Some people are glamorous but also aggressive, and some people are not good-looking but they make people feel good. The former is suffocating and the latter is comfortable.
  There are no such people around you, they may not be amazing, maybe they are not outstanding, but they have a different kind of charm in the invisible, so that you want to be close to them, let go of your heart, and confide in the secrets of your heart?
  From the table to the inside, a person can be divided into five levels: appearance, ability, temper, character, character.
  The corresponding quality is also five levels: face value, talent, character, kindness, character.
  Savouring these five levels is not only a way of knowing people in the world, but also a way of spiritual cultivation.
  Starting from the value of the face, respecting the talent, combining with the character, long-lasting goodness, and finally the character - this is the complete path.
  (a) begins with the face value
  Heart of beauty in everyone.
  Since ancient times, people have relished the four beautiful women of Xi Shi, Yi, Wang Zhaojun and Yang Yuhuan, Pan An, Lan Ling Wang, Song Yu, and Wei Wei.
  It’s just the value of the eyes of the ancients. It’s not about the heroes of beauty and ugliness, but about the beauty of the colors.
  During the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao once had to meet with the Xiongnu messengers. He felt that his body was short and his appearance was not outstanding. He let the tall and handsome Cui Jizhen pretend to be himself, but Cao Cao himself took a knife and stood next to him.
  When the Xiongnu messenger wanted to go back, Cao Cao asked the spy to ask the messenger: "How about watching Wei Wang (Cao Cao)?"
  The messenger replies:
  The king looks dignified and elegant, but standing on one side, the man who lifts the knife is a hero.
  In the history book, Cao Cao’s “small appearance, and the gods and the heroes” are recorded.
  The appearance is born, we have no choice.
  When it comes to the value of the face, the appearance is not the first, the first is the temperament and gas field.
  Just as some paintings look beautiful at first glance, but the more they look, the more boring they are; the others are the first to watch them, but the more they taste, the more flavor they have.
  To know people, you must look at them; to be a person , you must raise them. Into it, it will be sent out.
  Where does the temperament and gas field come from?
  The aesthetics in the eyes, the experience of the body, the insights in the brain, the cultivation of the heart.
  The most direct is reading, Su Dongpo's so-called "there is a poem in the abdomen," and Zeng Guofan's so-called "reading can change temperament."
  In your temperament, hide the path you have traveled, the books you have read, and the people you loved.
  (2) respect for talent
  Those who have great wisdom and great talents must be low-key people.
  Lao Tzu said, "The way of heaven, the loss is more than enough to make up for the lack; the way of the people, the damage is not enough to provide more than enough."
  Just because the world is infinite, and the balance is important, it needs to be realized by taking advantage of each other.
  Everyone has their own strengths and places that others can't compare.
  It is important to find out where your strengths are, what are your strengths, and then consciously cultivate and develop.
  There is a "barrel theory" in the West, which says how much water a barrel can hold, depending on which of the shortest boards that make up the barrel.
  Life is not a barrel, and the water that can be loaded in a barrel is limited. Moreover, what the Chinese are afraid of is a "water overflow."
  Life is a road. How long is the plank in your hand, how long can you build a bridge? The more wide the ditch, the more you decide how far you can go. This road is the limit to the limit.
  It is said that He Zhizhang was fascinated by Li Bai. When he first met, he solved the golden turtle, mortgaged the wine and Li Baihao. This kind of admiration and appreciation of talent is a kind of respect.
  True talent and wisdom are a kind of insight. Their charm comes from richness, introversion, warmth and kindness, exuding a temperament from the inside out.
  Such people are respectable and can be handed over.
  (3) Having a personality
  Character, half is born, half is to develop.
  There is no fixed definition of a good character. Simply put, it is to let others like you, take out a piece of paper, write down the character you like on each of the 10 friends around you, and then become what you have. This is Good character.
  Birds of a feather flock together. People of the same character are easy to get together and cast their temper.
  And to be able to get along with the vast majority of people, you need to have a self-cultivation, gentle and heavy, as the ancients said, "looking at it, it is also warm!"
  Some people may not be astonishing, but they have a personality charm that makes people feel comfortable and wants to be close to them.
  Being with such a person is like listening to a soothing music, a cup of mellow hot tea, watching a flower quietly open, and the calm contains a touch of joy.
  (4) Long-term goodness
  Good people, people are good.
  Kindness is to be good with others, and to have good thoughts, will bring joy to others and themselves, so the ancients said: "Good for the treasure, life is inexhaustible; the heart is good, the world is more than enough."
  Li Shutong was a music teacher in his early years. He once attended classes, one student read the book below, and the other student spit. After class, Li Shutong asked the two students to stay and told them in a very modest voice that they should not read free books or spit in the next class.
  The two students had just to plead, Li Shutong bowed to them, and the two students suddenly became flushed.
  Only goodness has a long-lasting influence. When a person has only good thoughts in his heart, all the glitz and glory of the world has long since retreated, and there is only one soul that is equal and should be respected.
  When goodness meets goodness, it will open the most beautiful flowers in the world.
  (5) Finally, the character
  In general, admiring a person is to appreciate his character.
  The ancients believed that "Leader, meritorious service, and assertion" are "three immortal", and the first is "Lide."
  Similarly, to be a person in advance, the key is to look at the character.
  People with good character will bring their own light, and no matter where they go, they will always shine.
  A person with good character must be careful and considerate to others, and he is very compassionate. His charm comes from richness, introversion, warmth and compassion, and exudes a noble from the inside out.
  People with good character must be delicate and intelligent, do things reasonably, speak with a sense of proportion, can say every word to your heart, to soften, to solve the problem in silence.
  Sometimes it’s just a look and a move that makes people feel the warmth of the world.
  Beginning with Yan value, respecting talent, combining character, long-term goodness, and finally character. If you can keep this right path, you can make the most worthy one among thousands of people; among the thousands of choices, choose the most meaningful one.