The lower the level, the more people like to spend time on these three things.
  First, the lower the level, the more people love to lose their temper
  When a person loses his temper, the IQ will be captured by emotions and become a stupid person in the eyes of others.
  In the "Zizi", Zeng said: "The anger is not overtaken, but the joy is not given." High-level people are not without emotions. They just don't be influenced by emotions, they have a calm heart, and their emotions are not in color. They know how to control their emotions and know how to be responsible for their emotions.
  In ancient Tibet, there was a man named Ai Daba. When he was angry, he ran home and ran three rounds around his house and land. Later, his house was getting bigger and bigger, and the land was getting more and more. When he was angry, he still had to run around the house and the land for three laps, even if he was tired and sweaty.
  Grandson asked: "Agong! When you are angry, you run around the house and the land. What secrets are there?"
  Ai Diba said to her grandson: "When I was young, when I was quarreling, arguing, and angry, I ran around my house and land for three laps. I thought while running - my house was so small, so little land. How can I have time and energy to be angry with others? When I think of it, my anger will disappear, and I will have more time and energy to work and study ."
  The grandson asked again: "Agong! After becoming a rich man, why do you have to run around the house and the land?"
  Eddie said with a smile: "I think when I run away - my house is so big, so much land, why bother with people? When I think of it, my anger will disappear..."
  After reading this story, we will look at the way of doing things in love and know that he is so rich is not unreasonable.
  Because he can control his emotions well, he can adjust and adjust his mentality very well.
  Faced with this problem, people with low levels may not be properly handled. Being able to control their emotions is the greatest success .
  In April this year, a tragedy occurred in Kunming. Liu Jie, a 28-year-old actor, took her fiancé to the hospital to visit her family.
  In the downstairs of the inpatient department, I met a drunkard. Just because I accidentally touched it, the drunkard was jealous, and then the couple and the drunkard theory.
  As a result, the drunkard did not say anything, and took out the knife and smashed the girl for two knives, one heart and one spleen...
  However, the drunkard still did not give up, chasing Liu Jie's fiancé all the way, causing his fiancé to be cut in the leg.
  The two couples who were originally happy and happy have become homeless because of a senseless dispute...
  The world is big, people have three or six points, we can't change the character and quality of the people around us, but fortunately, like Ai Diba, we have the right to stay away from them and not to do with them. More unnecessary arguments and entanglements, this is the greatest protection for yourself.
  This does not mean weakness or concession, but when you run out of energy, it is difficult to eliminate the cognitive gap between people.
  You will eventually understand that the best way to speak is to talk less and be yourself.
  In reality, the lower the level of people, the more temper is.
  Du Yuexi said: "The last person, no ability, big temper." It is such people.
  Second, the lower the level, the more people like gossip
  Gossip can promote communication and communication between people, and can make individuals better integrate into a team. Gossip itself is a good thing. The essence of the word "gossip" is actually the exchange and discussion of information.
  For example, if you are a mixed technology circle, you will discuss with the circle people that the idea of ​​developing a 4000km/h high-speed rail in the country is not feasible, and how long can it be realized.
  For example, if you are a mixed sports circle, you will definitely discuss with the like-minded friends who will win the championship.
  A company is also a circle. In that circle, you will pay attention to the company's colleagues and the boss's every move, who is promoted, who is doing which project.
  However, as the eyes of the "gossip" continued to shift, they began to change from achievement to talking about private life.
  "The xxx academician is in a chaotic private life, old and unfair, and so young."
  ""xx stars show off their wealth, drive a luxury car, take a young girl to open a house, and get caught in the derailment."
  "I heard that xxx is with xx again."
  "Zom is lame, no longer believe in love."
  People began to care only about the scandals of the stars, who got a point in the derailment team, and the family riot team caught up. All kinds of entertainment news occupy most of the time and attention, and all serious topics and thoughts are treated in an entertaining way.
  Jiang Fangzhou once said: "In this era, culture has become a seemingly embarrassing thing, but it is actually very silent."
  It seems that everyone is making comments, and friends and Weibo will never miss a hot topic, but you will find:
  The information that everyone pays attention to is more and more superficial and more and more unified. No one cares about the truth. People only want to believe the truth they want.
  Neil Bozeman wrote such a passage in "Entertainment to Death":
  “All public discourses are increasingly appearing in an entertaining way and become a cultural spirit. Our politics, religion, journalism, sports, education and business are willing to become vassals of entertainment, without complaints or even silent, the result It is us that we have become a species that is entertaining to death."
  Today, more and more people are suffering from network-dependent diseases. They are addicted to all kinds of entertainment news, relying on people, and accompanying the trend. Indulge in the virtual world. For a long time, people will become a transparent body, empty heads, and immersed in sensory entertainment.
