It’s the open-mindedness and wisdom of life.
  What is the highest realm of being a man ? The highest realm of being a man is: bitterness, no words, no words.
  It’s not that you want to interrupt your teeth and blood, and you should eat whatever you lose, but you should complain less and learn to eat a little harmless.
  Less complaints because no one likes to hear your complaints. In the face of suffering, few people really want to understand your suffering , and suffering is not our best choice.
  Xin Qiji, who was "eight hundred miles away from the squatting", entered the ranks at the age of twenty. He once captured the enemy generals in the Wanjun army and repeatedly made meritorious deeds. At the age of twenty-five, he wrote a statement on the Pingyi ten, and Huo went to the disease to defend the Qing dynasty. Pointing to the heroic dry clouds.
  But soon after a while, the hero fell to the Tianshe cuisine, and the resounding feelings in the meantime, who resonates?
  Write down "Zhang Jiaxuan, who knows what it is like now," don't want to complain?
  He didn't want to, but he understood that the complaint was useless and he simply didn't complain. He turned his lazy indignation into a word in the gully, and the anger and anger, the injustice caused him to be the name of his history.
  It’s hard to say nothing, it’s not to make meaningless complaints, it’s to let us quietly change, to wait for the fortune, and to scream and scream.
  Hi, not words, don’t show off. The flower should be half-opened, the wine should be slightly drunk, and the person should be low-key and convergent.
  I don’t want to talk, not to say that happiness can’t be shared, but not to be happy for myself, but to make others unhappy.
  "Cai Gen Tan" said: "Indifferent people, mostly suspected of heavy makeup; the people who check the blasphemy are mostly bogey of the arrogant. The gentleman is here, it must not change its conduct, nor can it be too sharp. ""
  If you are happy, you are not arrogant.
  During the Three Kingdoms period, he was self-important and avoiding disasters, and he paid attention to masking the edge.
  Since he was appointed to the rank of military division, he has been fighting with Cao Cao in battlefields, planning military aircraft, defeating the enemy, and making a great contribution. Among the many counselors in Cao Yingzhong, he has one of the best places. Later, Cao Cao made Wei Gong, and even appointed him as the Shang Shuling, which is the ultimate favor.
  But he always knows how to be strong and unbeatable. With his superhuman wisdom and strategy, he has been able to handle the complicated relationship between the upper and lower sides in a more than 20 years. In the extremely cruel personnel, he has always been in a stable position and in an invincible position.
  What is the reason?
  Because he is different from inside and outside and against the enemy himself, he is judged to be two people.
  Participating in military aircraft, he is wise and has a wonderful strategy; but against Cao Cao, his peers, but pay attention to not showing the edge, not competing against the high, the talent, wisdom, credit as much as possible to hide, the performance is always very humble, weak, dull ,cowardice.
  On the other hand, Yang Xiu, although he is quick-thinking and talented, does not look at the occasion, does not analyze the likes and dislikes of others, just sells his own cleverness, and later it is disturbed to Cao Cao’s family affairs, and he is suspected by Cao Cao, and finally falls into a body. The end of the first difference.
  Everyone can't be too mad, too sharp.
  It is a kind of open-mindedness to wait for the opportunity, waiting for the opportunity; it is a kind of wisdom.
  Life has always been a contest of wisdom. The richest person is a wise man, and the most precious wealth is wisdom.