Being low-key is a kind of school
  Feng Xiaocai said:
  "Low-key is not forgotten by the edge, it is not incompetent. On the contrary, only confidence can be low and low-key."
  Low is a kind of clean and restrained.
  It is a steady posture in which life must be squared. It must be a kind of humility and a kind of life style that must be suppressed.
  1, low-key, is the forbearance of the Tibetan front
  Whether it is a life or a soldier, you usually have a deep edge, and when you are critical, you can take the shot and solve the problem.
  Because the real strong, always like to hide the front guards, standby and send, in front of others to show more is the wisdom of the foolish, handsome side.
  If the wisdom is ignorant, it is the technique of raising the scorpion:
  "Great wisdom is foolish", focusing on a "ruo" word.
  "If" designed a huge illusion and a scam, concealing the truth.
  2, low-key, is the principle of high rankings
  Peace and peace of mind, "there is a way to go, there are rules."
  Being a man is no exception, treating people and things with a peaceful attitude.
  A low-key person is tall and not self-satisfied. He is tall and not proud.
  It’s not empty talk about the words of a gun.
  People who are in a high position will have a sense of distance from others if they can't keep their low-key personality.
  3, low-key, is the wisdom of keeping a low profile
  The real strong is always unpredictable, not showing mountains and waters, working quietly, and working hard until success .
  Low-key is a kind of cultivation, a way of accomplishing great things.
  When the hair is not rich, you must know how to make concessions.
  Being a low-key person is often a useful trick to win the support of the opponent and finally to go to the strong, stretch the forces, and then in turn to make the opponents surrender.
  4, low-key, is the realm of self-cultivation
  Being low-key, it also means you have to throw something away:
  Such as identity, superiority, honor, glory and so on.
  Taking the initiative to lose is a demeanor. At any time, the sentiment cannot be trampled.
  Take the initiative to lose money, the mountain does not turn around, maybe there will be opportunities for cooperation in the future, and come together again.
  Low-key is not a desire to suppress oneself.
  It is natural, self-cultivation, can think for others, let yourself have a desire to detach from the desire, indifferent to fame and fortune.
  It is low-key and modest, such as Yujunzi, and it is cultivated and cultivated.