Everyone doesn’t say anything, it’s nothing.
  The so-called Jinkou Yuyan, the use of less is only Jinkou, not much to call Yuyan.
  Because the golden white jade is rare, if it is more, it will depreciate.
  The language is more expensive than the more, and people speak less.
  Everyone does not say three things, that is, there is nothing in the world.
  1, everybody does not say big words
  The full and mature rice has always been lowered its head, and only the empty rice husks always look up to the sky.
  No matter how high or low a person can be, he should be calm and introverted.
  When Zeng Guofan was young and prosperous, he was keen to show himself in front of his peers, often losing his books and selling knowledge.
  Until the end of the mouth caused many incidents, Zeng Guofan realized the consequences of the big words and made up his mind to get rid of this bad habit.
  He self-reflected and summed up three mistakes he often made:
  First, self-righteousness, self-talking, can not listen to other people's views;
  The second is that when you are joking, there is no sense of proportion, and often it makes people unhappy;
  The third is that they like to debate, and the export will press the other side, and the moment will be fast.
  Therefore, Zeng Guofan set a rule for himself. Every day before going to bed, he must record his words and deeds on the day and reflect on whether there are any irregularities.
  Through self-examination every day, coupled with strict self-discipline, eventually changed the bad habits of many words.
  Even a great Confucian, such as Zeng Guofan, will inevitably make mistakes when he is young.
  For ordinary people, in daily work and life, we must always be introspective, and some will be changed, and nothing will be crowned.
  2, everybody does not complain
  Everyone knows the story of Xianglin’s story, and her life is miserable, so she is full of complaints.
  Everyone tells their own misfortunes, telling those tragic encounters over and over again, praying for the sympathy of others.
  It was because she complained too much that the person who had sympathized with her was also disgusted with her, and her sadness became a talk of others after a meal.
  Full of complaints can not solve the practical problems, revealing their own scars to others, and even less likely to win the respect of others.
  No one wants to accept negative energy, and occasionally can complain, and sigh for a long time, and people who are close will not stand it.
  Grieving a complaint against a child, the child is prone to rebellious feelings;
  When you complain about your lover, there will be a contradiction between the husband and wife.
  Don't complain that children are not obedient, good children need to be careful to educate;
  Don't complain that families are not happy, good families need to be maintained with love.
  It is worthy of you to tell someone who can understand you;
  Those who are willing to reach out to help are worth showing weakness.
  More often, people don't care about sympathy for others. There is no savior in the world, only you can save yourself.
  I don’t dare to stand up and solve my own problems. Is it possible to expect a few complaints, and the problem can be solved?
  3, everybody does not talk about right and wrong
  People have more or less the problem of gossiping.
  Many people are keen to talk about rumors, gossip, and the secrets of others.
  Everyone knows that the evil is out of the mouth, but forgetting the gossip is not only without nutrition, but it is easy to provoke right and wrong.
  Admonish the world in "The Maxims of the Maxims": sit still and think about yourself, and talk about people.
  The reason sounds simple, but it is difficult to practice.
  After all, who is behind the people, who is behind them?
  It is necessary to know that evil words are not out of mouth, and rumors are not against the body.
  Everyone said that if there are more people, it will become a rumor;
  No one says that if there are fewer people to speak, they will not misunderstand the misinformation.
  There is a short poem in "Warning the World", and I would like to share with you:
  I know that the world is open, but the person just nods.
  If you don't even have a point, you don't have troubles or innocence.