resentment behind me, then I was still in prison.
  His move won the praise of everyone and won a good reputation.
  In the face of other people's mistakes, it is not impossible to be angry, but to understand how to forgive at the right time. Leave a three-point sympathy and give others a chance.
  Tagore said: Don't take the medal directly from your own pocket to your friend, this is an insult to him.
  In the same way, in interpersonal communication, the goodwill to others is also so direct, too direct, and there is no distance to pay, it will only attract people to resent.
  Regardless of the feelings of the other party, and not clear the needs of the other party, unilaterally throwing goodwill in front of others, it will only turn goodwill into a harm that cannot exert value.
  A few days ago, Xiaomi was upset with her friends. It was nothing else, because she always introduced her to her. Xiaomi felt that she was only 25 years old and she was not married. I told Shanshan not to introduce her to her, but she still enjoyed it.
  Xiaomi is working in an internet company. Overtime is a common occurrence, and it is necessary to receive harassment calls from time to time. It is hard to adjust. In the middle of the night, a man with a blind date goes to her house to meet her.
  Regardless of the harassment of time and place, Xiaomi has been unable to stand up. She wants to change her mobile phone number, but she can't change it because of her work needs. Xiaomi received 10 blind phone calls on the most collapsed day.
  What is even more excessive is that in this strange city, as a good friend is also an emergency contact, so they exchanged the keys to each other's keys. Xiaomi came home from work yesterday. He actually took another kitchen with her blind date and used her kitchen at her house to openly cook at her house.
  Strangers actually step into their own kitchen, which is the most unacceptable for Xiaomi.
  Finally, Xiaomi broke out with impunity and had a big fight with him.
  I only felt that my good heart did not get good news, so the next day at lunch time, I went to the Xiaomi company to ask questions and let Xiaomi not come to Taiwan. Finally, Xiaomi reluctantly blackened the mobile phone and WeChat.
  People get along with each other and need proper distance, just like the hedgehog that warms up the group. Only when they are up, just right, they can just warm up to each other, otherwise it will be a broken ending.
  There is a line in the TV series "Gold Investor": I respect your independence and you must respect me. The relationship that is separated is the true relationship.
  However, it is also a kind of respect for others that the two parties feel comfortable when they intervene in other people's private affairs and maintain a sense of proportion between each other.
  The relationship between friends is wonderful. If you are too far away, the relationship will gradually fade. If you are too close, your enmity will follow. People are too close to each other, and it is easy to create a sense of oppression. It is necessary to respect the private space of others.
  It’s right to be friendly to others, but it’s also a point to go. Without restraint and without asking for the demands, there is often no friendship.
  I remember a friend talked about a long time ago. One time he was assigned by the company to receive an important customer. He spent a lot of time to understand the customer's hobbies, carefully book the hotel, choose tourist attractions and plan the most suitable transportation line. and many more.
  When I met on the first day, I discovered that the customer brought his son, but one more person was fine. As he learned about the allusions and historical deeds of the tourist attractions in advance, the atmosphere was very good along the way, and the guests were also happy at dinner.
  During the dinner, the client has always praised him and told his son to let him learn from my friend . He is modest while playing round: Where, your son must be better in the future.
  Then they chatted about Chinese painting. He was proud of it, but he had to understand in advance and did his homework, so he talked with others confidently .
  The 2-day reception task was completed. On the occasion of the departure, the client praised him with his boss and said that he was careful and eloquent. Nowadays, young people still understand Chinese painting, which is not easy.
  Just sending away the customer, the friend is proud to wait for the boss to boast, his boss said: "You, the work is really good, but sometimes, the flowers do not need to be too bright."
  Later, he accidentally learned that the customer he received last time, his son is studying Chinese painting, and has already opened a personal exhibition, he only knows what the boss said, "The flower does not need to be too bright."
  Sometimes, performance yourself needs to be up to date.
  Inappropriately, the performance is better. The better thing is that the door is axe, and the second one will become a shame. The masters of the family generally never show off how high their martial arts are. On the contrary, most of them are already calm.
  Too much performance is sometimes completely exposed to their own strength, all of their old bottoms have been poured out, but it is that people feel that some low-level and shallow, in front of the master is just like a clown.
  Sometimes, too bright light will burn others. Good people may raise their heads to show their pride, but excellent people generally know better. They are never eager to express themselves because they know how to care for others.
  As far as I can see, I understand how to be fault-tolerant, know how to keep distance, know how to measure myself, and it is a kind of wisdom and cultivation.