All relationships are so light
  Some people in life will gradually drift away without saying a word, and finally become dispensable.
  I have seen a set of "formulas":
  I don't ask + you don't say = misunderstanding, 
  I asked + you don't say = estuary, 
  I asked + you said = respect, 
  you want to say + I want to ask = tacit understanding, 
  I don't ask + you said = trust
  I used to think that we would be with us for the rest of our lives, but when we were separated from each other and rarely contacted, we realized that the original time and distance could really defeat everything.
  As a friend, you don't talk about your current situation. I don't ask your present now. I used to play in the heat and I will take a shot.
  As a companion, I have something to worry about, you don't care, you are sulking, I don't care, I used to swear by the past, and I will look good in the morning and evening.
  Our relationship is so light, you don't ask, I don't say it, then take a shot.
  There is a saying that is widely circulated: if you want to go, I will not stay.
  In fact, you may not think so in your heart. If that person is gone, you may still look back and see if he is still there.
  You are strong and sensible, telling yourself that you can live well without anyone, but the one who is hiding in the corner is also you.
  In fact, your voice may be: Please stay with you, I really care about you. You know, you have to live well without anyone, but the loss at that moment is not because of who you lost, but because you find that you don't stay, they really don't stay.
  Whether it is friendship or love , there must be one party to pay more, and one must be more active. Only the long-lasting feelings will gradually let both sides take the initiative with the initiative of one side; and the feelings that are weakened are often paid by the active party but not paid back.
  Some people tried to "leave" to test the hearts of the people, and finally found that the original people sometimes could not withstand temptation.
  Some people choose to leave you. It is a long-term decision, not a temporary one. Missed, not wrong, but passed.
  Writer Zhu Shenghao wrote a "Shutian" for his wife Song Qingru. The last sentence is: don't need to be deaf and sorrowful.
  I used to think that this sentence means: Song Qingru smiled and smiled, and even made him heart. But if you know their love story, you won't be able to interpret the "head down".
  Song Qing was a talented woman in the Republic of China, independent and talented. After Zhu Shenghao, the two of them used poetry and letters to convey their feelings. When Zhu Shenghao received her letter, he was very happy. Zhu Shenghao wrote a love letter to Song Qingru , which is called more than 70 kinds, such as baby, Niu Niu, silly girl, kiss, Song Er, little devil, and so on, can see her love and pet.
  Zhu Shenghao always expresses to Song Qingru, he will always be good to her, and he will do what he says.
  After the marriage, Song Qing Ruan turned to be the main woman, three meals a day, rice, oil and salt, everything to worry about. Zhu Shenghao focused on translating " Shakespeare ". The knowledgeable young women of that era were more valuable, but she was willing to make sacrifices for her lover.
  They are quite awkward, and part of the reason is that they are willing to "head down" for each other.
  Zhu Shenghao is a talented person, but he never wants to love his own. He uses his own way to love others and is willing to lower his position in his feelings. And Song Qingru, because of deep love, is willing to make concessions.
  All refused to "concede", but it is not enough love. If only one side bows, you never accept soft, slowly, when Ta does not bow, you will not return to the past, and then your relationship will be weakened.
  All the relationships, "soft" each other, take turns to bow, will not be scattered.
  Usually, the person who last with you may not be the strongest, but it must be the most appropriate.
  In this life, few people can accompany you through the past few decades, and most people just walked with you for a while.
  Old friends who haven’t been in contact for many years, are you okay? I am fine, thank you for accompanying me for a while.
  Are you okay with someone you have loved before? Maybe I have loved it, but at the moment I only hope that you have a good life.
  Time can't stand the wait, watching the ages are not old, the evening wind is not cool, it should be clear that the retention, the retention of the soft, the soft clothes, I am still waiting for you.
  I hope that all the gradual progress will be for a long time to reunite, and the next stop will be happy.