Your friends and circles determine the height of your future life.
  When you are good enough, you can naturally attract the same people. - Foreword
  The scorpion once said: "There is no support and straightness in the sputum. The white sand is in the Nirvana, and it is black."
  Who are you friends with, and what kind of circle do you have, often related to your personality, insight, perspective, pattern, and pursuit of the future.
  So, who you are friends with, what kind of circle do you have, determines the height of your future life.
  Your circle has exposed your pattern
  Cai Kangyong shared such a passage: "The personality of Xiao S is very happy and energetic. Her friend makes me feel that living is a very worthwhile, very comfortable and very interesting thing. Some people will make me feel that Living is very boring, and when he meets, he will suck my energy away."
  What kind of life will you have with someone? What kind of circle do you touch, what kind of things you think about.
  The circle of ordinary people is talking about idle things, earning wages, and thinking about tomorrow.
  The circle of businessmen talks about projects, earns profits, and thinks about the next year.
  The circle of business people talks about opportunities, earns wealth, and thinks about the future and security.
  The circle of wise people talks about giving, communicating is dedication, doing what you want, everything will be naturally rich.
  Jia Pingwa wrote in his "The Game of the World": The circle of friends is actually the world of your life, and your struggle for the name of Lee is the history of good and evil of friends.
  When you find yourself, have been in a circle, no progress, or even retrogression, you should consider whether you should change the environment. So stay away from low quality circles and stay away from those with negative energy.
  A good environment, enough to change your life
  Zhou Guoping once said: "My friends in my heart are not acquaintances of general exchanges, nor are they lovers of hearts and minds. The degree is good between the two."
  A few friends of wine and meat, more than a few good teachers and friends, in order to maintain a clean heart, in order to walk freely without restraint.
  The most important thing is that mentoring and helping friends can help us grow and improve. Things will be gathered together, people will be grouped together, and what kind of people will be together.
  I have seen such a report. Tsinghua has a chef named Zhang Liyong. He did not graduate from high school. He cooks steamed bread at school every day.
  Walking in the land of Tsinghua, surrounded by Tsinghua students who are as old as him, he began to study hard. He bought five English textbooks in the school flea market, and he spent all his spare time studying .
  All the words and texts in the five English textbooks were backed up. Later, he attended the English learning corner of the school. After passing the 4th and 6th grades, the high score passed the English TOEFL test, which was called “English Chef” by the students. God, finally he went to do English-related work.
  Zhang Liyong has changed his life. His own progress is important, but it is closely related to the environment he meets.
  When a person is in a positive environment, in a positive energy circle, you will work hard, work hard, and work together with the mentor and friend to become a better self.
  The most important thing is that we are good enough to attract the same outstanding people. Only when we are with people who know it can we form our own unique scenery.
  Learn to manage the circle, a few good teachers and friends, enough to change the landscape of life.
  There are good teachers and good friends, and mediocre people can become capable people.
  Zeng Guofan said: "Where talents are high, they regard their interests. The humble people are accustomed to the rules of the world, and they are increasingly filthy; the high ones admire the rules of Zhelongsheng, and the day is high. The wise is the wisdom and the foolishness. ”
  The level of a person's talent depends on his interest. Humble people and the old rules of mediocrity are becoming more and more filthy, and more and more low; noble people envy the glorious deeds of the ancient sages, more and more brilliant. Being smart and stupid is so different.
  Zeng Guofan believes that choosing a friend is the most important thing in life. The success or failure of your life is all about friends.
  Chiang Kai-shek once commented on Zeng Guofan: "Lide has made a three-point immortal effort, and the teacher will be perfect for the same." But Zeng Guofan is not born to be so perfect, but in the passage of time, he constantly becomes a better self. .
  One of Zeng Guofan’s self-cultivation experiences is to use his friends to supervise himself.
  "Half of the world's things are aggravated." A person's self-control is strong, and there will be times when he is defeated by himself, but if a friend supervises himself, the combat power may be very different.
  In Zeng Guofan's long life, he used to give his friends a reading commentary to exchange their personal experience. Even if he was in the middle of the horse, he still remembered it and copied it into a copy. He sent it home regularly, letting his brother, son, and friend read and make suggestions.
  As long as you have a good teacher and a good friend, even if your talent is not so outstanding, your birth is not so superior, you can also achieve a corner overtaking in the journey of life.