I have seen the lowest behavior of emotional intelligence, which is to keep telling the truth.
  Recently, I have a new understanding of the word "emotional intelligence" - the person with high emotional intelligence, the original is the most unreasonable - can't wait to share it with everyone.
  The boss with high emotional intelligence, less and the staff reasoned
  Liang Ning looks at the house of cards and is different from us. She finished learning a little:
  The essence of managing people is managing emotions.
  Claire assisted Wood all the way, until she became president, she always knew how to manage Wood's emotions.
  For example, in the first episode, Wood was played by the president who helped him all the way. He was sitting in the street for a day. After returning home, what should Claire do?
  Give him comfort and give him reason?
  NO, she directly stimulated him, let Wood sweep the things on the table to the ground and shatter it... What is this? Let Wood's emotions quickly reach the apex release. Then, hand him a cigarette and let him stand in front of the familiar window.
  What about Wood? His opponents are all high IQ creatures, reasoning, PK logic, Wood certainly can't win, but he knows to grasp their psychology, and every fall into Wood Pit is lost emotionally and psychologically.
  Liang Ning said:
  Rethinking when I started my business , the ability to manage people was very poor, because I only had one move - reasoning. This is the low emotional intelligence and low emotional intelligence.
  My friend is working in a new media company and said that he is particularly annoyed: the boss especially likes to have a meeting. When a meeting is held, he likes to reason and is addictive. Let us study a certain company and say that the company will work overtime until the early hours of the morning... You give me How much, I will work overtime until the early morning...
  Therefore, it is useless for the boss to make sense every day. When everyone arrives, they will leave work.
  But you think about it, Ma Yun led 18 Luohan entrepreneurs, not only poor working environment, but also low wages, and work overtime every day, but everyone still does not want to leave. why?
  Because Ma Yun’s emotional intelligence is high, he can make people very embarrassed.
  The boss of the high EQ, does not reason with the staff, the smart boss tells the story, the kind boss tells the KPI and talks about the distribution of benefits.
  Of course, for those bosses who only tell stories and draw pies, I want to give you the words of Zhang Xiaolong: I advise you to be kind.
  In addition, don't think that you can talk a lot about the truth every day.
  Can't you reason? can.
  Once again, he understood. He did it and explained his letter. He doesn't do it, he doesn't understand it, he doesn't believe it, you don't believe it again.
  What should I do? Let him go to the south wall, let him make mistakes, go through the experience, and then he will understand.
  The former executive editor of Fashion Bazaar said:
  The most ineffective effort in the world is to make a sense of disdain for young people.
  The parents of high emotional intelligence are less reasonable than the children, and the children of high emotional intelligence are less reasonable than their parents.
  Management is to manage emotions, management is everywhere, people get along with each other, in fact, it is managing the other party's emotions, and managing emotions, it is best not to achieve through reason.
  Someone asked me some time ago:
  Good teacher, ask a question. My daughter is on the second day of school, outgoing personality, likes to brag, IQ is in the upper level. However, there is no enthusiasm, and the enthusiasm for reading is not high. The results are in the upper class and the whole school. The parental management has little effect. How can we break through and strive for growth and progress? thank you.
  I said: Don't over-discipline, what kind of truth do you say, what the teachers in the school say are not enough?
  Parents reduce their desire for control a little, less reason and more love.
  1. What you see is not necessarily true. The children in junior high school are very rebellious. Even if they are self-motivated, they are not willing to show it.
  According to my memory, at that stage, we are not cool and chic.
  2, junior high school is not easy, not motivated, reading enthusiasm is not high, it is difficult to maintain the results in the upper middle level.
  3, love bragging, this does not know how to define.
  When I was in high school, I said that I had to go to Beijing. When I was in college, I said that I would stay in Beijing. After graduation, I often said that I would buy a house in Beijing. How do I start a business... My mother said how old your child is bragging... ... Later, I didn't want to talk to my mom when I was doing it... Maybe you thought that bragging was the pursuit of self-motivation.
  4, your daughter's grades are good, already very good, less discipline, more praise.
  In the grades, I am cheerful and have not learned badly. It is quite good for the children at this stage. Going at this rhythm will not be bad. If there are conditions, winter and summer vacations will bring out more travel, look at the bigger world, and after experiencing better things, she naturally wants to pursue better.
  On the other hand, we should not always reason with our parents, otherwise the emotional intelligence is too low, you can't tell.
  When I first graduated, my parents often wanted to convince me to let me study and test civil servants.
  At the beginning, I will tell them reason. Why do I include a family like ours that is not suitable for postgraduate entrance examinations and civil servants? I wrote an article before, and civil servants may be the least suitable for the children of poor families. I can also talk about things like knowing and advancing and marginal benefits, but can they understand you if they understand?
  No, because the ideas are different, the positions are different, and the values ​​are different.
