Lao Zhang and Lao Li, once the most iron brother.
  When I was young, Lao Zhang’s family was a little better than Lao Liguang in the age of eating. Therefore, at that time, he often carried his family, wrapped a few pieces of meat in paper, and took them to the school to give him a meal.
  Lao Li was short-headed, but when he was bullied at school, Lao Zhang would not talk about putting his sleeves on his head.
  Growing up together, plus his care for Lao Li, so Lao Zhang never doubts their friendship.
  Last year, Lao Zhang’s child was sick and lacking money. He naturally took the opportunity to borrow from Lao Li.
  Lao Li is planning to open a store, and the money is prepared to be a cost.
  Hesitant, hesitant, and finally refused.
  Lao Zhang was very disappointed. He said that for decades, he still couldn’t count on it when he was critical.
  But Lao Zhang’s wife can understand it, just a faint sentence:
  "Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone."
  The old Zhang’s heart was beaten.
  Too emotional, easy to get hurt
  In Chinese idioms:
  "Love is not long, and Huiji will be hurt."
  Once you invest too much in your feelings, you will only hurt yourself.
  In the movie "Farewell My Concubine", there is a scene in which when the butterfly costume knows that the small building that he has always regarded as a confidant wants to marry the chrysanthemum, he grabs the collar of the other party and asks tears:
  "Don't you say that you have to sing a play for a lifetime?"
  For a man who is eager for ordinary tea and his wife, the singer has never only made a living. In the troubled times, small buildings can abandon their dignity for survival, and they can make a butterfly dress for self-protection, even at the expense of the lover's daisy...
  The small building can't do the confidant of Cheng Dieyi, and he can't give him a long time.
  Cheng Dieyi overestimated the feelings of the small building, and finally fell into sorrow and self-exile; Juxian also overestimated the love , and finally desperately scented in a self-satisfied way.
  Since ancient times, people who are too emotional are more likely to be hurt by feelings.
  But life comes and goes, people are warm and cold, and human nature is complicated.
  No one really can't live without anyone, and it's hard to have any feelings that will die.
  To overestimate your feelings with others, you will only give the other party the right to hurt again and again.
  Finally, one day, when the indifference of human nature and selfishness are exposed, you will only be bruised and wounded again and again.
  The most stable relationship is okay
  Instead of always trying to catch it, it is better to let go.
  It’s yours that you can’t run away, you can’t leave it.
  Inevitably, some people just go through a game in your life.
  Look at people coming and going, accepting people's warmth and cold, no longer hurting the spring and autumn, so you will be much better.
  Therefore, the longer you are, the more you have to learn to restrain yourself from loneliness.
  No longer overestimate the feelings between people, and do not deliberately pursue a certain relationship.
  Do not force, do not bind, do not cling, do not blame self-love, gather together.
  To be calm, to be honest, to be transparent, to be open-minded optimism , Man accumulation were scattered.
  Just like Liu Yu said in "Send You a Bullet":
  Those who have nothing to do with you have nothing to do with it.
  From the first day, you actually know. Even if you smile sweetly, even if you work hard to manage this relationship.
  And those who are related to you are related to you, and you can't escape if you can't escape. Even if you have only seen it three times, you will take care of it once every three years, even if you are separated by ten thousand miles.
  Some people are destined to be cancer in your life, and some people are just a sneeze.
  The gathering of life is the norm. If you want to go, why should I stay strong?
  Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone
  In life, some disappointment is inevitable, but most of the disappointment is because we overestimate ourselves.
  First and foremost, it overestimates our relationship with others and overestimates our position in the hearts of others.
  Therefore, they will be eager to rely on, eager to be loved, and their divergence is difficult to relieve:
  Disappointed lover does not love you the way you want; friends who have been disappointed for many years, how snobbish at a critical time; disappointing young people who are sincerely treated, how can they not be grateful ; disappointed blood relatives, how can they not stand the test of interest, I will be alienated when I touch the money...
  But in this world, there is nothing at all, just blame yourself for taking it too seriously.
  Too much emotional feelings about his own emotions, it is better to learn to live your own life.
  When a person leaves you, don't be too sad, you have to understand that everyone can only accompany you for a while, and you are the one who goes with you to the end.
  In the world of adults, you always have to learn to walk alone, and one person bears everything.
  If someone disappoints you, hope that it can be a loud slap in your life, telling you:
  Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone.
  You must be close to you, love and hate.
  The best way to get along with others is to:
  You come, how big is the storm, I will pick you up, if you leave, I will not send it;
  If you love, I will accompany you to the end. If not, I will never be here.