Smart people never say these 10 words
  The ancients said: The mouth can spit roses, but also spit. The cultivation of morality is to cultivate one's own gas field, and it is good to have a good luck.
  Good morality can be good fortune, good fortune can take less detours and more achievements. The words are not exported, and the words are not harsh. This is the cultivation we should have.
  Inadvertently speaking, it is difficult to chase after the horse, hurting others, and the fortune is getting worse.
  Ring out the following ten bad ways of speaking. With this kind of cultivation, you can turn into a magical, wind and water for good luck.
  1, speak more words
  The disease comes from the mouth, and the disaster comes from the mouth. Don't talk too much, you will lose more words.
  According to Mozi, the student of Mozi asked Mozi: "Is it good to talk more?" Mozi replied: "Hey, frog, day and night, and it’s called non-stop, it’s so dry, but there is no People go to listen to it. I saw the rooster this morning, screaming at dawn, the world vibrates, (people get up early.) What are the benefits of speaking more? It is only useful if you speak at the right time."
  Mozi tells us that there are not many words, and people who talk can always say the right words at the right time.
  2, quit the light
  It is not to be said that if the words change, it is better not to say; the words can not be neglected, if the promise is changed, it is better not to be promised. Don't talk rashly, and whisperers will provoke blame and humiliation. Don't make a wish to people easily. Easy wishing will lose credit.
  3, madness
  Don't be ignorant, talk nonsense. Husband said that he often regrets. In the Qing Dynasty, Mr. Shan Yinjin said: "Do not behave madly, do evil and succumb to each other." Mania is still modest, this is directly related to personal misfortunes. People show their words in front of others, and words are the most direct, so talk should not be mad. Madness is eye-catching, madness is hateful, and it is easy to get into trouble.
  4, bluntly hurt people
  Don't be blunt without regard to the consequences, otherwise it will cause trouble. To be straightforward, sometimes you have to turn a corner and say that if you are cold, you should heat up and talk about the self-esteem of others and put others' self-esteem first.
  5, quit the words
  Speak in a subtle way, don't leave room for it. Knowing people does not have to say everything, leaving three more places to people, leaving some morality and self-discipline. Responsible people do not have to be harsh, leave three more places for others, and leave some weight on themselves.
  6, quit leaks
  Do not reveal confidentiality. The matter is secret, and the language is leaked. For things that are related to the secrets of others or organizations, remember not to leak, this is a matter of conduct and character, and it is easy to cause serious consequences. When things are not certain, you can't say certain words, so as not to cause bad influences, people feel frivolous or mean.
  7, quit evil
  If you don’t say rudeness, don’t hurt people. The old saying goes that knife sore is easy, and bad words are hard to eliminate. Evil words cause psychological damage more than physical damage.
  8, swear words
  You are arrogant and self-righteous. Laoziyan: "The self-destroyer is not good, and the self-proclaimed is not long." The self-proclaimed person offsets the credit, and the self-respecting person does not grow. The rumor is not pride or ignorance, no matter which is unfavorable to its own growth, it will also lead to the dislike of others. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Shen Hanguang said: "If you are self-important, you will be more convinced, and you will be suspicious if you boast." Speak, don't be complacent and self-righteous. Self-proclaimed self-promotion is not enough to maintain.
  9, swear words
  The rumor is to say bad things behind, to provoke distraction or to maliciously degrade, degrade and insult others. The Eastern Han philosopher Wang Chong said: "The rumors hurt the good, the blue flies are white." Don't say bad things about others. Behind the bad guys, it will make the world not too flat.
  10, ring anger
  Don't talk when you are angry, because the words that are said at this time hurt others, and if you say it, the water that is poured out. If you are angry, you can talk without brain, so think twice.
  When you are angry, take out a blank piece of paper, just write and casually draw, and write all the thoughts and decisions at this time on paper. Think about what to write. Every other day, take a look and see if this is the idea. And the decision has not changed, then, let's do it. If you feel that it is mad, fold it into a paper plane and let it go.