  And they "love you" and "for you"...
  Therefore, every time I go home happily, I will be upset for a while after dinner. I will tell you various arguments. In fact, in the end I convinced them, they are only superficially persuaded, and they are stubborn and think that they are right, otherwise why would you advise you next time? It seems to have been discussed in the last time. . .
  Reasoning with parents, too special emotional intelligence is low.
  then what should we do?
  They said, you can listen to it, not to fight for it. Then the rest, you go all out to use actions and results to prove that you are right according to your path, everyone is happy.
  What parents want in the end is that you have a good result. If you haven’t, if you don’t have it, they will, of course, follow your experience and point you to a path. They are not wrong. But when you walk out of your way with your own path, they will see your good results and naturally will not interfere.
  So I didn't fight with my parents later. I tried hard to follow my ideas and let them see that I can have decent jobs, decent income, and happy life...
  Now they don't say me anymore because they saw it.
  The love of high emotional intelligence does not make sense
  I don't see one thing at all: in a bustling subway station in Beijing, I saw a couple arguing loudly. I think girls are very face-to-face, and you are so unpopular in public.
  So every time I see it, I can’t wait to say it to the man:
  She just needs a hug, but you tell her reason.
  People fall in love with you, why do you reason with others: If you want to do what you want, it is better to go to the book.
  Therefore, more in love is not "right and wrong", but "love and not love." The old-fashioned love will not last long, because although you are right, you don't love enough.
  The love of high emotional intelligence, to be less reasonable, more to her, you do not want to swear, let go, let me come.
  Marriage can't be more reasonable. Otherwise, in addition to quarreling, it is a cold war, especially when there is no money. When I was young, I learned a word in the countryside called "poor", that is, the poorer the couple, the more they love quarrel Reasonable.
  Support each other when you are poor, and trust each other when you are rich. It is not the truth, but love.
  Chinese people are hospitable, they will not easily release their emotions out of courtesy, but they like to go home and talk to their loved ones. If they don’t agree with each other, they will quarrel. The two people’s emotional intelligence is low, they don’t give each other, and finally they become each other. It makes sense, but the truth is always unclear. This is the source of the intensification of family conflicts.
  Therefore, to make sense, please speak to outsiders and talk about feelings for yourself.
  High emotional intelligence people do not talk with silly reason
  After three years of public account, my heart was soft, because I met too much love. The heart is also hardened, because you often encounter the message in the picture below, no matter what you do, there is always someone who is jealous of you.
  I remember that when I first entered the business, I operated a 500,000 large one. I also wrote an article on it. Anyone in the comment area has it. Everyone has no responsibility in the online interface, so there is often a discordant voice. After reading it, I can't help but reply, and tell him the truth. Sometimes I bump into the bar. We can come back and forth and say ten things. We can't eat the meal, and we can't sleep at night in the comment area.
  Looking back now, it is really low emotional intelligence.
  People come to disgust you, and you still have a serious reason to tell others.
  In fact, it is not only the operation of the public number, in the work of life, we often encounter stupidity, do not tell them reason, they would like to pull you into the water, you do not be fooled.
  People with high emotional intelligence will spend their time on people who like themselves. Don't waste a little life on hateful people .
  High emotional intelligence people do not reason with friends
  We just said that we don’t make sense with stupidity. Why not make sense with friends?
  In fact, it is from another perspective.
  Friends come out to have a meal, talk for a day, most afraid of you like the bar, a bar on the low emotional intelligence.
  Friends are coming out to relax together. Most of the chats are also blowing each other. Many of the original words can't stand the scrutiny and rigorous arguments. As a result, you always play like a debate, and you can hold on to one point. Give everyone a reason.
  What are you talking about, you make friends are not happy.
  Everyone is coming out to play, not to come out to listen to your lectures.
  A person with high emotional intelligence is unreasonable because he understands humanity.
  Why are people with high emotional intelligence the most unreasonable? Because they all understand a lower level of truth, this is what I learned from Teacher Liang Ning:
  People are not machines, people have emotions. The way people get along with each other is the most interesting part. What really interacts with people is the emotions. They can provoke emotions. It is the right eye, and the smell is the same.
  Most of the time, you and your lover, classmates, friends, and colleagues all have similar knowledge backgrounds and experience backgrounds. This kind of thing has certain layer properties, that is, common sense in this circle. The reason and logic, everyone knows, you don't need to talk about it.
  For example, the boss tells the staff the truth, in fact, most of the employees understand, listening to the ears are old.
  The underlying operating system of people is emotion. A person is composed of emotions and is driven by emotions. Therefore, people with high emotional intelligence do not play in the hands, but emotions. They are good at observing and managing the emotions of both parties, so that both sides are comfortable and let Relationships tend to be long-lasting and win-win.
  I have seen the lowest behavior of emotional intelligence, that is, keep talking about reason.