For a lifetime, get along with others, remember three sentences
  Humanity is forgotten and good at remembering.
  What you forget is the benefit of others.
  What I remember is that others are offended, often stunned, and even old and dead.
  When life is alive, it is inevitable to interact with people. If you want to have a good time, you must handle interpersonal relationships.
  Be sure to remember these three sentences: remember the benefits of people, help people, and look at people's strengths.
  1, remember the benefits
  Hua Luogeng said: "People help me, never forget; I help others, don't mind."
  The philosopher said that a person who only remembers the good of others will be blessed with happiness and follow with happiness.
  When Mei Lanfang was 15 years old, she was unfortunately infected with diphtheria.
  For this disease was a medical condition, if not treated in time, it will endanger life .
  At that time, Li Xuanqi, who was called "Sanye", immediately told Mei Lanfang's family that Mei Lanfang's 8 money went to my house to let him treat the disease with peace of mind and not to perform.
  These 8 money, for the poor family of Mei, such as the snow in the charcoal.
  The Mei family is very grateful.
  Years of ups and downs, life encounters are always elusive.
  Later, Mei Lanfang was famous all over the world, but Li Xuanzhen was destitute, his wife and daughter were scattered, and the evening scene was bleak.
  Li Xuanqi lived in a small apartment in Shanghai, and he was helpless.
  Friends at the time of wealth have long since dissipated, and others are afraid of avoiding him.
  However, Mei Lanfang never avoided the suspicion, not only monthly subsidies for his 200 yuan living expenses, but also often sent Shanghai disciples to accompany him to chat and relieve boredom.
  Every time Mei Lanfang went to Shanghai to perform, he must first pick up Li Xuanqi to eat. He was still respectful and shouted "Sanye."
  In 1961, Li Xuanzhen was seriously ill, and at the time of his death, Mei Lanfang held his dry hands in front of the bed and said with emotion: "Sanye, you can rest assured, I am responsible for the things behind me."
  Li Xuanqi heard the words, and burst into tears, and died peacefully.
  Mei Lanfang said that it was done, and Li Xuanzhen was very close to him.
  Two months later, Mei Lanfang passed away.
  The engraved master Chen Julai raised the matter in his memoirs and lamented: "When the plums die in February, the body of Li is skunk!"
  When Li Xuanqi first sponsored the Mei family to hang money every day, it was all out of love, and did not pay attention to this money, and did not expect future events.
  However, Mei Lanfang remembered the feelings of Sanye and rewarded him with his life.
  It is no wonder that the Republic of China is an era of masters, but it has a unique "Mei Party."
  A man should be like the master Mei Lanfang, as people remember the benefits, pregnant grateful heart, drip grace, the smallest favor.
  I voted for the peach, and reported it to Qiong Yao.
  Everyone from small to large, from birth to death, can not do without the help of relatives, friends, parents.
  Remember the good of others, harvest the sun every day, have friends, live happily, and have happiness throughout life.
  On the contrary, remembering the badness of others will only increase unnecessary hatred, live in the world of resentment, and ultimately suffer from others and harm others.
  "Cai Gen Tan" Cloud: "I have the merits of not being able to read, but I can't miss it; people have the grace to me, but the grievances must not be forgotten."
  The world will never treat him with the good of others and the people who treat others with gratitude.
  2, help people difficult
  In the Ming Dynasty, Lu Kun’s "Continuous Children's Language" said: "There is no size for the enemy, but I am afraid of sadness. If you are in a hurry, you will have a must."
  When people live in the world, it is difficult to protect them. There are many difficulties in helping people. In the future, there will be others when they are in the snow.
  I saw a story like this in a book.
  On a snowy night, a young man named Kreis was trapped in the suburbs because the car was "broken down."
  Just as he was extremely anxious, a man riding a horse happened to pass by.
  Seeing this scene, the man used his horse to help Kress pull the car to the town without saying anything.
  Afterwards, when the grateful Kress took out a lot of money and paid him a reward, the man said:
  "You don't need to pay back. If you encounter someone with difficulties, please give him some help."
  So, in the days that followed, when many people were in trouble, Kress would take the initiative to help.
  When others give thanks, he never asks to return, just to relay what the man said to him.
  One day many years later, Kress was trapped on an isolated island by a sudden flood, and a brave teenager saved him from the danger of being swallowed by the flood.
  When he thanked the teenager, the teenager even said the words that Cress had said countless times:
  "You don't need to pay back. If you encounter someone with difficulties, please give him some help."
  There was a warm torrent in the chest of Cres:
  "It turned out that when others were in trouble, I reached out to help the hands, turned over countless people, and finally gave me back through the juvenile. All these good things I have done in my life are all done for myself!"
  Lovers love to return, and blessings are blessed.
  When you see someone else's death, you lend a helping hand and will return it to you one day.
  When a person lives in the world, he will always encounter difficulties.
  When a person has difficulty, you pull him, he will remember it for life.
  Everyone will add icing on the cake. The hard part is to send charcoal in the snow.
  Zeng Ziyan: "People are good and good, but if the blessing is not yet, it will be a curse."
  People are all mutual.
  You help others, and others will help you when you are in trouble.
  The good news you have planted will help you avoid the blessings.
  3, look at people's strengths
  "Shangshu" said: "If you don't ask for it, you can't get it."
  Interact with people, do not ask each other to be perfect; check their own, I am afraid that there is not enough.
  The "Warring States Policy" also said: "The goodness of not hiding people, not the evil of people."
  Look at the strengths of others and talk less about bad things, so that you can become a self-cultivating person and gain good interpersonal relationships.
  There is such a fable story:
  One day, a sheep and a camel argued whether it was good or short.
  The camel said, of course, it is high, you see, I can get the leaves that are taller.
  After that, it ate a leaf as soon as it looked up, but the sheep stretched its neck but could not reach a leaf.
  The sheep was not convinced and went to a fence gate in the park. The sheep went into the arch and went inside. He said while eating the grass inside, it was still short. You see, the grass here is tender.
  The camel climbed down and drilled hard, and could not eat the grass inside.
  They were not convinced of each other, and later they found the old bulls together.
  The old cow said that high and high benefits, short and short benefits, we can not only see their strengths, can not see the advantages of others.
  The reason that the old cow said is obvious, everyone understands.
  However, we still have problems with camels and sheep. We are used to seeing only our strengths and seeing the shortcomings of others.
  no one is perfect. There is no lack of beauty in life, but lack of discovery.
  "The Analects of Confucius" said: "If you are self-sufficient and blameless, you will complain."
  More blame yourself, less blame others, so you can avoid the resentment of others.
  Guan Zhong also said: "Good spirits welcome people, brothers and brothers; evil spirits welcome people, and harm the soldiers."
  If you look at the advantages of others, you will find that the more you look at others, the more pleasing your eyes, the more cute you are, and the more harmonious you get along.
  The old saying goes, the length of the employer, the world is useless; the use of people is short, there is no one available in the world.
  You only know how to appreciate the strengths of others, and you are the one who becomes a big event.