  The lower the level, the more people like to spend time on entertainment gossip.
  Some people say, where is your time spent, and what kind of person you will become. People with high patterns will not spend too much time on entertainment.
  Yang Lan wrote to a young man who asked her for confusing. Your problem is that you read too little and think too much. The problem with some people is that they pay too little attention to themselves and pay too much attention to others.
  In this era, we use a variety of social software to spy on other people's lives, other people's thoughts, others' current moments, and then compare with themselves.
  When you return to the small and crowded rental house, you think of the company manager and you are full of enthusiasm: "If I can be a manager, I will double my monthly salary."
  Lying in bed and brushing the circle of friends, I saw the travel photos of the old classmates, envy: "Marrying a good husband is a good life, no need to work everywhere."
  You are immersed in the emotions of blaming others, full of eyes are the gap between yourself and others, always can not feel happy.
  People with lower levels tend to spend more time focusing on others than focusing on themselves.
  However, everyone is an independent individual and life is limited. Watching others more than always, paying more attention to your own growth, doing all your efforts to make life less regretful, in order to live a happy life.
  When a person turns his energy and time from focusing on the outside world to focusing on his own growth, he can have a higher pattern.
  Third, the lower the level, the less you understand tolerance and generosity
  Walking on the weekend night, passing a restaurant, I found a group of people around the door. A man in his thirties is facing an old man.
  It turned out that the old man was riding a tricycle and accidentally licked the man.
  This is not a big deal. The average person accepts an apology and it will pass. Those who are more demanding are nothing more than blaming a few words.
  But the man did not care, and did not say how to deal with it, that is, he kept groaning there.
  From time to time, I will also say a few words to the crowd, for fear that others will not know that he is a victim.
  The old man belonged to the kind of person who was more honest and honest. He stood there and was helpless. He sighed and kept apologizing, and he gave the man a sigh.
  In the end, some people can't stand it anymore. They say that it is a matter of fact. You haven't scratched it. What is a big man's embarrassment?
  The onlookers began to talk to the old man one after another. The man saw the wind in the wrong direction, and after a few words he muttered and left.
  After the man left, some people joked with contempt.
  He, day and night, was idle and was abandoned by the woman's family. His wife never looked at him. Even his own children ignored him. The old man met him and he fell into a bloody life.
  The phrase tells the truth.
  Some people say that the weaker people in life, the less likely they are to be tolerant and generous.
  This sentence seems a bit absolute. But on the other hand, if a person does not understand tolerance and generosity, habituality is not forgiving. Then there is no doubt that his level is definitely not high.
  In fact, the level is not about the rich and the poor, nor about the academic qualifications. It is only about the cultivation and pattern of one person. People with high levels, even if they have nothing, have a wide border of mind and treat their foreign objects with their own chest. People with low levels, even if they are full of jewels, but their behaviors are inconspicuous. They always need to find some slightly deformed sense of existence to fill the gap in their hearts.
  Under what circumstances, a person's performance will make others feel that they are not reasonable?
  It is in some non-principled issues that are harmless and have no major losses, occupying the rules or moral initiative, grasping the faults of others, and finally turning the small problems into a big farce.
  And such phenomena in life abound.
  The restaurant had a meal and yelled at the slightly negligent waiter.
  The takeaway brother was a little late, and immediately pointed at the nose of the people, and complained;
  Whether you are on the plane or on the high-speed rail, you always treat yourself as God. You can't tolerate the negligence of the crew. If you are dissatisfied, you will face each other...
  There is a saying that the attitude of a waiter or a weak person can be seen in the cultivation of a person.
  Similarly, in some innocuous things, showing the attitude to others, you can see the level of one person.
  The lower the spiritual level, the narrower the boundaries of the mind, the more like it is to be unreasonable. The easier it is to live in your own world, to reduce your horizons and patterns to infinity and narrowness.
  Zigong once asked Confucius , teacher, whether there is a word that can be used as a lifelong criterion.
  Confucius said: Forgive.
  The popular interpretation is the word tolerance.
  A person with a heart full of heart, the heart of the sea is self-sufficient, and will never change its proper pattern because the sky has fallen off a gravel.
  Many people know that this is not a reason, but there is still one sentence behind it, and it is unreasonable.
  Habitually unreasonable people, who are arrogant everywhere, usually magnify small problems in an unreasonable way, but they will dying when they are unreasonable.
  Since ancient times, China has had a traditional consensus to do things and stay in the future.
  A person, if only because he meets the illusory self "existence" and "performance desire", does not know how to put himself in the place, everything is used to aggressive, not only will expose the fact that his level is low, but also set various obstacles for his future. .
  Zeng Guofan said that there is a good saying: Today, I am arrogant, I expected him to be arrogant.